Facing Our Prostitute Archetype

Embracing the Prostitute Archetype

I took Caroline Myss’ online course on Archetypes a number of years ago, and I remember her saying that there are two archetypes that everyone on planet earth has to dance with; Victim and Prostitute. This stuck with me, because at the time, I was personally struggling to transform my default slide into Victim whenever things went wrong. And I also had to agree with Myss, Hollywood, what I had witnessed in business, and by observing relationships and career decisions, that yes: Everyone has a price.

So when the C–d jab coercion began, and as I watched it intensify, I thought to myself, “Well here we go, the whole world’s gonna have a chance to face their Prostitute… and let’s see what happens!”

What’s your price?

Get this shot or… we’ll take away your job. We’ll take away your children’s chance to go to school, you’ll lose your pension, no more church… have you spread your legs and gotten jabbed yet? No? Okay we’ll take away restaurants, theatre, movies, nightclubs, parties, your gym, yoga… poked yet? Okay let’s ban you from grocery stores – yes, this actually happened in some cities in Canada.

Professional coercion

And then I had an interesting email conversation with a Naturopathic doctor I’d worked closely with. He told me their Association had received a government directive to jab all NDs or they would lose their licence to practice. Not content to threaten and fire nurses and doctors working within Allopathic medicine, the Canadian government was now going after natural/alternative health professionals.

Now let me tell you, way back in 1989 when I left the medical treatment protocols, coming from an entire family of doctors and pharmacists, I had never even heard of a naturopathic doctor.

When I discovered the profession, and that it was filled with well-educated, well-researched people who did not subscribe to any drug methods of treatment, but focused on natural healing, and the innate wisdom and healing ability of the body, I was overjoyed! At that time, and until fairly recently, all the naturopathic doctors I knew recognized the shortcomings and profit-driven motives of allopathic treatment. The president of the BC Naturopathic Association was a personal friend of mine. At no point were any of the naturopathic treatment protocols designed to support someone in continued drug use. The goal was always to support the body to heal itself and wean off drug use. There was a clear and blessed line of separation between allopathic and naturopathic medicine.

I am not up-to-date on where the naturopathic profession stands these days, either in the US or Canada. But I know for myself as a consumer/client of the services, the entire point of naturopathic medicine is to provide an alternative. If that has changed and there is now some blending of the two treatment paths… Then that means the profession has already shifted into a different expression/entity.

Actually, just in the drafting of this post, I came across this info from a women who left without getting her ND after almost 6 years of study and $75,000 because they wouldn’t allow her to graduate without being jabbed with unidentified chemical drug constituents! Apparently, the course of study for an ND in Canada now, sadly, focuses heavily on allopathic instruction:

“The focus of naturopathic students, during the first two years of education, is drawn to spend 95-99% of their time studying reductionistic and mechanistic biomedical science, and only the last 1-5% of time and exhausted effort are directed towards any traditionally naturopathic healing modalities.”

I am reminded of what happened with midwifery in BC, Canada. Way back when the midwives were independent and they first discussed joining up with the University of BC medical school to become “legitimized”, one of their loudest opponents, Gloria Lemay, predicted everything that consequently happened.

It is now rare to have a homebirth with a licensed midwife in BC, because their liability insurance/requirements have escalated. And at the slightest sign of any issue they will whisk you off to the hospital to protect themselves from any possible litigation. This of course goes against the founding ethos of midwifery, which is to support the birthing woman with accumulated wisdom and experience, and support her in listening to her own body and also riding out numerous potentially dangerous, but largely unthreatening situations. This is why the survival rate and injury rate at birth has always been much lower with midwives, than in the hospital, because the hospital staff follow the protocols of the medical profession. But because they gave up the foundational/defining differences of their profession, the midwives now also follow the protocols of the medical profession. And their birth outcomes are far worse than when they were independent.

The reason I bring this up is to point out the parallel of what happens when you abandon your foundational tenets. Either out of a desire for increased funding, or recognition/legitimization by the dominant organization, or for ego-based fulfillment. It doesn’t go well! Midwives in BC today are no different to a nurse, and the defining characteristics of their service to humanity have been lost. And people like me who want a real midwife, hire someone privately who is outside the “registered” profession.

I told my friend that if the Naturopathic Association bows to the pressure of enforced vaccination, they will be violating a foundational tenant of their profession. And it will not go well for them in the long term. This was not a personal comment directed towards him and any choice that he might make, I was simply speaking in the broader context and according to market dynamics and consumer perception.

But what the hell, let’s get personal! As I’m used to pissing people off with my direct, blunt comments, why stop now? So then I wrote to him with what I felt was the heart of the issue. Perhaps some of this inquiry might be useful to others, so I think it’s worth sharing. I think the questions I ask him are applicable to any of us dancing with our Prostitute:


“Now let’s talk about your personal situation, and why you feel so vulnerable/triggered/attacked. I encourage you to go into the ego-based elements that may be at play here:

What is your attachment to your ‘doctor’ label?
What are your fears over generating income?
How tied is your definition of yourself to your profession?
How are you deriving self-esteem from your ND label?
Who are you without that label? What emotions and judgments then arise…?

And so on. Going into these aspects will allow you to create some space around the pressure you are currently feeling. Clarity is power.

I am amazed that someone in your position, with your huge healing talent/toolbox would even consider submitting to a potentially harmful procedure, in order to generate money. You are already set up and positioned to generate sufficient money without ever using the ND designation. In fact, I would bet on the possibility that you would make more money outside of the ND profession. So where is your pressure coming from? As I said, go into the ego-based elements, go into the fears.

If you still want a designation to practice under, there are numerous available! Like, Certified Functional Medicine practitioner, Certified Holistic Health Coach, and others. I have done podcasts with people from each of these professions recently, and they are both making more money than you are. So where is the scarcity? The certified holistic health coach I interviewed has naturopathic doctors working under him. And no, neither of them would consider getting poked with an untested, undisclosed-contents jab.

As I have said repeatedly, this covid-clusterfuck is not a health issue. This jab is, by definition, not a vaccine. Israel has the highest double vax rate of any country. Tens of thousands of them were protesting in the streets, because their health pass is completely digitized and the government has told them that if they do not get the third shot, their health pass will be turned off. Finally people are starting to wake up and say, wait a minute! What is actually going on here – when is this going to stop, how many shots are we going to have to get?! An entire family we know recently moved to Costa Rica. Because they are all healthcare workers, but in the mainstream medical professions. And they have each assessed the situation and said no thanks, and I will go somewhere I can still earn a living unjabbed.

You ALWAYS have choice. Even with a gun to your head, you still have choice. Pull the trigger compadre! So if nothing else, this jab mandate is a call to deeply examine your personal values, your core fears, and your prostitute archetype. These are universal factors in all our lives, and in all our decision-making.

Do I think you could heal/neutralize the consequences of a few of these shots? Yes, I think there’s a very high chance that you could. But if you examine this from an energetic perspective… You will see that this is not a health issue. This is an opportunity to go deeply into your core fears, and core desires that can be used to pressure you, and your foundational decisions about who you are and who you want to be in this world, in this incarnation. That is the opportunity that is presenting itself here. But it is also an energetic fork in the road with significant consequences either way. That’s the way I see it anyway. If you see it differently, I would love to hear your perspective.”


Many people during the last 3 years have shit the bed when faced with their Prostitute. A woman I know got poked just to keep her job. She didn’t want it, she’d done her research and felt it was harmful, but her job was her price, and she caved. She cried for 2 days afterwards. AND THEN a few weeks later, people in her profession who had banded together and fought back, got the mandate overturned! Oh lord, serious OUCH!

The gifts of Prostitute

I remember dealing with Prostitute during my childhood and teens (before I was able to work) when I needed money to buy clothes and had to negotiate that money from my father. He was seriously messed with money and could never just give money cleanly, there would always be a lashback. I had to evaluate each time whether I was willing to go through the humiliation that would follow – was the trade worth it to me? Most times I took the money.

Then in my twenties, I pursued my childhood dream of being a singer/songwriter in London, UK. Lots of opportunity to dance with Prostitute there! First recording contract offer: “F**k me and I’ll make your record.” Second recording contract offer: “Ok we’ll give you an apartment, a wardrobe allowance, a personal trainer, but we want you to dress in leather and PVC and sing what we tell you.” i.e. music I hate. If my goal had been to become a pop star; to become famous, perhaps my Prostitute might have seriously considered their offers. But I simply wanted the opportunity to sing the songs that I had written – songs that represented ME. Shagging someone in order to get those songs produced would have destroyed their integrity; there would be no point in singing them. The end never justifies the means. Have we learned nothing from the history of our species?

So what happened with my ND friend? Again, some other NDs banded together and consulted a lawyer, began fighting back, which delayed the mandate, et voila! He never had to make that decision.

But I’ll tell you, I personally would not take health advice from someone who had done their research on all the ingredients (what exactly are the ingredients?), looked at the trial data (and the issues with the trial data), identified potential short-term and long-term complications, treated numerous patients who’d already been jabbed and now were dealing with negative consequences AND THEN decided to get jabbed just to appease his licensing board. No thanks. Just no.

However, let’s look at another naturopathic doctor named Sophia, who did get jabbed. Let’s say she was too busy and exhausted from a new baby to do her own deep-dive research, so decided to trust what mainstream media was telling her. And then by year 2 or 3, her child is older, she’s started to hear things that make her suspicious, so she decides to look more deeply into conflicting evidence from Immunologists, and doctors with stellar research records. She’s also started to have some autoimmune symptoms and her husband mentions his heart doesn’t feel right.

After looking at government stats from the UK, Sophia gets really concerned and decides she’s actually made the wrong choice here. She then embarks on a Healing Journey; discovering everything she can about jab constituents and how they might be affecting her body. Developing protocols to neutralize and cleanse the constituents, to rebuild the immune system, along with energy medicine treatments that work synergistically.

Along this arduous healing journey, Sophia realizes that a part of her made the choice to dance with the jab, so she could then be in a position to help other people who had been duped, pressured, coerced, or misinformed into getting poked, and likewise regretted their choice. Because nothing is impossible. And everything can be healed and brought back into wholeness.

Once Sophia walked this healing path, had her epiphany, and embraced the wisdom of her higher self, would I take health advice from her? You bet! Because she is now congruent. She is back in a place of wisdom and integrity. Grounded into her core, the earth, and her higher self.

So you see, this is not about judging others, or ourselves, for our decisions. It’s about realizing that our WHY is more important than our actions. Giving ourselves permission to honor our integrity and set boundaries around our integrity, spirit, and body wisdom.

So how did Prostitute show up for you during this C–d debacle? Can you look back on your life and pinpoint the places you danced with this universal archetype? How did you do, and what did Prostitute teach you about yourself? Caroline Myss says:

“None of us thinks kindly of the term ‘prostitute,’ and yet from this archetype we learn the great gift of never again having to compromise our body, mind, or spirit. You may have already reached the point in which the Prostitute has become a mature part of yourself that circles you with a strong vibrational field that says, “Not for sale.”

Susanna Barlow also has a good summary of the gifts of dancing with the Prostitute archetype and finding its gifts:

“The archetype of the prostitute has a powerful light side: The Incorruptible. To be incorruptible means to understand that the source of your power is not derived from others but by living up to your own values and standards. That means first discovering what those values are, even writing them down. No one can decide what your values are but you. You are the author of your own integrity.

The Incorruptible represents your inner compass, the guiding force inside of each person. It is pure and unbreakable. Acting unconsciously will cause you to sell off your self-respect for the immediate gratification of security. Creating your own value system and living within it, is the core work of this archetype.”

That last line is key for me: “Creating your own value system and living within it, is the core work of this archetype.” YOU get to decide your value system. Only you can define what integrity means and looks like for you. So the work of Prostitute is not adhering to someone else’s rules or value system (family, culture, religion etc) but to do the deep inner work of deciding what YOUR values are.

For example, many people have been tortured or killed throughout history because they refused to say out loud that X was the true faith. According to their value system, they would not sell out their spoken words about their religion for any form of security – not even life itself. For me, that has no meaning. Because I have no attachment to human words about spirituality. You can call God/Source by whatever name you wish, I’m good with that. So, oh, you want me to say that I’m Christian, Muslim, Hindu – whatever – so you’ll leave me alone? Fine, no problem. It’s all ONE so I don’t care which labels you need me to slap on it. By saying out loud that X is the true faith, I have not sold out my integrity. Because that whole game does not pertain to my value system. My integrity is based on different parameters.

You see what I mean? That’s why dancing with Prostitute is an inside job. It’s all about you. Your values, how you define your integrity, what feels like truth to you (and that may change over the years). The key is to become aware, to map these elements. What IS your value system? Can you define it? In each decision you’re faced with, can you go within and discern your own truth? This is the bedrock of your integrity. YOUR truth; separated out from your ego, your self-esteem, people-pleasing, fears, and saboteurs.

Once you know your values, and are firmly rooted in your integrity, you will be able to discern right action (your truth) no matter what authority figures are telling you, no matter how much pressure is coming from your professional organization, company, family, religion, culture etc. You will not sell yourself down the river. You will stand for your integrity, no matter what.

These next years are going to challenge all of us even more. If you haven’t mined the gifts of Prostitute and figured out your value system, and defined what integrity looks, feels, smells and tastes like to you… you will not fare so well on the path. It’s time for all of us to delve in and do our inner work.

Who you are is speaking so loudly, I can’t hear what you’re saying.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Facing our Prostitute Archetype

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  1. Dee February 14, 2023 at 8:00 pm - Reply

    Yeah, the Hustler ethic in our culture is very pervasive.

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