Vaccination VS Witchcraft

Vaccination VS Witchcraft

It finally dawned on me today WHY these last 2 years have felt so horribly dark and oppressive. Why I’ve been filled with such complete despair for humanity?

The realization came after I was already spiritually sick from feeling trapped, drowning, with no improvement in sight for at least 2-3 more years. And then I read Leah Angstman’s book, Out Front The Following Sea – an award-winning work of historical fiction. The book details – within the context of a riveting story – what it looks and feels like for ordinary people who are not allowed to have their own thoughts, speak their own words, or discuss ideas – without threat of being branded (literally, physically) a Witch, or Heretic.

The 1600’s, the 2020’s… what’s the difference? We are STILL stuck in the same rut – where a small group of men get to decide what everyone else can say, believe, discuss, practice, live, work, and so on. AND humanity obeys them. Thousands of years of evolution and humanity still allows a small group of men to decide how we live.

Am I the only one whose greatest wish is simply to live free from oppressive government interference? To travel where I wish, donate where I wish, contribute to society in whatever way I wish, eat where I wish, say what I wish, write whatever I wish, and so on? In 3,000 years of evolution, is that really SO MUCH to ask??

It seems it is. Just like the bulk of society in the 1600’s upheld the strictures of thought, religion, belief, expression etc that delineated ‘witchcraft’… out of fear. Because a small group of men gave them a focal point, a place where all their nebulous fears of life could coalesce – a WITCH!! If we can just expel the witch from our society, then all our fears will burn with her, and we’ll be SAFE!

In the novel, The Witch’s Daughter, the protagonist’s mother references this human tendency, as she discusses her upcoming death:

“People live in fear, though they do not know of what. For now it is witchery. By disposing of Mary and myself they will feel a little safer. For a short time. But it will not be many days before panic is stirred up anew, and the mob will lust for another killing.”

So today, the bulk of society upholds the vaccination and mask strictures bestowed on us by a small group of men. And those of us who have refused to be injected with experimental, genetically-modified jabs have been shunned and rejected from society – UNVACCINATED!! The unjabbed are now the reason the townspeople don’t feel safe – all their fears of death can now be projected onto a focal point who is now the reason they MIGHT DIE.

Oh how I wept as I drove my truck out to see my horses, after lying in bed for 6 days in despair, pondering the inability of humans to evolve beyond fear. Je suis desolé. We are STILL here. Repeating this same cycle. Lifetime after lifetime.

I. just. can’t. anymore.

Interestingly, even Klaus Schwab writes about this tendency in his book, Covid 19: The Great Reset:

“Psychologically, the most important consequence of the pandemic is to generate a phenomenal amount of uncertainty that often becomes a source of angst. We do not know what tomorrow will bring (Will there be another wave of COVID-19? Will it affect people I love? Will I keep my job?) and such a lack of surety makes us uneasy and troubled. As human beings, we crave certainty, hence the need for “cognitive closure”, anything that can help erase the uncertainty and ambiguity that paralyse our ability to function…

This in turn becomes a profound source of shame, a key sentiment that drives people’s attitudes and reactions during pandemics. Shame is a moral emotion that equates with feeling bad: an uncomfortable sentiment that mixes regret, self-hate and a vague sense of “dishonour” of not doing the “right” thing.” – Covid 19: The Great Reset, by Klaus Schwab & Thierry Malleret, pg 86

And this eloquent article from Susan Kay Dunham – here’s a snippet:

What’s the point of it all?

Penny Kelly’s men in brown robes‘ theory of why humans are on planet earth, is so that we can evolve into our creative potential:

“The human being is here to immerse the Self in experiences that will advance evolution within and toward the Godhead. Simply stated, the main purpose for your immersion in the time-space world of planet Earth is to enhance your ability to create life.

Everything that you see, hear, or feel on Earth, from the human form to the stars and the galaxies, is constructed using a selective band of frequencies. Space is an ocean of frequencies, time is the perception of frequencies, and the task of human life is to explore the possibilities and the limitations of these inherent frequencies. You are here to experiment with shaping these frequency waves in new and creative ways, then to observe the effects and retain what is good or useful for your ongoing evolution and development.”

I like their theory. Really like it. However, if correct, we are dead in the water. Because in the entire history of humanity, the majority has not evolved beyond an all-consuming fear of death – not for even the blink of an eye.

Yes, there are many more today who have personally evolved beyond fear-based responses, technologies and ideologies. People who are already using frequencies of sound and light to heal – perhaps you’ve heard of Royal Raymond Rife? As early as Nikola Tesla, humans figured out how to turn plasma (prana, chi) into electricity. There are minorities of people worldwide who have and are exploring the possibilities of utilizing frequencies to create, versus only using physical matter. But, they are still the marginalized minority. Their ideas and patents are quickly purchased (often forcibly) by a dominant company and buried. The rest of us are simply labeled ‘crazy’ or ‘out there’.

The majority of humans on earth are still primarily motivated by trauma and fear. I could do an entire post on how these two aspects coalesce and feedback-loop into primal drives for power, control, dominance – but let’s leave that for another time.

FEAR cannot create life. Life cannot evolve in a miasma of fear. And as we have seen, from primitive tribal voodoo, to the Inquisition, to the Holocaust, to Covid-19 – fear always seeks to create the scapegoat.

You are at risk of dying because of someone – not because that is life on 3D planet earth – no, there is always someone to blame for your potential death. And if you could just control, eliminate, or subjugate SOMEONE – then you MIGHT NOT DIE.

And so here we are. Rinse, repeat.

I like my theory of why humans incarnate, better:

When we are in Oneness, all is light. So we incarnate here FOR the darkness, so that instead of just experiencing pure white, we can experience all the colors of the rainbow. And this expands our creative knowledge of ourselves.

My theory doesn’t lead me to pointless despair. My theory reassures me that it’s OKAY, this ongoing evil/darkness/pain is simply the yang to the yin. And it’s meant to be here. It will never not be here – it is the defining characteristic of life in this 3rd dimension – planet earth.

“To be able to see that the sin and sorrow and suffering of the world are a necessary part of the natural course of things, a phase of the law of growth and development that runs through the universe, bitter in its personal application, but illuminating when we look upon life as a whole!” – John Burroughs

So we are not failing, we are not hopeless, we are just continuing on with this arrangement of reality (frequency sets) that allows us to explore and experience the full-spectrum of possibilities – not just the good, pleasant stuff.

For example, rather than choosing to see emotions or experiences as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ we can choose instead to see them as colors. So physical pain is yellow, joy is green, anger is blue, resentment is orange, peace is purple, and so on. We incarnate here to be able to experience, to map, to inhabit ALL the colors of the rainbow.

“In an orchard of apple trees some of the fruit is wormy, some scabbed, some dwarfed, from one cause or another; but Nature approves of the worm, and of the fungus that makes the scab, and of the aphid that makes the dwarf, just as sincerely as she approves of the perfect fruit. She holds the stakes of both sides; she wins, whoever loses… Peace, satisfaction, true repose, come only through effort, and then not for long.” – John Burroughs

The purpose of life is NOT to live in a world of pure peace, love and light. We already have that in Oneness! We incarnate here for the specific purpose of living/experiencing all the colors of possible experience.


Because… can light know itself without darkness? Without darkness to delineate it, would we even have light, or would it just be IS-ness?

What if we choose pain and suffering as a catalyst to spur us to greater possibility of expression? If you never raise the bar higher than 2 feet, how will you ever know if you could jump 4 feet? Sure, you can radiate love and peace in a beautiful meadow with the sun shining and a light breeze upon your face. But can you still radiate love and peace while you’re being beaten? Or raped, or burned alive? How far can you up your game? How BIG can you get?

Can you develop your frequency so that even in the midst of a war, you won’t get hit by a bullet – because you don’t vibrate/resonate with that possibility?

Can you walk in the midst of disease and suffering, and not contract the pathogen? The pathogen doesn’t take up residence in your body, because your vibrations don’t match. Because you don’t need to be ill, because this isn’t a path you need to walk at this time.

The gifts of illness

When I was 8 years old, my church recognized me as having ‘the gift of healing’. If someone in the church was suffering, my mum would tell me about it and wait for my response. If I kept playing and showed no concern or interest, she would walk away. If I said, “Oh, would they like some healing?” She would take me to their house.

No one taught me how to heal – it arose from my personal relationship with God/Jesus/Holy Spirit, within the context of the Christian church and Bible. I would arrive at the person’s house and I would stand behind them and place my hands on their shoulders. Then I would ask God, “What do you want me to pray for?” And God would tell me. Sometimes it would be for complete healing, other times simply for joy, or peace, in the midst of the pain. I then prayed out loud, exactly what God told me. Sometimes, other words or concepts would stream forth at the same time (channeling). I was in the flow of the Holy Spirit (prana, ki, chi) and would flow with whatever wanted to be expressed.

Whatever God told me to ask for, happened.

DER. To an 8-year-old this was just super simple: Why would God tell me to pray for something he wasn’t going to do?? That would have been utterly ridiculous, an impossibility.

It wasn’t until decades later that I started to wonder… why did God tell me to pray for complete healing for some people, but not for others?

AND we’re back to colors of the rainbow, yin/yang, beyond good & evil and into the greater wisdom of the purpose of 3D and why we incarnate.

Illness or pain are excellent teachers, motivators, pathways to expansion, healing and wholeness. They can force us to heal generations of karma and break damaging feedback loops. They can motivate us to develop our inner character, our capacity for love, personal power, compassion etc far beyond what we ever thought possible.

After 20 years of helping over 150,000 people cure their crippling, supposedly ‘incurable’ gut diseases, this pathway or journey to greater wholeness and magnificence can best be summed up by one of my readers:

“This disease is both the best thing and the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.”

We would not consciously choose to suffer this much and for so long (it took me 7 years to heal myself, nearly dying twice, to lay down the roadmap for others). But our higher self, our oversoul, most certainly would choose this path. Because we are usually not here to have a nice, peaceful life and die. Sometimes we choose a rest life. But usually we are here to evolve, to co-create into our potential, our magnificence; as a piece of Source energy exploring/expanding itself.

What is the purpose of 3D reality within the quantum field? Why do we choose to come here and not the 4th dimension, or 6th dimension? If you start with the premise that you DO have a choice, whether to incarnate here in the 3rd dimension, or not… explore that, follow that possibility, and see where you end up… it might prove to be a most interesting, enlightening journey!

If you’re ready to meet, dance with, or explore your fear, I invite you to join Aubrey Marcus and comedian zeitgeist-meter, JP Sears:

If you want to go straight to the fear piece, skip ahead to 3:15 minutes. And if you’d rather listen as a podcast, then click here.

Namaste. [the divine in me, sees/recognizes the divine in you]

Reference: John Burroughs 1904 essay, An Outlook Upon Life, included in the book, The Art of Seeing Things: Essays by John Burroughs.


  1. Cathron O'Connor May 31, 2022 at 9:21 pm - Reply

    I watched these two guys as long as I could–about an hour–and had to stop. The message of how we should not be drown by fear was lost in the wake of the hyper-masculinity exhibitions (homophobic slams right from the beginning, cutting remarks about Freddy Mercury, a mention of a sex monster ex, and the Ultimate Fighting whatever nonsense). I drop f-bombs regularly at home around my husband, but not in public. I felt f-bomb assaulted in the hour I listened to. The excess of these men to make the point that they aren’t “afraid” of a virus when confronted by the loss of their “freedoms” was abundantly overdone. Surely, Jini, you can find a better representative for living a reasonable life than these people.

    • JINI June 1, 2022 at 6:45 am - Reply

      That’s so interesting Cathron – I see what you mean about Aubrey and the masculine, but JP Sears strikes me as kind of a feminine guy. Although if you’re not familiar with his style of humor (and that he is the equivalent of the Court Jester – the Fool) that his humor may feel offensive. I grew up with brothers, have always had a lot of male friends, and trained martial arts with mostly men for 7 years, so their behaviour and conversation feels normal to me and I enjoy many of Aubrey’s podcasts – listening to one right now with Michael Meade about the truth of myth. I honestly don’t even notice the swearing.

      Here’s another podcast with a similar theme – no swearing but lots of ads! – with Dr. Zach Bush that is really great:

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