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Life Plans & Soul Agreements – Part 1
By Published On: May 8, 2023

One of the things that can really help ease our way through tumultuous times – either in relationship or our current planetary chaos – is understanding our Soul Agreements.

If you ever find yourself wondering WHY a certain relationship is so difficult, or sticky, or challenging. Or you seriously question why you’re even here… then learning about your Oversoul’s intentions for this incarnation can be very illuminating!

In Part One here of this juicy topic; I’m going to explain the difference between a soul agreement, karmic contract and life plan. And I’m also going to give you an easy technique for uncovering your soul agreement with a loved one, or a difficult person in your life.

Be sure and tune in later for Part 2 where I go in-depth with soul whisperer, Ginny Jablonski, and she does a live session with me on my soul agreements for this lifetime – no holds barred!

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The JINI Podcast
Life Plans & Soul Agreements - Part 1

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