Crash Course on Regan Hillyer’s Millionaire Manifestation Method

I don’t know about you, but MindValley has been flooding me with Regan Hillyer Manifesting videos on YouTube. But, MindValley has a knack for generally choosing good teachers. So then of course I had to go check her out and see why she was Vishen’s new star, or star on rotation (most of the videos are from 4 years ago).

“Allow yourself to align to the frequency of more and overflow. Not just need. To go beyond what you personally need.” – Regan Hillyer

If you’ve read my post on Matiás De Stefano’s view of the 9 Dimensions, you’ll know how I like to do a deep dive into someone’s message.

So let’s start with a quick dip in the Regan pool, then I’m going to outline some points of critique and questions, and finish up with an in-depth guided exercise from Regan so you can experience her method.

Quick dip into Regan Hillyer’s manifesting approach

When asked about visualizing in an interview with one of her clients, Suzy Ashworth, Regan replied, “I don’t know what it looks like, or any of the details, logistics. But I’m SO clear on the frequency; what it feels like, and the energetics, and the vibration, and the feeling of embodying that feeling. And I connect with that every day. I hand the details over to god and I know they’ll be taken care of, even better than my mind would construct. So why would I try and construct it with my mind? That takes a lot of trust and surrender.

Think of you today – who you are, what you do with your days, how you look. And then think of yourself 5 years ago in comparison.

So imagine if the 5-years-ago you had/could connect with the You of today?

Now do the same thing and go five years forward to that higher version of yourself that is already living the life you want. That already has what you want.

1. Connect to a higher version of yourself in the future who already has/is what you want

2. What do they look like, sound like, move like? What are you eating, doing? What do they say yes to? What do they say no to? What kind of people are they around? What does their day look like? How do they FEEL as they move through their day?

3. THEN act like that NOW. Be that person now, say no to those people now, behave in that way now. Connect to those people now.”

Once you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place. – Lao Tzu

“Correct your perception of reality. If you feel everything is doom and gloom – we unconsciously map our past into our future reality, because we’re running a program that ‘that’s the way it’s always been’ And its just not true.

Every moment at NOW – every breath – you have the opportunity to create a future that has nothing to do with your past reality. But you can only do that from a place of self-empowerment. Choose to unhook from the program, and use your imagination to create a new reality in each moment of Now.

At the very least, take your New Year’s Resolutions and make them daily resolutions. That alone will 365x your rate of evolution.

Use whatever method works for you to get into that positive, empowered state of mind. Maybe you do that inner work first thing in the morning when you wake up. But then do regular check-ins throughout your day – eg at 10 am, 2 pm, 5 pm, 8pm – am I still in that state? No? Then do your inner work to let go of that frustration, or clear whatever has come up for healing/resolution ”

[ This is where a technique like Lazer Tapping, which you can do for yourself, on the spot, is invaluable. ]

Who/what is Regan channelling?

In this video (click that link – I’ve cued it up) Regan leads people in a guided meditation and utilizes something she calls, light language.

If you’ve ever been involved with evangelical Christianity, you’ll notice it sounds just like ‘speaking in tongues’. In the explanation of exactly what Regan’s light language is, author Yugay says:

“Light language is coming from and through you. More specifically, it comes from your higher aspects, incarnated in other dimensions and subtle realms. Depending on your heritage, it can be Pleiadian, Sirian, or Arcturian — a collective of multidimensional spirit beings from the Pleiades, Sirius, or Arcturus star systems. It can also come from mysterious lost civilizations such as Lemuria and Atlantis.

Regan explains that you tap into it when you connect to guidance with the highest vibrations. When you are open to receiving this guidance, you become a channel through which you receive and transmit light codes.

So light codes are also dormant aspects within your DNA, which carry and transmit vibrational frequencies. These are encoded messages you can access to heal your body, mind, and spirit.”

Sounds great eh? Except that when I watched this video – having no idea what to expect – and she uttered the first line of her channelled ‘light language’, my eyes flew open and I exclaimed, “What the f**k?!”

I was immediately reminded of a podcast where I interviewed human/animal soul whisperer, Ginny Jablonski – who perceives at levels far beyond any other human I’ve met to date.

In the podcast, Ginny talked about how some guides come through to be of service to the human, but others are in service to their own path/journey and we are then their vehicle. Which may be okay, or may not. It depends what you want to do with this incarnation? What are you here to experience? What do you want/need to learn?

Light language: some people believe it is aliens channelling through, loving light beings channelling through. I say, WHY?? It is SO not necessary to just accept anything, no matter what – the epitome of giving your power away. – Ginny Jablonski

Personally, I will communicate/speak with all kinds of beings – for the purpose of healing and evolution. But I do not allow anyone else to use my voice or body for their agenda. Get your own incarnation! This one’s mine.

If a being would like me to speak their message out loud, they can tell me what it is and then I will decide whether to voice that, or not. I will also check in with my higher self whether it is even beneficial for my soul to be dialoguing or in any kind of relationship with this being.

We must be more discerning about multi-dimensional or extra-terrestrial beings – why assume their involvement is positive or beneficial for you? If you don’t understand exactly who they are, and what their relationship is to your soul, then why even allow them access, let alone any kind of control?

If you are not able to discern who your guides are, or how the being you’re channelling relates to your soul and your soul’s unique purpose, then book a session with Ginny or take one of her online courses to learn how to become self-aware; to connect/communicate with your higher self, and embody your soul.

When I heard the first line of Regan’s light language channelling and my eyes flew open, I immediately checked in with my soul. Although I had instantly felt a negative wtf reaction, I checked to make sure. I then did not watch/listen to the rest of that video. It is not part of my soul’s path and nothing I wish to become entangled with. Someone else may have different discernment or reality with the being(s) she’s channelling.

Keep in mind that sometimes negative energies or experiences are drawn to you, or will manifest for you, for the purpose of your healing and evolution – so in that way they are actually part of your Highest Good. The key is to be able to discern what is appropriate and what is part of your soul’s path.

Is the Regan Hillyer Manifestion Method a Scam?

My main issue around most manifestation/abundance coaches is that most of them have/are making all their money from teaching others how to make money from coaching. It’s like a never-ending pseudo-MLM scheme. But how many of them have been successful at a real business – selling a physical product to a marketplace? Rather than selling hopes/dreams to the vulnerable?

On the one hand, I get it. Selling “how to get rich fast” programs is the easiest sell. And if their customers took that information, growth, and used it to make money on a variety of businesses and services, fair enough. But from what I’ve seen, most of them only use the training to launch their own identical training/coaching program in a never-ending loop. Each of them claiming multi-millions from teaching others how to teach others… who teach their clients… how to teach others.

Many wealthy abundance coaches do this, not just Regan Hillyer. Examples that come to mind are Leonie Dawson in Australia, Natasha Bray in the UK, Sunny Lenarduzzi in Canada, Marie Forleo in the USA.

Again, if the pitch was: I’ll teach you how to become rich, by teaching other people how to become rich from teaching people how to become rich… fair. But that’s not the pitch. The pitch is: I’ll teach you how to manifest abundance so you can live your dream.

Well if my dream is to start a beauty company, or an animal rescue, or a crafting store… how am I going to make money doing that, when their entire abundance model is based on selling dreams of how to coach others to sell dreams, and not much else that’s useful or applicable to my physical business?

Here’s another example: Yerlin Ramirez, like Regan, says she’s spent over a million dollars learning from mentors (again, the guru-coach mlm loop). Her website says she’s “certified” by all these big name coaches and teachers (notice Regan down there on the left):

But nowhere on her site does Yerlin give a list or specification as to what those “certifications” are. I suspect she simply paid oodles of money to attend each person’s seminar, retreat, workshop and got her photo taken with each of them. Again, what of actual value has she sold to become successful, other than programs teaching other people how to sell programs teaching people how to sell programs teaching people how to sell…

And WHY does the ever-hopeful public not realize that they are not learning how to make money doing whatever they love? Or how to launch and run a successful business (any business). But they are only learning how to make money from selling programs on how to make money!

After watching 6 of Regan’s videos and interviews, and going through her website, I still don’t know what her first offline business was – that she was supposedly successful at, before launching her online coaching business, which is where she has made all her millions. If anyone has this info, please let me know in the comments section below. The only reference I could find was an interview with Regan for Harper’s Bazaar in Vietnam, where she says, “My initial startups were exceedingly successful and made over a million dollars. And, much to everyone’s surprise, I walked away from them.

Here’s another odd thing: She says in multiple videos that she went to her Dad in her first year of architecture and told him she was quitting. She’d been led through a visualization by one of her first year lecturers, to imagine herself as a successful architect. The vision was so awful that she fled the class. But then on her website, and in the magazine article, it says she graduated with a degree in architecture:

The timeline in her storytelling is fuzzy… it sounds like she quit architecture, studied with mentors and then launched her online business, earning $1 million in 8 months.

But, if she continued in architecture school (4 years) while working and studying with mentors and then after graduation, how long until she launched the online coaching biz that made her $1M? One year, two years? We’re still looking at minimum 5-6 years. That is not rapid manifesting. That is someone who’s put in a lot of work, time, effort, study, and then became successful. We need to tell real stories. Not hopeful stories that set people up for disappointment.

I’m not saying all this as an embittered critic. I too am a multi-millionaire. I launched my first profitable business when I was 9 years old (a candy store out in the countryside) and my first incorporated company at 19 (a photography biz). I had one of the first online dating websites way back when the Internet first came into existence, and so on. I know what it takes to be successful in business. And I know how to balance that with spiritual growth, raising 3 children (5 years of breastfeeding!), and supporting others to heal themselves and become free.

I’m simply saying that I don’t think it’s helpful to portray a journey as ‘rapid manifestation’ when it took 5 years. Integrity should matter more than sales. Especially when your stated “mission is to unlock your greatness, disrupt your version of normal and let you know that you can become wildly successful, now.”

I just can’t leave this topic of integrity without mentioning one more thing: On her website, she says that her book is an Amazon Bestseller:

But is it? What does Amazon have to say about that? Here’s her ranking from her actual book listing on Amazon:

64 reviews, ranked at #68,000 is not likely to be an Amazon Bestseller. What does an Amazon Bestseller badge or ranking actually look like? It looks like this:

and this:

I have to say, I did not question this before, but after these two points of incongruence, I’m now wondering if she has actually made the money she claims to have made? There’s actually no way to verify income for a private corporation – unless they let you see their tax return – so really, all these abundance coaches and manifestation gurus can make any claim they want.

Oh dear, I did not set out for this to be a negative critique of Regan’s message or business. She seems to be a very sweet, well-intentioned person. Who knows, maybe her website designer or marketing person thought it would be a good idea to slap a bestseller badge on her book, and she’s not even aware of it.

Are Regan Hillyer’s Programs Worth the Money?

Do I think Regan Hillyer has good things to say and something valuable to teach? Yes I do. Would I pay her $10K/month to coach me? Hell no. Because I’m not a coach who wants or needs someone to coach me on how to make money from coaching. Besides, I already have a multi-dimensional coaching team that teaches me quantum manifesting techniques, like this one and this one.

Having said that, I do think her energetic architecture method aligns with frequency-based, quantum physics principles. Its a step beyond standard Law of Attraction methods. And I think it would be a valuable practice for most of us to do, which is why I’ve taken the time to map it out for you here.

You can either read/go through the steps of her method first (see the steps I’ve transcribed for you below) and then watch the video. Or vice-versa. If you want to skip straight to the guided visualization, then start watching at 47 minutes:

Transcription of Visualization Steps from the video:

1. Open your field of intention through your heart; love of the highest vibration. Remember how powerful your intentions are. Set an intention for WHEN – within a 12-month period. What is the specific thing you want to manifest and when?

2. Be aware of the NOW. Be fully present to now. You can’t time travel unless you’re clear and aware of what/who/how you are now. BUT be non-attached to it. Be aware, but not attached. Attachment (emotion, resistance, frustration, judgment) gives voice and vibration to the energetic blueprint of your now and copies it out into the field – in a repeating pattern into the future. Unlink them. So be aware of all the elements of your now, but be objective, don’t be attached.

“Your current bank balance is simply a reflective number of all of your past decisions, actions and beliefs, stacked up into your present moment. It’s got nothing to do with where you’re going.” – Regan Hillyer

3. Deeply intention where you desire to be. Not just get clear and set intention, but get into a dream state with it. Imagination is your superpower. Get a picture in your energetic field that is so clear, you can touch it, taste it, see the details, dance with it, walk and talk with it. SO clear you’re not sure whether it’s in your dream state, or now. Connect deeply to the energetics of what/who/how you want to be.

What choices am I making?
What do I do when faced with challenges?
What am I committed to?
How do I start your day?
Who do I hang around with? Who do I NOT hang around with?
How does my body feel?
What do I put in my body?
What’s the vibration of my energy?

Do it over and over again – you get better as you go.

CREATE that version of you, long before it shows up.

4. Expand, increase your capacity to receive. Think of yourself like a container. You only have the ability to catch the energy that your container can hold. If your container is small, you can’t hold much. So as you’re doing Step 3, when you’re fully in that visioning, now imagine that it’s already your present. And from that place, envision your next iteration! What’s beyond that? Go two iterations into your future self.

5. Release limiting structures (codes and energy) that is holding you back, that is not yours. Fear, self-doubt, sabotage, not enough. Ask yourself: Is this from god? Is this my highest self? Is this me in my highest vibration? No? Then it’s not yours, it’s a program. You don’t numb it or ignore it. If it’s in your field, you need to dissolve, shift, release it. Using intention, direct commands, making a request.

eg. I request that the fear be dissolved right now. I request that the structural limitations in my field that do not serve me, that are not mine, be banished. I allow them to dissolve instantly.

[ Again, making requests or commands like this will be much more effective if you tap on a few acupuncture points at the same time – see EFT Tapping or my Lazer Tapping program for points to tap on, while saying these requests out loud. ]

6. Transform distortion into a gift. You can have distortion in your field (worry, not enough, fear etc) or you can have the gift. But you can’t have both. Take the core of the distortion and transform it into a gift, so it actually serves you.

7. Recode new structures into your field. It’s normal to feel a bit empty at this stage. See it as a gift. It means that there’s space in your field, the old structures have broken away. ‘I request that codes of total self-confidence anchor into my field. I request that codes of total self-worth and self-love be now present. I request that codes of absolute, infinite abundance be locked in right now. And I request that the codes be locked in such a way that I get to have so much fun just being me in the process.’ All of this is a choice and you get to choose which codes you lock in during the process.

8. Quantum inner child healing
– Go in and get your inner child on board with this whole process. If your inner child is under the illusion of struggle and suffering, then that’s going to affect your field. Because there’s no time and space, it’s all linked. So that’s going to pull forward into your Now. And that’s going to affect the results that are reflected out in your physical.

Go back in time to the point where your inner child – for whatever reason – felt not loved, alone, not supported, or not enough. Because that’s the core/root of all of it. We give that child, in that moment, exactly what s/he needs, what s/he didn’t get in that physical place.

And then energetically re-integrate that child back into your field, so you can be a more integrated whole. And then of course, the world is going to reflect more integrated results back at you.

9. Anchor in your highest self – call in the highest version of you. You have all versions of you available to you at all times. Your experiences unfold according to the identity you choose to embody. eg. stub your toe in the morning and the rest of the day snowballs into one disaster after another VS pausing, choosing to be your best self, choosing to have an amazing day.

[ I would go one step further and ask: What is the message from my body? WHY did I stub my toe? And I would sink into what is currently in my energy field that called in that event. Or what my subconscious, using the body as messenger, wants me to become aware of. ]

*Link back to Step 3 for how to call in and anchor to the highest version of yourself.

10. Collapse timelines that don’t serve you. Understand that time is a construct; it’s an illusion. You have different timelines running in your field; anchored out to your past, anchored out into your future. You get to create your reality. You get to make a choice, every single day, what timelines you pull in and what timelines you live into.

Are you actually being the highest version of you, to embody those timelines? Which timelines do you choose to sidestep, and remove from your field?

How do we do this? With intention and by noticing, or paying attention. Simply notice the timelines shifting out of your field that no longer serve you. And notice the new timelines being anchored in.

Timelines • time travel • shift • remove.

This is all play; divine play. It can be really fun when you dance with it.

When you collapse the timelines that no longer serve you, new ones will automatically replace them.

Story: One of Regan’s mentors who focuses on timeline work, also plays guitar for fun. One time he fell off the stage and broke his leg. 3 days later he was running. So she asked him, ‘What’s going on, I thought your leg was broken?’ He replied: ‘Oh I just jumped back and I opened my field, and I collapsed lots of timelines, and I re-wired them, and I brought in the timeline where I didn’t break my leg.’ Just for fun, he went back to the emergency room where they did the scans on his leg and asked to see them again. They were shocked that he was walking without crutches, but they pulled out his x-rays, and on the scan the leg was not broken anymore.

So when you’re collapsing timelines, it doesn’t just shift in your physical body, or your physical field. You’re shifting the field around you. You’re shifting any events or circumstances that are linked into that. And so from this place, we start to anchor the result out into the future.

Her friend/mentor re-did the timeline stuff, then re-did the future stuff around locking in the running and the walking without the break in the leg, with a fully healed leg going through into the future.

11. Future lock your vision. Time travel out to your future and take all the work that just got coded, re-coded, dialed up and upgraded, and take that intentionally into your future. Travelling through time, travelling to that specific date in time. And lock it in.

12. Seal your field with gratitude. Close the field and seal it with gratitude. Gratitude is the highest vibration; it’s the vibration of the heart. You can’t manifest what you’re calling in, unless you’re deeply deeply grateful for your now. So we travel back to the now and lock in the vibration of gratitude.

And there you have it – Regan Hillyer’s manifestation visualization process. In my experience, there’s a lot that’s been compressed into these 12 steps. For example, the inner child work in Step 8. I think she gives us a good start to this work and for some people this might be enough. But for many of us, our inner child wounding/healing is more complex and is going to take more time, and involve more of a process. So unless you get that handled, then you’re going to get derailed at Step 8.

I will leave you with a comment from this Reddit thread on a Law of Attraction forum that sums up this manifesting process nicely:

yaguriskye: “Imagination is truly the only reality. You can experience your desires instantly! Here’s something that made it click for me…

Manifestation is NOT this: visualize and affirm => get my desire in 3D => be happy in 3D.

Manifestation instead is this: visualize => get my desire in imagination => be happy in imagination => byproduct: appears in 3D as a cherry on top.

For me, I stopped trying to manifest/visualize with the intention of it showing in the 3D! Why do that when I can experience it now? Your imagination is your own little playground and you can choose to create whatever it is you want. You’re in control. And eventually it has no choice to manifest itself into the physical once it is felt.

Another thing to remember which may help if you have some resistance or limited beliefs, is that your desire literally already exists. Why? Everything is energy. Energy is everything. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. So therefore your desire is what? Energy! Therefore it already exists!

If you can think it, it already exists. As energy cannot be created – it can only be transferred.”

Did you do the guided meditation with Regan in the video? I’d love to hear your thoughts or experiences…

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