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Oriane asks Jini: Origins | Home & Belonging | Legacy
By Published On: April 10, 2023

Well, for those of you who listened to Ginny Jablonski’s interview with me for her podcast (Interspecies Evolution) and who wanted to know more…

Oriane Lee Johnston (author of The Geography of Belonging) picks up where Ginny left off and asks me even more exploratory questions that she organized into 3 categories: Origins | Home & Belonging | Legacy

Oriane asks me a lot of questions about my childhood and family, first in Kenya, then the U.S., and then in Canada. Where do I feel I belong and which nationality do I identify with?

We talk about my first-hand experiences with the consequences of colonialism, both in Kenya and with the First Nations in Canada.

I talk about how my gut/spiritual guidance works and why I make the claim that my guidance has never been wrong.

And so much more! And if Oriane looks familiar to you, it’s because I previously talked with her on my podcast, about her fabulous book and experiences in Zimbabwe.

During this discussion, Oriane is back in Zimbabwe and we planned the call so she could be outside – get ready for visits from the cutest little Duiker you ever did see!

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The JINI Podcast
The JINI Podcast
Oriane asks Jini: Origins | Home & Belonging | Legacy

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Show Notes

My health books on natural healing for digestive diseases.

One of the songs I wrote

My herd of 11 Medicine Horses

Oriane’s site for tarot readings and her book, The Geography of Belonging.

Healing with Horses in Zimbabwe – visit, volunteer or intern. And just look at their beautiful horses in this gorgeous land:

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