How to Use Starlink to Provide Hardwired Ethernet Ports in Your House

When you can’t get fibre optic or cable Internet from a service provider, or, you prefer to use Starlink, this article will show you how to run ethernet cables from Starlink to every room in your house.

The quick outline steps are:

  • Plug a Cat7 Ethernet cord into your Starlink router
  • Run that ethernet cord to a Gigabit Switch
  • Run internal ethernet cords from the Switch to every room in your house

Let’s get into the important details of each step…

1. Plug a Cat7 Ethernet cord into your Starlink router

If you have a 1st generation Starlink router, the ethernet port is built right into the unit. It is hidden by a grey cover and labeled AUX, so just peel off the cover to gain access to the ethernet port.

1st generation Starlink Router (left). The black cable with the green head is the Cat7 Ethernet cable

If you have a 2nd (or 3rd) generation Starlink router, there is no ethernet port and you have to purchase it separately from Starlink.

In either case, you now have a Cat7 Ethernet cable inserted into your Starlink router/adapter. To reduce electromagnetic radiation, you want to have the Starlink router (and satellite dish) as far away from your living area as you can. If you can put it 300-feet away, that is ideal. But in urban areas, your satellite dish often has to go on the roof.

So then it may be best to put your router up on the roof too in a weatherproof box, or under an overhang. Again, you want to keep it as far away from your living area, yet be protected from the weather.

SEE: My video of how I set up Starlink at my off-grid ranch – 300 feet away from the house and the boxes I used to shield the power bar and router from rain and snow.

The master Cat7 cable coming from your Starlink router, that will plug into your Gigabit Switch, can be as long as you need it to be. And you can run that cable inside or outside of your house.

For example, I purchased one like this for my ranch (400 feet):

Here’s another one that would work well for any kind of outdoor conditions (650 feet).

You may only need 10 feet, or 25 feet – they come in all lengths. Just make sure you get one that is shielded and with whatever protection you need if running it outside (UV, direct burial, etc).

2. Run your Cat7 Ethernet cable to a Gigabit Switch

Then run your Cat7 cable from your Starlink router/adapter to a metal gigabit switch, with the number of ethernet ports that you need (with a few extra in case you expand later). Something like this would work great:

16-Port Metal housing Gigabit Switch

How many ethernet ports do I need?

Calculate how many computers, TVs or other devices you are going to be running. OR calculate how many ethernet ports you want in each room of your house.

Let’s say you want 2 ports in your living room, 1 in your dining room, 1 in each of your 3 bedrooms, and 2 ethernet ports in your home office. That equals 8 ports. In that case, you would size up to the 16-port switch.

3. Run internal ethernet cords from the Switch to every room in your house

Wherever you decide to locate your switch, you have to be able to access it easily. Because cords can come loose or sometimes need to be replaced.

You want to locate the switch in the most convenient place in your house to run all your separate ethernet cables to the switch. You will also need a power outlet to plug the switch’s power cord into the outlet.

From your switch (if you don’t want the cords visible), you can then run all your ethernet cords inside your walls to each room, or under your floor, or inside the ceiling. Then you have to create some kind of outlet for each cord to come out of, extend the distance it needs, and plug into your computer or TV.

*Remember: you are not creating an ethernet port (insertion) in your wall, because you have already plugged each ethernet cord into your switch. The end of the ethernet cord coming out of your wall, now has to plug into your computer.

If it’s not possible to hide your ethernet cables, because your house is already built, then you can use anchors to secure the cords along the ceiling edge, or floor edge (or baseboards). It’s not ideal, but it’s better than having health issues from radiation! Be sure to get sturdy anchors that nail in, not adhesive ones.

The length of your internal ethernet cords

So, using our example above, you determined that you needed 8 ethernet ports to service your house. That means you also need 8 internal ethernet cables – to go from your switch to each room.

The length of each ethernet cable will be determined by the room’s distance from the switch. If you’re not sure, then just get the longest you could possibly need as you can easily bundle up any extra length with a zip tie.

At my ranch, we located the switch on the main floor, so the rooms in the basement required 100-foot ethernet cables to reach them. Other rooms varied from 25 feet to 50 feet.

If your house is already wired for ethernet

One last thing… just in case your house is already wired for Cat5 or Cat7 cable. In that case, you would run the Starlink Ethernet cable from the Starlink router to your home’s telecommunications box and plug it in. Done!

Some people have figured out how to disable the WiFi component of the Starlink router. I haven’t tried that yet, but again, if you locate the router 300 feet away from your house, then there will be no radiation inside your house.

If you need to have the router inside your house, then locate it as far away from your living areas as you can. By not using the WiFi – because you’re using ethernet cables instead – at least you will have far less radiation (EMR) on a daily basis. And the further away from your body, the less harm.

Just remember to turn Bluetooth off on your computer, since it emits the same amount of EMR as WiFi!

If you have any technical questions, or you’re EHS (electrohypersensitive) so you need detailed info to reduce all EMF/EMR fields in your house, I highly recommend former Silicon Valley engineer, Jeromy Johnson. His site has lots of detailed tutorials, or you can consult directly with him.

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