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A Guide to Overwhelm & Manifesting

Most people just talk about the visioning, goal-setting part of manifesting what you want in life. But as an experienced manifestor - properties, businesses, projects, ... Read More

A Guide to Overwhelm & Manifesting2023-08-25T10:27:29+00:00

Guides, Angels & Spiritual Boundaries

A riveting discussion with human and animal soul whisperer, Ginny Jablonski, where we discuss topics like the difference between Guides and Angels? And why it's ... Read More

Guides, Angels & Spiritual Boundaries2023-04-21T20:32:11+00:00

Medicinal Mushrooms & Vortexes

Exploring the Synergy Between Medicinal Mushrooms and Vortexes A multimedia journey of gorgeous landscape, mushroom hunting, poem and music... join me in a journey of ... Read More

Medicinal Mushrooms & Vortexes2023-08-25T10:21:06+00:00

Facing Our Prostitute Archetype

Embracing the Prostitute ArchetypeI took Caroline Myss' online course on Archetypes a number of years ago, and I remember her saying that there are two ... Read More

Facing Our Prostitute Archetype2023-09-11T19:17:38+00:00

A Seat On The Bus of Life

Boarding the Bus of LifeI have been a longtime follower of medical intuitive Caroline Myss, purchasing both her books and audio workshops - and greatly ... Read More

A Seat On The Bus of Life2023-09-08T07:10:17+00:00

The Paradox of Challenging Experiences

All About Challenging ExperiencesHere’s the thing I’m realizing about life, challenge, growth and development... When I am comfortable and life is fairly even keel, and ... Read More

The Paradox of Challenging Experiences2023-09-11T19:31:33+00:00

Land Listening – Waterhole Whispering

Land Listening - Waterhole Whispering Instead of only looking at our human-based objectives, how about we decide to listen to the entire ecosystem before making ... Read More

Land Listening – Waterhole Whispering2023-09-29T15:59:23+00:00

Illness & Karma

Illness & Karma Here's a story that's not in any of my books: WAY back in the early days of my healing journey, I was ... Read More

Illness & Karma2023-09-29T16:05:00+00:00

What Is Your Relevance?

Why have you incarnated at this time? Explore your relevance, your purpose, and the importance of vibrational resonance. Remember the intention of death-rebirth cycles, of ... Read More

What Is Your Relevance?2022-11-17T23:59:46+00:00

Sound Vibrations Can Alter Cells

Sound Vibrations Can Alter Cells In this video, Dr. Lee Bartel (Professor Emeritus of Music and Health and Music Education and at the University of ... Read More

Sound Vibrations Can Alter Cells2023-09-29T17:50:19+00:00
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