Explanation of the 9 Dimensions from Matías De Stefano

Matias De Stefano Explanation of Dimensions

People have been asking for a cogent description/definition of all the different dimensions. As social media is awash with talk of ascending to 5D, or moving into 4th density… what exactly does it all mean?

And is this even something that can be reliably delineated by someone who exists in third dimension (3D – earth)? If you’re here in 3D and limited by the constructs, paradigm, or agreements of this dimension/density, is that not then a defining reality?

Some people say they have channelled their information from beings in other dimensions; guides, ET’s, ancient worlds (that were more advanced than we are), and so on. But again, how do you know for sure who you are talking to, and what their motivation is?

People have written entire books on channelled information – and indeed where did the Bible, the Gita and other accepted religious texts come from? But does that make the information right, or relevant, or applicable, or something you should use to base decisions upon?

In pondering all these questions, I keep coming back to the same place: What has my own personal experience shown me to date?

Once you have made the mistake of wholeheartedly espousing a ‘truth’ and then realized it was not the only truth, or the bigger truth, or that it was shaped/manipulated by power-driven agendas… you become to loathe to ever hang your hat on one truth again. This is one of the gifts of my earlier devotion to evangelical Christianity, during my childhood and teen years. Been there, done that, ain’t doing it again!

So let’s look at an example of one person’s definition of the different dimensions. Here’s my transcript pulled from various talks/podcasts with Matias De Stefano, who claims to have remembered all his past lives, including Atlantis. I have more to say on this later, but for now let’s see what he says about how many dimensions there are and how he defines them.

Matias De Stefano Explanation of Dimensions

“Dimensions are not different physical locations, they are perspectives. It’s not about going someplace, it’s about expanding your perspective from where you are. So going to another dimension is not you moving from where you are. It’s about opening your perception of another part of your own existence.

The only way to arrive in 3D is via 9D – which is god. Which is not only in the center, but is holding everything and understanding everything. Imagine you in your body, understanding EVERYTHING in your body and how it works (simultaneously) – cells, organs, DNA etc. That is god – full understanding/awareness of ALL.

In between 1D and 9D is how everything emerges:

1D I AM has a dream: which is in the 8D, where everything is possible. Everything is there. When I AM sees the dream of the 8D where everything is possible, everything can be expressed, 1D says, “Oh I can feel this dream, I can see this dream, where everything is possible” and thus goes to the 7D.

7D – oh I FEEL it. So what can I do with it? –> 6D

6D – oh I can create, I can do stuff.

When I do stuff, I learn/become aware of what I’ve done –> 5D.

5D – oh I get it, I understand everything and I know that I can do this forever –> 4D

4D is forever (no time). I can change and create these things in these shapes forever. But where can I *experience* these things? Because I’m not experiencing what I’m creating –> 3D

3D – I will get inside the system that I create, I will become that, in order to exist. But the only way to do that is to separate my parts, because I am so huge, that I cannot experience everything all together, I have to divide myself into many (people, realms, etc). The only way that I can do this is through polarity –> 2D

2D is all about polarity, light/dark. And because of this polarity, I can create another dimension –> 1D (unity).

1D – and because I can create something NEW from that entire path… I become fully aware –> in 9D – that I am god.

1D vs 9D – both are unity, oneness. 1 and 9 are like a circle that circle round and touch each other. 1D cannot see or understand, doesn’t even care to understand, simply: I AM. 1D is the center of circle. 9D knows that I AM, but can see what I am – can understand the parts and aspects of the whole.

This whole system of dimensions is a way to see the universe in that perspective.

The universe is all about frequencies. Every reality, every being is like a radio station. You can tune yourself to the frequency you want to hear.

Everything that before was part of ONE thing (1D), is now divided into different things; so you can tell the difference between this and that. But you cannot remember that they were the same thing. So the left hand will fight against the right hand because, “I know you look similar, but you are opposite to me, so that can’t be good. Because what is good, is what is similar to me.”

e.g. Everyone can see the sun, but it appears differently based on where you are. The person in the Amazon jungle does not experience or see the sun, the same way the person in the Sahara desert does. In the Amazon the sun will never cause you to suffer. But in Sahara it will. This creates a tradition in Sahara (Semetic people) that the Lord can make you suffer, if you don’t follow the rules. So they create a religion where every aspect of god – archangels, etc can make you suffer if you don’t behave. This doesn’t exist in the Amazon, where the sun only creates life, plants, growth.

Archangels are in the 6D, their name means: powerful messenger/message of power. They are the different aspects or attributes of god, that emerged from the Unity. Their sound/vibration is molding all of reality.”

In another presentation, Matias gives yet another angle or descriptor of the 9 dimensions:

1D is unity experience in itself. Oneness. I know who/that I AM. But in order to observe itself, unity has to create duality.

2D is the movement of polarity, duality. Light/dark. Now you are looking at yourself (observer). But observation does nothing. You have to manifest it, you have to move yourself, to determine if what you see is real, or not. So you have to change your point of view.

3D is about the movement of duality, which creates a triangle. The first structure that ever existed in the universe is the triangle (from there we get fractalization). All the parts that you have created become REAL. And they will live in a certain time, in a certain space. Height x Width x Depth. Past, present, future. In 3D you get to live, to experience what you have designed, created, thought, felt, in other dimensions.

4D is about knowing how to manage the shapes of that dimension (no time, no space). Some of us on earth now are already living/conscious of 4D, while most are still perceiving in 3D only.

5D is about understanding the creation. It’s like being a proton. Or living in the middle of an Internet cable – you are just energy flowing constantly.

6D is about creating. Where light becomes a rainbow. One being becomes multiple beings. You are the creator but you are also transforming. You transform shapes into something completely different

7D you not only see and perceive, but FEEL what you are able to be. You experience everything that you are, full of light, perfect clarity. Realm of Seraphim. You are a complete being, shining and aware of its own divinity. But how can I be all this, if I can’t experience it? Explodes, divides, light/dark –> archangels, ‘demons’, etc.

8D is where everything is possible, everything can be expressed, everything is there

9D – Oneness, unity. I know who I AM, but I also know what I AM.

There are 4 stages of reality in each dimension:

1. Expression
2. Experience
3. Integration
4. Transcendence

Why is 3D an important experience?

In 3D you get to live, to experience what you have designed, created, thought, felt, in other dimensions. Because in 3D the realities of all the others are compressed. When you are in any of the other dimensions/realities in the universe, in order to live at least 4 or 5 realities in different dimensions, in just one life, you have to live in the 3D.”

Matias expands, giving yet another way to look at how the dimensions differentiate themselves, according to his framework:

“So, for example, imagine:

8D is the electromagnetic field around the planet
7D is the space surrounding the planet
6D is the atmosphere
5D is the biosphere
4D is the crust of the planet; mountains, tectonic plateaus
3D is the magma; the pressure of the melting rocks

So when you are in the 3D you are pressured by all the other layers of reality. So in order to feel even the magnetic field in the 8D, you have to be in the magma, which is really close to the core, so you can feel the magnetism, you can feel the pressure of the atmosphere, you can feel the pressure of the crust. So that’s how you can understand why the experience in the 3D is more important than experience in other dimensions. Because here we can live them all together at once.

So it’s not that you can’t experience things in other dimensions/realities, but you would not have the complete spectrum of everything. In order to be one Self, one complete being, you have to experience all the perspectives of all the realities. So that’s why you need to live in all of them. The 3D is one of the latest dimensions you decide to live in – you have already lived in 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D for example, but in the 3D they all join, they’re all one. That’s why we choose to be here.

In 3D everything must continually be in a process of transformation. Nothing can remain the same, everything must change, must be transformed into different shapes. This is because of the law of rhythm and the law of vibration.

Vibrations are waves that are continually altering – they are not a straight line – low vibration, middle vibration, high vibration. So we need to experience all of them. All of reality transforms itself into different vibrations.

The matter we are formed with is all composed of light and vibration; pulses of change. You are energy. You have never died, you are only changing constantly; changing shapes, changing ideas.

Biological death is a form of freedom, but only if you have lived fully and coherently in 3D.”

As I understand it, Matias’ definition of the different dimensions is a result of his remembrances from his life in Atlantis. Other perspectives, or channelled information, say that there are 13 dimensions, not nine.

Who or which is correct? And can we ever know?

So if you’re asking me what is my understanding of the different dimensions, then the only thing I have to say is based upon my own personal experience: I was meditating with the Cedar cathedral in the back pasture one day, and I was so sad as I thought about them all being cut down for a townhome development that had just been approved. I asked their forgiveness (Ho’opponopono) and they replied, “Ah, but we are only cut down in this dimension. In the 4th, 5th and 6th dimension, we are still here. And you have the ability to travel between dimensions.”

Whaaaa? Okay, not sure how I would do that, but I’m open!

My other experience is with my horse Zorra, when she does healings or energetic work on me. I once tried to feel into what she was doing, to map it, and she said to me, “Stop trying to figure out what I’m doing, you cannot, and your attempts are interfering with what I’m doing. Just open to receive.” And then it flashed to me that she is working mostly in 6th dimension, which is why I cannot possibly grok what she’s doing.

A few years later, Ginny Jablonski came to visit my herd and as she communicated and felt into each horse, when she connected with Zorra, she commented that Zo is often in 6th dimension. Coincidence, or…?

I think Ginny could probably give you a description of what 6D looks and feels like, but I cannot. I am content to hold all these concepts loosely and just flow with whatever feels right to me at the time.

And if ascension is determined by your vibration, then I have plenty to do, heal, resolve, integrate and unify right in front of me, here in 3D. So I’ll just focus my attention here, walking my path according to my own guidance and heart’s desire, and let the rest be what it may. It’s interesting, but I’m not going to hang my hat on any one perspective, paradigm, or cluster of definitions.

I prefer to focus more on the actual experience, not the label of the experience. That’s just how I roll. But I know many others who enjoy labelling, codifying, discussing, or feel it’s important, and that’s great – to each her own!

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