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The Vegan Elephant

You might think this blog is a weird place to have a conversation about dietary preferences - and why aren't I publishing this on my ... Read More

The Vegan Elephant2024-03-14T23:00:45-07:00

A Guide to Overwhelm & Manifesting

Most people just talk about the visioning, goal-setting part of manifesting what you want in life. But as an experienced manifestor - properties, businesses, projects, ... Read More

A Guide to Overwhelm & Manifesting2023-08-25T10:27:29-07:00

Guides, Angels & Spiritual Boundaries

A riveting discussion with human and animal soul whisperer, Ginny Jablonski, where we discuss topics like the difference between Guides and Angels? And why it's ... Read More

Guides, Angels & Spiritual Boundaries2023-04-21T20:32:11-07:00

Medicinal Mushrooms & Vortexes

Exploring the Synergy Between Medicinal Mushrooms and Vortexes A multimedia journey of gorgeous landscape, mushroom hunting, poem and music... join me in a journey of ... Read More

Medicinal Mushrooms & Vortexes2023-08-25T10:21:06-07:00

Facing Our Prostitute Archetype

Embracing the Prostitute Archetype I took Caroline Myss' online course on Archetypes a number of years ago, and I remember her saying that there ... Read More

Facing Our Prostitute Archetype2023-10-17T13:25:26-07:00

A Seat On The Bus of Life

Boarding the Bus of LifeI have been a longtime follower of medical intuitive Caroline Myss, purchasing both her books and audio workshops - and greatly ... Read More

A Seat On The Bus of Life2023-09-08T07:10:17-07:00