Cellphone on the Bumper: A Message From the Universe

I put my phone on the back of my truck while I had a pee before leaving the barn. When I got out to the main road, I realized I didn’t have my cellphone. Now, I thought I had put my phone on the rear bumper while I peed, so I assumed it had fallen off the bumper onto the barn Road. I also assumed it would not have made it all the way to the main road with all the bumps along the barn Road.

Cellphone on the Bumper

So I went back to walk the barn Road looking from the middle of the road to the side and in the ditch and I couldn’t find my phone. However, because I live in a world where there are no accidents – I remembered this about myself and my life – I stopped looking, calmed myself, and began to look for the reason why and the message of my phone disappearing. Knowing that my phone would not appear until I had received the message of the “accident”.

I realized I had been extremely frustrated for a number of days, feeling like my life, my family, and indeed the entire world was in horrible chaos. I have also been very frustrated with other peoples’ fear seeking to remove my freedom. So not only have I been sitting in judgment of fearful people, I have been struggling to manage my own energy, and struggling to remain grounded, peaceful and positive.

As I searched for my phone, I thought to myself, ‘Oh my god, just one more thing. It never stops. What the universe is demanding of me is insane. It is a level of mastery that I can’t even conceive of, let alone rise to.’ And then all these images of Disney films flashed in my head and I thought, yes, the protagonist is never given a break are they? It is always relentless, exhausting, and far more than they ever think they can bear or cope with. It’s always like that.

And then I asked myself the important question: Does it have to be like this? Perhaps that is an expectation, or a human idea or construct, thus it is fulfilled by the universe and perpetuated.

What if I could say to the universe: ‘This is too much for me, and it’s too fast. I don’t need to quit, or abdicate my plan for this lifetime, but this pace is too intense for me. I need you to slow it down.’ Or, ‘I need to take this next week off, to just be.’ What if that were possible? And as I felt the relief and peace of even considering the possibility trickle down through my body, like cool water running over my mind, I exhaled. And of course I realized, that was the message of my phone – to make me stop and take this break to have this eureka moment!

As I received this idea and realized that of course, it is absolutely possible to get the universe to slow down, or to take a little vacation, my mind cleared and my energy field settled. And then the thought occurred to me: What if I hadn’t put my phone on the bumper? What if I had put it on top of my tailgate, on the rim of my truck bed box? And what if it didn’t fall out, but instead fell inwards; into the bed of my truck? Voila.

There it was, lying happy and unharmed on the rubber mat that lines my truck bed.

Two days later I did exactly the same thing. But this time when I backed down the barn Road, my phone did not fall into the truck bed, instead it fell off onto the barn Road. I didn’t realize it until I was a mile or so away. I came back, parked my truck outside on the asphalt, and began retracing my journey down the barn Road. I mused about what the message could possibly be – aside from needing to stop putting my phone on the side of my truck when I pee! As I walked along I imagined the different interpretations I might arrive at, depending on whether my phone was crushed, or intact. Of course these things are very hard to second guess, or predict. For me they usually come in a flash of illumination, that just feels right.

And there was my phone nestled safely in the soft shrubbery by the side of the barn Road, completely unharmed, with not a scratch on it. As I picked it up and walked back to my truck, I thought about all the people I had heard from today, who were experiencing such chaos everywhere. Whether it was driving, or in business, or in their personal lives. And that’s when I realized, that even though I am in the midst of this swirling chaos energy, if I am aligned with my purpose, and my guardian angels are engaged, then although the chaos also happens for me, I do not need to suffer or be hurt by it.

If life in the universe, according to quantum physics, is a hologram within a hologram, and so on… then we co-create our reality. And part of that co-creation is deciding what has meaning. And choosing whatever we wish to assign meaning to. So I can choose to live in a random world were things just happen, and who knows why? Or I can choose to live in a world where every day I am intentionally aligned with Love, with the creative life force energy. And so in my world, there are no accidents. And I decide that since there are no accidents, everything unusual, or surprising, carries a message, or a sign, or a symbol, for my benefit. Because I get to choose. And I like living a life of mystery and symbols and magic. That’s just how I roll.

Well lo and behold, someone has written an entire book on this concept, Signs: Sacred Encounters with Pathways, Turning Points, and Divine Guideposts by SIMRAN. It’s a good book, filled with stories from her readers about how they discerned and heeded the signs in their life. Because in a co-creative world, we get to choose.

I leave you with these closing words from medical intuitive Carolyn Myss – even though she lost the plot during the Covid debacle (I forgive her):

“Every transformation is a shift in our relationship to power. You are shifting your fundamental relationship with your own empowerment.

The secret to happiness: am I observing my life or am I participating in it? Am I actively pursuing the life I want, or am I observing my life, waiting for the universe to bring it to me?

A part of life has to come to closure, so that something bigger and greater can be built from it. For the next phase of your life.” ⁃ Caroline Myss

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