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The Paradox of Challenging Experiences

All About Challenging ExperiencesHere’s the thing I’m realizing about life, challenge, growth and development... When I am comfortable and life is fairly even keel, and ... Read More

The Paradox of Challenging Experiences2023-09-11T19:31:33-07:00

Illness & Karma

Illness & Karma Here's a story that's not in any of my books: WAY back in the early days of my healing journey, I was ... Read More

Illness & Karma2024-03-06T00:14:06-08:00

What Is Your Relevance?

Why have you incarnated at this time? Explore your relevance, your purpose, and the importance of vibrational resonance. Remember the intention of death-rebirth cycles, of ... Read More

What Is Your Relevance?2022-11-17T23:59:46-08:00

Sound Vibrations Can Alter Cells

Sound Vibrations Can Alter Cells In this video, Dr. Lee Bartel (Professor Emeritus of Music and Health and Music Education and at the University of ... Read More

Sound Vibrations Can Alter Cells2023-09-29T17:50:19-07:00

Dare To Imagine Your Ideal Day

I have a business program where right at the beginning, I get people to map out their Perfect Day. Because it's easy to have all kinds of dreams, visions, goals, but until you detail out what that would actually look/feel like - over the course of a day - you can't KNOW that your dream/vision is what you really want.

So I would get people to map out their ideal day in 1-hour increments, starting from when they woke up, until they went to bed.

Dare To Imagine Your Ideal Day2022-10-19T15:42:00-07:00

Vaccination VS Witchcraft

Vaccination VS Witchcraft It finally dawned on me today WHY these last 2 years have felt so horribly dark and oppressive. Why I've been filled ... Read More

Vaccination VS Witchcraft2023-09-29T18:08:56-07:00

Hidden Saboteurs

What is stopping you from reaching your goals, or manifesting your desires? Let me walk you through some common places our saboteurs can hide out. ... Read More

Hidden Saboteurs2023-02-24T16:01:30-08:00

My Body Is Speaking

Join me for some personal stories illustrating how the body is the densest part of the soul - how the body IS the subconscious. What ... Read More

My Body Is Speaking2023-02-24T16:01:29-08:00

How To Make Your Own Quinine

This gem is from Australian naturopathic doctor Simone Matthews: If you have the flu, or chest cold, this is a great recipe to make your ... Read More

How To Make Your Own Quinine2022-12-02T03:53:51-08:00