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The Metaphysical Causes of Childhood Disease
By Published On: February 20, 2024

You may already have plenty of information about the possible physical causes of your child’s serious or chronic illness. But those of us walking a holistic healing path, know that we must heal all aspects of the body/mind/soul for long-term healing to take place.

So what might be happening at the metaphysical level for your child? Why has your child developed, allowed, or manifested this particular illness? As I often say: The body is the messenger for the subconscious; the body is the densest part of the soul. The body is speaking to you… what is it saying?

This podcast topic is the result of a reader request:

Why was my Child Born with a Disease?

“I struggle so much to rationalize babies and kids getting sick and receiving a diagnosis. I struggle because my son hasn’t even started his life yet. And he was carrying something from the moment he was born.

It’s easy for me to rationalize and process and heal and look inward on my IBD diagnosis, because I believe in all your teachings myself.

But I struggle to fully understand and apply such knowledge to young kids/infants who haven’t even endured any real trauma (in the sense of the word). My son was literally born and he was loved fully from the day he was conceived. But yet his body came out with this anomaly.

Do you have any podcast specific to this topic? Or have anyone you’d recommend me checkout for children and healing?

I just keep thinking I did this to him. But doctors assure me Hirschsprung’s doesn’t really work like that. It’s a lot to unpack. But I’m just struggling to apply this same thinking to him, because he just arrived earth side, and he’s already behind the 8-ball…”

4 Metaphysical Causes for Chronic Disease

In podcast, I outline the 4 possible metaphysical causes, or feeder roots, of childhood chronic illness:

1. The child is mirroring the family dynamic, or primary caregiver.

2. The child’s serious or chronic disease is the result of a karmic contract or soul agreement.

3. The origin point of the child’s dis-ease or imbalance lies in past life trauma – which requires healing/release from the past incarnation.

4. The child’s soul has chosen this experience as a catalyst or pathway for their own growth or development. It is intentional and must be walked to enable the adult to do what they incarnated to do here.

And after I discuss each of these possible metaphysical reasons for childhood (or adult!) chronic illness, I tell you the story of my own pathology and how it involved all 4 of these causative roots. If you’re interested, I continue my story about karmic contracts in this post here.

As mentioned in this episode, here is my first podcast on Soul Agreements.

And then here is my second podcast on soul agreements or karmic contracts, with Ginny Jablonski, who I also mention in this episode and who can help you if you wish to explore your soul agreement or karmic contract with your child.

If you have any stories to share, or questions about the metaphysical causes of illness, please share them below.
Note: I legally cannot give personal health advice, so if you have a health question, please email my team.

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The Metaphysical Causes of Childhood Disease

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