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The Metaphysical Causes of Childhood Disease

You may already have plenty of information about the possible physical causes of your child’s serious or chronic illness. But those of us walking a holistic healing path, know that we must heal all aspects of the body/mind/soul for long-term healing to take place.

So what might be happening at the metaphysical level for your child? Why has your … Read More

Life Plans & Soul Agreements – Part 2

As promised, Ginny Jablonski joins me for Part 2 of my foray into soul agreements and karmic contracts. But this time we go even deeper into egregores, ancestral issues, agreements made in past lives, and other elements that might be stopping us from moving forward. And if you missed it, here’s Part 1 of Soul … Read More

Life Plans & Soul Agreements – Part 1

One of the things that can really help ease our way through tumultuous times – either in relationship or our current planetary chaos – is understanding our Soul Agreements.

If you ever find yourself wondering WHY a certain relationship is so difficult, or sticky, or challenging. Or you seriously question why you’re even here… then learning about your Oversoul’s … Read More

Guides, Angels & Spiritual Boundaries

A riveting discussion with human and animal soul whisperer, Ginny Jablonski, where we discuss topics like the difference between Guides and Angels? And why it’s a good idea to ask your Guides about why they chose you and what their interest is?

Some guides come through to be of service to the human, but others are in service to … Read More

Interspecies Evolution – Ginny Interviews Jini

Find out how I manifested the Singing Horse Ranch and how I knew it was the perfect land for us. Then we dip into my health journey; my experience as a spiritual healer during childhood, how I healed myself of a supposedly incurable disease, and how my health journey turned into 17 books, a holistic health shop and … Read More

How Psychic & Spiritual Guidance Works

After my last podcast episode, many of you were looking forward to hearing about what happened in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Well here we go and I will tell you everything!

Also join me for some specifics on the best way for us to work with psychic guidance; whether it’s our own guidance, or a session with a professional … Read More

Epiphany: Don’t Return Home

Five days of messaging from my body and soul resulted in an epiphany: When I fly to Mexico to meet my husband and kids for Christmas, I need to NOT come back home. I need to get on another plane and just keep going…

In this podcast I’m going to share the story of my grand realization, but also … Read More

Elephants, Horses, Inter-racial Love & No Regrets

A conversation with Oriane Lee Johnston, author of The Geography of Belonging – a book about her cross-continental love affair with Zimbabwe and a local horseman. Full of African wilderness and wildlife stories, spiritual awakenings and cross-cultural/inter-racial navigation.

As a third-generation African (born in Kenya), Oriane’s story was particularly interesting to me and we get into some of the … Read More





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