Why Might a Jab Contain Graphene?

Why Might a Jab Contain Graphene?

Ever since I first saw a video of Carrie Madej on the Stew Peters Show showing footage of the constituents of the notorious C-poke (that shall not be named lest we are deleted or put on a hit list), I was left wondering WHY it might contain graphene? As an artist, I was well familiar with graphite… but why put it in an injection? What exactly would/could it do in the body/bloodstream when a magnet was applied (as shown in the video)?

And then I serendipitously came across this video from Veritasium filmed over 10 years ago:

Did you catch all the things graphene was used for a DECADE AGO? It doesn’t take much imagination to ponder what it can do now (AI anyone?) and why an oligarch might want some in your body.

Of course, the claims by Dr. Madej have been thoroughly debunked… and then former Pfizer employee (NY and California) Karen Kingston has a rebuttal for the debunking:

Kingston asserts that graphene oxide is not listed in the patent because it is classed as a ‘trade secret’ – it is well known that it is poisonous to humans. It is also a well-known component of Hydrogel (talked about by Elon Musk and other AI proponents) which is the liquid AI template used to create an interface between humans and the Internet. Again, THIS usage can be easily extrapolated from the Veritasium video shot 10 years ago!

In addition, a lawsuit filed back in December 2021 – download it here – lists this very pertinent information in its filing. NOTE: I have replaced the names of the scientists with ‘X’ and ‘Y’ to avoid the censorship police, but if you download the filing, you can read it for yourself – and also what happened to Dr. X which is why I’m being so cautious (see point 10 on page 7):

“Dr X is a German chemist and one of the EU’s top graphene experts, carbon expert and doctored in the field of activated carbon whereby for his doctoral thesis he converted graphene oxide into graphene hydroxide. Professor Y comes from the university of Almeria, and alongside Dr X he examined the covid ‘vaccines’ for the presence of graphene oxide with the Micro-Raman Spectroscopy, the study of frequencies. According to both doctors, the vaccines don’t contain graphene oxide but do contain graphene hydroxide. On November 23, 2021, Dr X released a video explaining what graphene hydroxide is and how the nano structures injected into the human body act as ‘razor blades’ inside the veins of ‘vaccine’ recipients. Dr X goes on to explain how due to the nano size of the graphene oxide structures they would not show up on an autopsy as toxicologists can’t imagine that there are structures that can cut up blood vessels causing people to bleed to death on the inside so they would not be looking for them, given their atomic size.”

Crazy times on planet earth. Be sure to do your own research (from independent sources) and above all else, listen to your gut!

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