Is the Darkness Leading Us to Freedom?

Is the Darkness Leading Us to Freedom?

Here we have another gem from Matias De Stefano: “Artists, musicians, sports stars – these are the first people that need to be the change. If they do/be the change, by resonance, they change thousands of people. Because the people love them. By LOVE, you start to change the life of the people, towards consciousness.

Those artists, musicians, sports stars become conscious and share through consciousness – not through imposing their ideas. This cannot be done by a politician, or someone similar, because a politician represents just one part. But an artist sometimes can go beyond. That’s why it goes to the heart, not to the mind.

What happened in 2020-21 is amazing for us – to rethink, WHAT IS FREEDOM? Because we got used to being free around the world. Oh this is great, we can go anywhere. But actually this is not the goal; we have to go beyond that freedom of travelling around. You can see it as the darkness trying to stop us from being free. Or you can say, “Oh, thank you darkness for having stopped me this time from being free, because now I can rethink what freedom is.” So now I have a better understanding of, what is the freedom that I am willing to live?

That’s why the universe tries to find balance. And the light is trying to find balance; pulling the darkness towards the light. And the dark is trying to find balance; pulling the light towards the darkness. Which is actually positive/negative. That’s what it’s actually about.

Sometimes we have these ideas that because we are humans, or because we are lost, we create these conflicts or wars. But actually it happens in the entire universe, in different levels of existence, of energy, of consciousness.

And when you have a balanced conflict, it is a challenge. And we all love challenges, because it makes us feel complete. It allows us to prove ourselves.

It’s important for everyone trying to make a change, to understand that you attract the reality that you are resounding (resonating) with. Most people want to be happy. If you want people to be happy and joyful, then the revolution you are doing (carrying out, involved with) must be joyful and happy.”

darkness leading to freedom

I’m in the middle of a pretty big conflict right now… it’s an interesting perspective to consider whether it is a “balanced conflict” or not? I would have to say yes, overall, and in the bigger scheme of things. It’s balanced, it’s evenly matched.

We’re in the final countdown and I still have no clear idea which way it will resolve. But I know that I’m at peace and will move forward in positivity no matter what the outcome. Why? Because my bottom line is that I TRUST the universe; I trust in my Highest Good. We can look at something from any angle and declare it “good” or “bad” – it solely depends on the perspective we choose.

Even if it appears that someone is making a disastrous mistake, something that will ruin the next 20 years of their life… maybe their soul needs that experience to evolve? Maybe they are choosing to be like the samurai sword that gets tempered by fire to become strong? Who are we to deny or block them from that growth opportunity?

As long as I follow my gut; I connect to my intuition, my higher guidance, and I action accordingly, then I know and trust that I am in right action. Even if it looks crazy, or nonsensical, or ruinous to others, what matters is my guidance, my body wisdom (the body is the densest part of the soul – the body is the subconscious). Because that will be the right/best path for ME. For my soul’s evolution, for the expansion of my co-creative ability, for the unfolding (that may take 1000 3D lifetimes) into my source magnificence.

“It’s important for everyone trying to make a change, to understand that you attract the reality that you are resounding (resonating) with. Most people want to be happy. If you want people to be happy and joyful, then the revolution you are doing (carrying out, involved with) must be joyful and happy.” – Matias De Stefano

I understand and own the fact that I am in this conflict, this challenging period, because part of me needs to learn something here. Part of me needs to expand my capabilities, my wisdom, my skillset… I need to GET BIGGER. And this is how you get bigger! You don’t grow, expand, evolve by sitting on the couch watching Netflix all day, every day. Okay unless you’re Quentin Tarantino, but then, he wasn’t just watching movies, was he?

And so rather than whinging about this terrible ordeal I’m going through, and how unreasonably the other parties are behaving, bemoaning the fact that our initial plan/dreams have gone so terribly wrong… I can choose instead to TRUST the process. That this is meant to be – for all of us – that somehow, and probably for different reasons, we each need this experience. If we didn’t need it, we wouldn’t be resonating at the frequencies that created this experience, and this situation would not be happening. The fact that it IS happening, means there’s something important, expansive, liberating and evolutionary here for each of us – IF we can proceed in right action, if we can keep our energy and emotions in right relationship. If we can each lean in, connect to our intuition/guidance, and speak and act from that place… all will be well.

“GET BIGGER. Until the boulder on your shoulder becomes a pebble in your pocket.” – Montaro, Lead guardian of the Singing Horse Herd of 11

Montaro and I


  1. Katya Ivers November 13, 2022 at 1:58 am - Reply

    When I first heard you use the phrase “soul contract” something really clicked in my perception of the Universal Plan. I have long believed in reincarnation (it doesn’t make sense, otherwise. Where would we come from? Wouldn’t Heaven be massively overpopulated and stagnant? All energy is merely transformed, not destroyed, and we are created from energy, after all), but I didn’t understand the purpose, really. Were we wandering, just trying to stumble upon some sort of “lesson” in this incarnation? No! Having committed to a purpose explains so many things — losses; hardships; absolutely terrible things like r*pes and m*rders that happen to the same, deeply good/kind/loving people; blockages; old, trapped fears — and has helped me so much in not understanding, but integrating many of my challenges. Freedom means so many different things, and like the light, you would never appreciate it fully until you had seen the darkness. The darkness is not bad! Just different. Some people say “YOLO” when they are faced with a frightening decision; I say “You’ll get another chance.” ;)

    • JINI November 13, 2022 at 2:08 am - Reply

      And your purpose could be as simple as just “life experiencing itself – and through that experience, growing and expanding.”

      • Katya Ivers November 14, 2022 at 9:30 pm - Reply

        Hahaha absolutely true! There I go trying to attach logic to everything XD

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