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Explanation of the 9 Dimensions from Matías De Stefano

Matias De Stefano Explanation of Dimensions People have been asking for a cogent description/definition of all the different dimensions. As social media is awash with talk of ascending to 5D, or moving into 4th density... what exactly does it all mean? And is this even something ... Read More

A Guide to Overwhelm & Manifesting

Most people just talk about the visioning, goal-setting part of manifesting what you want in life. But as an experienced manifestor - properties, businesses, projects, horses, travel etc. - I'm going to give you the REAL process. Stages of manifesting Stage One:  This is exactly right. ... Read More

Can I Heal You Without Your Permission?

Navigating the Ethics and Boundaries of Healing Without Consent I was discussing the topic of permissions with a woman (let's call her Jane) who'd recently done a class on the importance of asking a person or animal's permission before you did Reiki healing on them, or ... Read More

How Does Animal Telepathy & Mirroring Work?

Mysteries of Animal Telepathy and Mirroring Join me for a wonderful discussion with Lynn Mann - self-published author of 10 books with over 70,000 copies sold on Amazon! If you've ever wondered how animals can communicate with us telepathically, then you will enjoy Lynn's riveting account ... Read More

Medicinal Mushrooms & Vortexes

Exploring the Synergy Between Medicinal Mushrooms and Vortexes A multimedia journey of gorgeous landscape, mushroom hunting, poem and music... join me in a journey of Land Listening. Enter into our wilderness world and allow a piece of it to take seed in your heart... The Birch ... Read More

Weed Seeds & Angry Neighbours

When Weed Gardening Upsets the Neighbours I received a call from my neighbour at the end of last August, to let me know he is concerned that my horses are suffering from the burdock burrs stuck to their manes, tails and forelock, and also that they ... Read More

Facing Our Prostitute Archetype

Embracing the Prostitute ArchetypeI took Caroline Myss' online course on Archetypes a number of years ago, and I remember her saying that there are two archetypes that everyone on planet earth has to dance with; Victim and Prostitute. This stuck with me, because at the time, ... Read More

Soft Porn Selfies Are Not Female Empowerment

Reclaiming EmpowermentI am so puzzled by women posting naked pictures of themselves on social media... Posed on a bed with a sultry look in their eyes. Or posed wearing lingerie and an expression that makes them look pretty and sexy, in the way that men’s magazines ... Read More

A Seat On The Bus of Life

Boarding the Bus of LifeI have been a longtime follower of medical intuitive Caroline Myss, purchasing both her books and audio workshops - and greatly appreciating her teachings and wisdom. And then C-jab happened. I received an email from her that linked to a video where ... Read More

Why Are You Here – From a Vibrational Perspective?

Vibrational PerspectiveDuring a time like this, where everything is burning and we are in the Kali destructive, dark before the rebirth cycle... let's take a look at how things work in this third dimension; this hologram or frequency set (vibrational reality) called planet earth. We have ... Read More

Owning That I Create My Own Victim Experiences

Victim ExperiencesWhen you find yourself feeling really sorry for yourself... or perhaps your tendency is to collapse from overwhelm into powerlessness.... Do you find yourself saying, "Why me?!" Or do you notice yourself declaring, "I can't..." when referencing decisions you need to make, or have made ... Read More

Faith & Permissions – The Wood Shelter

The Wood Shelter The next big infrastructure piece we need at the Singing Horse Ranch, is a substantial wood shelter. Because winter is fast approaching and this entire 4,000 sf house and hot water is heated by a wood boiler - that burns wood to ... Read More

The Paradox of Challenging Experiences

All About Challenging ExperiencesHere’s the thing I’m realizing about life, challenge, growth and development... When I am comfortable and life is fairly even keel, and working well, and orderly, I am not challenged. And I’ve realized that a facet not only of my personality, but of ... Read More

Land Listening: The Art of Excavation

After consulting the animals, the land, the water, we have finally decided where to dig the new waterhole. But have we picked the right spot? What happens when we hit gravel only 4 feet down. but I wanted it to be 7 feet deep? If I ... Read More






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