Connect to a Past Life of Positivity & Confidence

Join my dear friend, Jen Snow, in this guided meditation to a past or alternate life where you experienced a lot of positivity and confidence. Then Jen will lead you through integrating those experiences and bringing them into your life/being today. Who couldn’t use some more positivity and confidence?!

Note: Do not do this guided journey lying down or you will likely go to sleep! You may still journey in your sleep, but you may not remember what happened.

Jen recorded this live so there’s a couple minutes of chit-chat at the start, I’ve cued up the video to start just before the guided journey.

Those of you who’ve been following me for a while, may remember a video I published of Jen doing a session with my horse Zorra, 7 years ago. That video now has almost 600,000 views! If you’d like to book a session for yourself or your animal with Jen, you can reach her at her site:

When I did this regression, I went to a life I had already seen/experienced, as the successful ruler of a region/kingdom. But the interesting thing – as I was wondering why I went to a life I already knew about – is that this time I realized how much help and support I’d had in that life!

It was actually far easier for me to be confident and feel successful in that lifetime due to my experienced, knowledgeable, and loyal support staff. And I hadn’t needed to find those people either! They came with the position. So I stepped into a difficult role, fully supported and with plenty of help – good, efficient, diligent, loyal help.

This realization actually helped me feel better about how much I’m struggling (and have struggled) to manage all the challenges in my life: two businesses, 3 kids, 11 horses, a 160-acre wilderness ranch, etc. I had often wondered how I was able to successfully manage an entire kingdom, yet still face overwhelm regularly and feel like a complete nincompoop in this life?! Now it makes a lot more sense.

I’d love to hear what happened for you during this regression meditation – you can share anonymously if you like (just make up a name) :)

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