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Interspecies Evolution – Ginny Interviews Jini
By Published On: February 27, 2023

Find out how I manifested the Singing Horse Ranch and how I knew it was the perfect land for us. Then we dip into my health journey; my experience as a spiritual healer during childhood, how I healed myself of a supposedly incurable disease, and how my health journey turned into 17 books, a holistic health shop and a supplement company.

In this episode, I am interviewed by animal communicator, Ginny Jablonski. Ginny also asks me how I developed my ability to communicate with animals and then we discuss how my herd of horses asked me to film them, so they could teach people and communicate their wisdom worldwide, through our videos on YouTube.

I promise I will be hosting a conversation with Ginny soon and talking all about her journey and her remarkable transformation after her NDE. Until then, I offer you this glimpse into my journey…

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The JINI Podcast
The JINI Podcast
Interspecies Evolution - Ginny Interviews Jini

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Show Notes

Would you like to do a Course with Ginny and my Singing Horse Herd? Check out Healing At Liberty: Energetic Awareness for Bodyworkers, Animal Communicators and Energy Healers in April/May 2023

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Check out this playlist of Spiritual Guidance from my herd of 11 wild and semi-feral horses

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