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Connect to a Past Life of Positivity & Confidence

Join my dear friend, Jen Snow, in this guided meditation to a past or alternate life where you experienced a lot of positivity and confidence. Then Jen will lead you through integrating those experiences and bringing them into your life/being today. Who couldn't use some ... Read More

Land Listening – Waterhole Whispering

Land Listening - Waterhole Whispering Instead of only looking at our human-based objectives, how about we decide to listen to the entire ecosystem before making a decision that involves and creates consequences for everyone? I need to figure out where to locate a big new waterhole ... Read More

Illness & Karma

Illness & Karma Here's a story that's not in any of my books: WAY back in the early days of my healing journey, I was 22 and came home from Tokyo for Christmas to surprise my family, only to discover they had all booked to go ... Read More

Gong Sound Healing for Your Chakras

Gong Sound Healing for Your Chakras I have a number of Tibetan Singing Bowls at home that I use for therapeutic/balancing purposes. Those of you who have Tibetan bowls know that you can either gong them, or 'play' them - the pressure of the mallet as ... Read More

Why is PP Banning Health Supplement Sales?

Why is PP Banning Health Supplement Sales? I've used an abbreviation in the title and this post to hopefully escape/delay censorship. But think of the earliest, largest online payment processor you know, originally funded by Elon Musk... P__P__ :) So... I'm in the health supplement/natural healthcare ... Read More

Sound Vibrations Can Alter Cells

Sound Vibrations Can Alter Cells In this video, Dr. Lee Bartel (Professor Emeritus of Music and Health and Music Education and at the University of Toronto) takes us through his discovery and research on using sound vibrations to effect healing. The principle of entrainment in physics ... Read More

Is the Darkness Leading Us to Freedom?

Is the Darkness Leading Us to Freedom? Here we have another gem from Matias De Stefano: "Artists, musicians, sports stars - these are the first people that need to be the change. If they do/be the change, by resonance, they change thousands of people. Because the ... Read More

Why Might a Jab Contain Graphene?

Why Might a Jab Contain Graphene? Ever since I first saw a video of Carrie Madej on the Stew Peters Show showing footage of the constituents of the notorious C-poke (that shall not be named lest we are deleted or put on a hit list), I ... Read More

Where in USA Does Penny Kelly Recommend You Move?

Where in USA Does Penny Kelly Recommend You Move? In April's monthly paid Q&A with Penny Kelly (author of Robes and numerous other books). One of the participants asked Penny about the best place to move in light of coming earth disasters. I have read three ... Read More

Vaccination VS Witchcraft

Vaccination VS Witchcraft It finally dawned on me today WHY these last 2 years have felt so horribly dark and oppressive. Why I've been filled with such complete despair for humanity? The realization came after I was already spiritually sick from feeling trapped, drowning, with no ... Read More

Quantum Fields Explained by Lively British Prof

Theoretical physicist David Tong (professor at Cambridge University) presents one of the liveliest lectures you'll ever see on quantum physics in this lecture at the Royal Institution. As per usual, I'll give you my show notes under the video... Here are the pieces of this lecture ... Read More

Healing Ancestral Wounds or Dysfunction

Wounds or DysfunctionMy friend Güliz Ünlü was doing a zoom session with a client, assisted by my herd of 11 wild and semi-feral horses. As she was doing BodyTalk with her client, Güliz observed her client releasing through her bones the genetic memory, or generational belief ... Read More

Is Elon Musk Channelling Another Intelligence?

I have quite a bit of experience with channelling (guides, angels, helpful beings) and there are certain tell-tale signs that someone is channelling... eyes, phrasing, accent, cadence. If you've been around people who are channelling, or you've done it yourself, the signs are fairly easy to ... Read More

How to Not be Afraid of Getting Sick

Do you find yourself terrified at the thought of contracting a viral or bacterial infection? Do you have zero faith in your body's own self-healing abilities? Do you feel helpless and powerless to be able to heal yourself if you became ill? The first premise we ... Read More






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