A Guide to Overwhelm & Manifesting

Most people just talk about the visioning, goal-setting part of manifesting what you want in life. But as an experienced manifestor – properties, businesses, projects, horses, travel etc. – I’m going to give you the REAL process.

Stages of manifesting

Stage One:  This is exactly right. This is exactly what I want or need. I desire this. My guidance is strong on this one. I claim this. Let’s do this!

You get some cool signs in this stage. Some synchronicity. Magical omg you won’t believe it! moments. The pieces seem to be just flowing into place; dropping out of the heavens.

Stage Two: Oh shit. I’m not sure we can make this happen. I am completely overwhelmed. This is too much, this is too difficult, this is insane.

“I feel completely overwhelmed. I feel absolutely snowed under with the task list ahead of me. I don’t know how I can possibly get all of this done, or how I even have the time or energy to carry this out. Perhaps I’m biting off more than I can chew. Maybe it’s better for me to scale back my plan, or to slow things down, or to put things on hold for now, until I am in a stronger/richer/more mature position.”

At this stage it is key to remember that you don’t need to feel good, to move forward. It’s unrealistic to expect that you will not feel overwhelmed and almost immobilized by the enormity of what you’re facing. In this stage you need to remember that all of these feelings are completely normal! So don’t take them as a sign that you’re on the wrong track. Don’t assume they are a sign that what you’re doing is wrong, or dangerous, or negative.

“I don’t have what it takes to make this happen. I thought I could, but I overestimated myself. It’s better if I just crawl back in my hole and lie still for a while. It’s too scary, it’s too big, it’s too much work and it’s just way too challenging for me at this stage of my life.”

>>Play Miley Cyrus song: The Climb

This is where it’s important to take action, take those steps, even though you don’t feel like it. Even though you feel like this is possibly a bad idea, or that you cannot cope, or you’re not ready, or you feel paralyzed with overwhelm.

You allow yourself to feel all of those feelings and then you move into action and you just do one thing at a time. Pick up the phone and make the first phone call. Pick up the phone and set up the first meeting. Clean the first area that needs cleaning. You purposely do not try to do everything at once. You don’t even try to get three things done at once. You just do the very next thing that you need to do, to follow through on the action required to manifest your desire or plan.

Say those words out loud as you’re picking up the phone, and dialing: I am totally overwhelmed, I can’t do this, I’m not up to this, I can’t handle this, I don’t know how to do this… “Hello? Yes I’d like to set up an appointment…”

Allow yourself a reality where your feelings can be different to your actions. Your feelings are not bad; they don’t make you stupid or weak or useless. They are authentic parts of yourself that are honored and given voice and expression. They are allowed to just exist. AND you action the first item on your list. One is not dependent upon the other, or links to each other. Allow yourself to move into this view of reality.

Overwhelm is like resistance. If you try to fight it, or you try to make it go away, it just intensifies. And it often leaves you feeling powerless and immobilized. Instead, just allow overwhelm to exist, don’t try to get rid of it, don’t try to overcome it, just allow it some space to BE.

Trust yourself enough to allow overwhelm some space to exist. Allow it to just go sit in the back room in your brain. You can be here, but you don’t need to be front and center… just go over there and sit down a spell.

And you deal with overwhelm the same way you deal with fear. You don’t wait for fear to go away – you feel the fear and you do it anyway. So it’s the same thing with overwhelm. You don’t wait for it to go away, you don’t even ask it to go away. You allow it to exist and you just keep moving forward anyway.

I allow myself to feel completely overwhelmed and useless… And today I can only manage to do this one thing and the rest of the day I’m going to lie in bed. Great.

Today, I feel overwhelmed and I don’t care about anything, and I’m going to get just these three things done anyway. Perfect.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes you, it doesn’t matter how slowly you need to move. But stay in action. Keep moving forward, no matter what. Overwhelm can be here. Fear can be here. Lack of confidence can be here. Doubt can be here. Every emotion and thought under the sun is allowed to be here. And I will move forward, anyway.

I don’t wait to feel like moving forward. I don’t wait to feel like I can move forward. I feel useless and exhausted, like the biggest loser in the world, and completely unable to cope… And I use my will to force myself to move forward, anyway.

I trust myself that this too shall pass. Because that’s how life on earth works. And I chose to incarnate here. I’m in this for better or for worse. So no matter what happens, I choose to trust my higher self, I choose to trust Source and my destiny/purpose. And no matter how many times I get knocked down, or how useless, hopeless and pathetic I feel, I. Will. Rise. Again.

Because I will force myself to.

I will gird my loins, pull up my big girl panties, and I will get ONE thing done today.

Rinse. Repeat.

Stage Three: At some point – might take days, weeks, or months – I will realize, wait a minute… I don’t feel quite so overwhelmed anymore! I’m actually starting to feel a bit of positivity… I can actually see a tiny bit of light at the end of this tunnel.

I keep moving forward. Using nothing but my will and self-discipline. And each day as I force myself to move forward, to DO just ONE thing, the light at the end of the tunnel grows brighter and closer.

Oh look, I just got a sign today, or a synchronicity showed up.

And one day the sun breaks through the clouds, the wave breaks upon the shore… And I feel OK. Sometimes I even feel good. When I look back on what I’ve been through and how I persevered, and how I didn’t go down and stay down… I feel pretty damn good.

It can be a long road from there to here. And that’s OK. That’s what I came here for. That’s how, with each cycle of overwhelm, fear, low confidence… I become more resilient, I get Bigger.

And the bigger I get, the more I am able to experience, the more light I am able to hold, the more joy I am able to feel. NOW I’m back into flow, now the magic is happening all over the place. I am a manifesting magnet! I’m back at Stage One. Yay!

“Get Bigger. Until the boulder on your shoulder becomes a pebble in your pocket.” – Montaro

That’s why I am here. It can be a long, long road from there to here. And that’s OK.

p.s. Pair this with my Lazer Tapping session for Perfectionism and release the need/tendency to be so hard on yourself.


  1. Anita+Eleanor+Patel June 7, 2023 at 8:05 pm - Reply

    This way of coping makes all things possible, if I can only maintain faith in the process. At one point in my life when I was depressed every single day and maintaining home and children I kept a journal where I just wrote down each thing that I did as the day wore on. It held me. It encouraged me. Much later I discovered that I had an allergy to sugar! and found it clinically true. Cutting out the sugar enabled me to escape depression, and though I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the tasks I feel led to take on, I fulfill them somehow and experience the deep contentment in savoring the result.

    • JINI June 8, 2023 at 4:09 am - Reply

      That is such a great idea with the journal! Especially with children, which can be SO wearing. I don’t think anyone has ever looked at the link of sugar with depression… I haven’t seen any study. But if 1 tsp of sugar (refined sucrose) can depress your immune system for 8 hours, then it makes sense that it can affect your endocrine system as well.

  2. Aaron Lindsey November 9, 2023 at 4:55 pm - Reply

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