Is Elon Musk Channelling Another Intelligence?

I have quite a bit of experience with channelling (guides, angels, helpful beings) and there are certain tell-tale signs that someone is channelling… eyes, phrasing, accent, cadence. If you’ve been around people who are channelling, or you’ve done it yourself, the signs are fairly easy to recognize. Describing them to someone else… not so easy!

I have now watched dozens of interviews with Elon and there are definitely times he is plugging into something/someone else and channelling information or concepts. Not often, but it happens. He is also quite fluent, so it’s not glaringly obvious. But most of the time, he is not channelling, he is speaking from his integrated self – in my opinion.

One thing I’ve heard Elon say over and over in interviews is that he wishes he could turn off his incessant ideas. That’s something I would love to discuss further. I too have had incessant ideas my whole life. I remember reading a book where the business coach wanted you to practice writing down 10 ideas per day. “Are you kidding me?” I thought, “Who needs to practice that, and 10 is nothing!” But I have never felt tormented by my ideas, or tormented by my brain that won’t shut off.

I enjoy having continual ideas, being endlessly resourceful and innovative, inventing whatever I need that doesn’t exist yet. It is not a torture or burden for me. I wonder why it is for Elon?

Perhaps this is yet another area where horses saved me. Horses’ heart field and energy field is SO much larger than ours, that we automatically entrain to their rhythm. I’ve always said that meditation should be taught to newbies in a circle of horses – because the horses make it so easy to drop into stillness or zero point.

I have had numerous people write in to let me know they could never meditate until they did the guided meditations with my horses. Try one yourself:

For physical healing

For loneliness, anxiety

But now let’s get back to the workings of Elon Musk’s mind. One of my ‘things’ is to listen to an interview and then pause to write down the good bits. At the end, it’s often very interesting what emerges – things that would have been mostly lost (or forgotten) had I not purposely tracked them.

All text below is quoted from Elon (my comments or interjections are in brackets), during this interview with Joe Rogan. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Let us begin…

ELON says…

A company is a cybernetic collective of people and machines.

(Cybernetics is the study of automatic control and communication functions in both living organisms and mechanical and electronic systems, involving the application of statistical mechanics to feedback: During WW II, cybernetics was used to develop radar-controlled antiaircraft guns; today the field is working on prosthetic arms and legs linked directly to the human nervous system.)

Collective AI in google search, we’re plugged in like nodes on a network, leaves on a big tree. And we’re all feeding this network with our questions and answers. We’re all collectively programming the AI. Google and all the humans that connect to it are part of one giant cybernetic collective. This is also true of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all these social media networks. Constantly connected.

It is our id writ large – we mention all those primal drives, things we like, hate, fear. They’re all there on the internet. They’re a projection of our limbic system. The success of these online systems is a function of how much limbic resonance they’re able to achieve with people. The more limbic resonance, the more engagement.

(Limbic resonance is defined as a state of deep emotional and physiological connection between two people.)

Output got worse with thumbs. We used to have input with 10 fingers, now we have thumbs.

“It could be terrible. And it could be great. It is not clear. But one thing’s for sure, we will not control it.”

The outcome for humanity will be the sum of humans will. The sum of billions of people’s desire for the future.

If you assume any improvement at all over time – extend the time frame… 1000 years. Civilization is maybe 7-8000 years old, from time of first writing. This is nothing. So if you assume any rate of improvement, games will be inextinguishable from reality. Or, civilization will end. One of those two things will occur. Therefore, we are most likely in a simulation.

I’d rather be optimistic and wrong, then pessimistic and right. Enjoy the journey.

The universe as we know it will dissipate into a cold mist of nothingness, eventually. How can we make it last longer? Most likely there are many many simulations/realities. And outside the simulation is boring.

A game or a movie is a distillation of what’s interesting about life. An action movie takes a year to film – super boring – but is then distilled down into 2 hours, which is really great.

Your perception defines where you are.

I think we should take the set of actions that are most likely to make the future better. And then evaluate those actions and see if it’s true.


Elon’s ideas about this reality being a ‘simulation’ tally nicely with Eastern mysticism and quantum physics. The quantum field (our reality) is not made of physical matter, as we perceive with our 5 senses. Even the most solid table or rock is actually composed of waveform frequencies, that are composed of quarks (bundles of energy).

Guess what else creates a frequency? Our thoughts, our emotions, sound… so this is where the idea of a collectively held reality (simulation) comes in. Since the majority of us agree that this table is actually solid, then it is. But if most of us agree, for example, that this table is actually a set of frequencies that can be sung into a different configuration to form stairs, then it can be.

Our brains do not know the difference between an imagined event and an actual physical event. But if thoughts and emotions create frequencies, and frequencies make up reality… perhaps our brain physiology is actually telling us something our conscious mind hasn’t grasped yet!

Matías de Stefano has this to say about how ancient Egyptians moved solid stone blocks, weighing 2.5 – 80 tons each, with no machinery:

“To move the giant stones for pyramids, they set up 4 tuning forks opposite each other, on either side of the rock (so 8 total). And the combined vibration neutralized the electrons inside the stone, so then gravity had no effect and it was light and easy to move.”

If you’d like a quick and dirty outline of what’s happening in quantum physics lately, check out this post.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality that you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.” – Albert Einstein


  1. Dee November 6, 2022 at 3:27 am - Reply

    Hi Jini,

    I watched the interview and allowed quite a lot of time to percolate. I’ve done some reading about quantum medicine principles and recently looked into quantum physics. The more we learn, the more there is to know about matter, it seems.

    What impresses me most about Musk, is his psychology. Wanting to be optimistic and wrong vs being pessimistic and right.

    What about the third or umpteenth option?

    I disagree that the brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and simulation. The Subconscious often doesn’t know the difference. Though, horses and most people can tell when someone is being fake with them, unless someone is incredibly convincing and/or failing to give off incongruous signals because they have little conscience.

    There are a lot of factors working on us simultaneously.

    A question to ask would be:

    Who benefits from us confusing a simulation with reality?

    One economic theory I remember reading about is that it’s less expensive to have the work slaves support themselves anyway. Cannot remember if it’s in Smith’s theory, or not. So far, seems to fit with debt slavery and what the western world (and further) have relied on for the last decade or more.

    The humane brain is very plastic and many have been exposed to trauma, which impacts an ability to get a good read on the world around, without decent social supports. That’s largely the world today for many, if not most people. Increasingly so with the pandemic, whatever it’s original reason for being our current reality.

    A lot of economic reasons for looking the other way at the origins as we’ve come to understand them.

    That Musk seems to continue to want to position himself as a hero stands out. Perhaps it’s important to be as careful about spiritualizing events as it is to rationalization. Spirituality like being rational can be valuable. Using them to explain away some things because it’s convenient is a hazard humans seem to have long been susceptible to.

    What I want to know, is why humans continue to allow themselves to be led by poor leaders whose actions contradict their words?

    Then argue about which “one” is worse! Sad that discourse has often come to that. Most of the current leaders leave a lot to be desired. Which parties are dictating the playing field and who benefits most from the current paradigm(ie. profit)?

    • JINI November 6, 2022 at 8:40 am - Reply

      Great comments Dee. I should have clarified, “the brain” is not very specific. I was referring to a study in the linked book (The Brain That Changes Itself) on neuroplasticity, where they had 2 groups learn the piano. One received physical piano lessons where their fingers played the keys, and the other group only visualized playing. When they tested the two groups (a computer carried out the testing so no human bias) the two groups scored the same. So from “the brain’s” perspective, there was no difference between the actual vs. the visualized/imagined event.

      I think the trauma piece is key to a lot (the majority?) of what’s going wrong in our world, including leadership. I think if we focused on healing trauma, that alone would transform our planet.

      And regarding your question: “Who benefits from us confusing a simulation with reality?”

      Yes, great question – the last 2 years simulation is a perfect example of that!

      However, from the quantum physics, or universe-as-hologram perspective… they are ALL simulations ;)

      • Dee November 22, 2022 at 8:25 pm - Reply

        Agree with you about the trauma piece.

        I haven’t read that particular book about brain plasticity, though the topic is truly remarkable – to say the least. My understanding is that what we visualize needs to be accurate or correct In order for performance to be accurate or enhanced. Often that requires we actually test out our abilities in order to assess.

        A question I have would be why would nutrition be a factor if there is no difference between simulation and actual experience? One reason why scientific testing is used mainly for pharmaceuticals is because isolating all the variables is rarely possible for most situations. Efficacy in other areas is variable and requires many more trials to confirm or dispute original results.

        The example of individuals learning piano is quite interesting. It makes me wonder several things: could it be duplicated for a much less linear instrument (guitar or wind instrument) and is what they demonstrated related to the roots of musical talent (ability to conceptualize or explore musical mentally) ?

        Unfortunately, atm I don’t have access to that book. Wonder what level the individuals were at. The beauty of science, life etc is the number of answers that produce more questions!

        Agree with the recent simulations … looking at the learning possible from digesting the recent developments!

        What if one of the purposes of current times is to produce the results of trauma in order to create a particular personality type and/or result that means people are more easily led and susceptible to suggestion. Perhaps the key is to find the freedom in the midst of it all as some have suggested. As an aside, I find it interesting that many interpret Orwell’s writing as being about a possible future dystopia. My understanding is that he was writing about his own times, but couldn’t get it published if he used the actual date of his time.

        Find it fascinating how much more receptive we tend to be to possible fiction vs happening non-fiction. The mind (human and otherwise) … endlessly wondrous!

        Excellent food for thought here!

        • JINI November 22, 2022 at 10:06 pm - Reply

          Yes good point about other, more difficult to play instruments – I’m sure that would impact results. And all of the test subjects were beginners, and had never played piano before.

          And I did not know that about Orwell! But makes sense. And yes, I’m sure the plandemic events have been specifically devised to produce a trained, malleable population. If you look at the sequence from a marketing perspective, it is an extremely well-planned campaign. It will be interesting to see how far Westerners will allow themselves to be pushed/manipulated before the majority say, “Wait a minute…!” BUT also, we need to change – we MUST change or we will drive ourselves extinct. We have had plenty of information and opportunity to shift – Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring back in 1962. But a human tendency seems to be to do nothing until forced. So I guess this is the hammer. Let’s hope we are finally motivated enough to begin creating the world we WANT. I’m hopeful. I see good signs all around me, amidst the lunacy.

  2. Dee November 24, 2022 at 3:49 am - Reply

    I wonder if it’s really true that we wait until forced. Perhaps our bias is often set to overt, yang or external solutions. Other solutions are happening, but are much more yin, less overt and much more internal. In addition, they can be very powerful like lower gears. Often less speed, more power.

    My personal experience is that there is a lot going on, but societies biased to extrovert and less subtle can often ignore inner, more subtle work. Perhaps the latter is what our times most require – that which is most often overlooked. David Suzuki has commented that the minority population of less extrovert and potentially more sensitive are an important part of any population and function as the canaries in the coal mine. We ignore the signals at our peril.

    It’s possible that we’re mistakenly being passive when we need to do the inner work that fuels real change or transformation. Fortunate that it only requires a small percentage of the population to make changes – particularly real changes. Too often regarding things superficially is a default, of late. Noticed that within myself and beginning to take the mirroring seriously.

    I agree what you’ve said about Rachel Carson. There was a lot of pushback against her work at the time, similar to now. When we ignore large swaths of the population, whatever “side their on, we’re ignoring important information.

    Getting louder and more yang in response to wrongs may be necessary, but it’s not the only response required. Tuning into the broad spectrum can be just as important as focusing, at times. Perhaps we’re losing fluidity as much as anything else. (RE: critiques that both sides seem to having for the other in many conversations)

    We’re diverting from the original topic, but my intuition is that we’re engaging in a way that may be significant. Grateful for the thoughtfulness and honesty of your posts and your approach! Much needed food for thought and inquiry.

    • JINI November 25, 2022 at 10:25 pm - Reply

      Yes very good point Dee – there is the surface, extrovert, yang layer. But what is happening in the depths, in the quietness of the soul?

      The herd of 11 is extremely busy during this time. To the outside observer, it looks like they aren’t doing much at all. But for those who can sense/see/perceive energies and the more subtle layers of reality… they are intensely active. On behalf of humanity and Gaia. Namaste sister.

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