Why Are You Here – From a Vibrational Perspective?

Vibrational Perspective

During a time like this, where everything is burning and we are in the Kali destructive, dark before the rebirth cycle… let’s take a look at how things work in this third dimension; this hologram or frequency set (vibrational reality) called planet earth.

We have seasons in third dimension, on planet earth. We always have winter, we have cold, dark, barren, destitute, which gives birth to the light and rebirth of spring. So in terms of planetary evolution, we are in the cold, dark destitute winter right now. We have seasonal cycles. We have planetary cycles. The earth itself has her own cycles. You know, the ice age is the equivalent of winter and the warming period, the droughts and the heat, are the equivalent of that full summer sun.

So pulling back and taking a bigger view of what’s happening, there’s not some random victimization happening here. These are the cycles of life – at every level of existence in the third dimension, whether it’s just within our annual cycle, or whether it’s within a planetary cycle, or within the cycles of Gaia herself, of mother earth.

Here’s a question for you: Why are you here? What is your purpose? What is the one thing that calls to you? At least one thing, there may be three or four, but pick one for now. What is something that has repeatedly caught your interest, something that has always sparked a curiosity for you? So when people talk about defining your purpose or following your deepest passion or your deepest desire, it doesn’t have to be such a big fricking deal. Part of what locks us into inactivity and lack of movement, is we think it has to be a big deal, and we think we have to make it into something grand.

But it could be as simple as: I’m here to cook for my family, because that’s the way that I feel amazing. And all my love goes into my food, and I am the support structure for all the members of my family. I’m the home base. And I do that through cooking and nurturing and giving them that touchstone to come home to.

Is that not a worthy purpose? Is that not a tremendous relevance for that person and all the members of their family? Hell yes. So don’t look at someone and say, ‘Well, you don’t do nothing, you just serve other people. You just cook for them, you backwards ethnic woman.’ No. If that person is doing it through choice, if they are doing it from the love and expansiveness of their heart center, they are actually creating a higher vibration that is benefiting every single being on this planet, because here’s the other thing we have to look at…

Emotions & thoughts are vibrations

We have to look at this whole paradigm from a vibrational perspective. So let’s say you go out there, and you’re one of the biggest activists, and you’re campaigning, and you’re protesting and you’re raising a million dollars to get other people to join in the protest – you’re frontline against the police or whoever is the crushing force at the time.

Let’s compare your vibration to that person who has decided that the purest expression of their joy and their relevance within their world, their purpose within their structure, is to cook delicious love-filled meals for their family. And the whole time they are cooking, their thoughts and emotions are vibrating at the highest level, because it’s pure love, it’s pure joy and enjoyment.

And then when all the members of their family sit down and they eat the food, they come together and they feel safe. And they feel that all is right with the world and they enjoy each other and they support each other and they make jokes and laugh together… Again, what is the vibrational frequency of those five or 10 people gathered in one place?

Remember, all spiritual teachers have said whenever two or more are gathered together in my name, in my love, in my vibration, the effect is exponential. So at the vibrational level, at the resonance of love at the heart chakra, which is the only place change and shift is possible, WHO is having a greater positive effect? That person raising a million dollars and protesting on the front line against the forces of oppression? Or the person cooking with openhearted, joy, and love for their family, and then gathering them together so they can all sit in that joy and love vibration.

That’s an unknown answer, because we don’t know the vibration being held by the person raising the million dollars and going and confronting the front line. If they are on their purpose, if their heart is filled with the expansiveness of their contribution to the planet, and they are able to go on that front line and open their heart to their ‘enemy’. And while they are holding the space of “This is not okay, this must not be,” if they can simultaneously love the human in that uniform, and love the being that is simply doing their best during their incarnation. And if they can radiate love and compassion, to all those uniformed police officers from their heart center… Okay. Now we’re talking.

But when you are in anger and hatred and fear, your vibration is very low. All that is going to result from that vibration is more of the same, because like attracts like – it is the law of resonance. If you strike a B note, any instrument or item in the room that is capable of vibrating at the note of B will begin to vibrate in resonance with B. So the same thing happens with states like love and fear, hatred, and joy and compassion… like attracts like, and so whatever you’re doing, creates more of the same. That’s the law of resonance. If you focus on fear, you will get more fear. If you focus on feeling cheated or overwhelmed or disappointed and angry. You will get more of that.

Now that doesn’t mean you deny reality. You may be feeling angry and overwhelmed and fearful. That’s fine. Sit in those emotions. Allow them, run them through your body and use whatever tool you have to release them. There’s no excuse for you not having a tool in this day and age, there are a hundred thousand podcasts and teachers and techniques that you can use.

And most of them are given away for free or some part of it is given away for free. There’s no excuse. If you don’t have a tool where you can effectively deal with your anger, your overwhelm, your fear, your hatred, make that your number one priority – ask the universe or God or wherever your guidance comes from, to bring the right tool to you; just stay open and watch for it and be aware, it will come.

And I bet it’s not gonna take you as long as it took me to find the tools that work for me. When I was on my healing journey (from widespread Crohn’s), I had a hard barometer for what worked and what didn’t. Did I wake up sick the next day, or was I better? Was I not sick for 4, 5, 10, 12, 14 days? How effective was this healing technique or therapy? And through that process, the top tools that I discovered, that worked the best for me (and I have to say, for hundreds and thousands of my readers), are somato-emotional craniosacral (at level two or higher). Hypnotherapy – choose a practitioner that you hundred percent trust and that your body gives you a yes to, or have someone you trust in the room with you for your first session. When you move into deep relaxation, which is what hypnosis is, it’s like deep meditation, but it’s easier because instead of you guiding yourself, someone else holds the space for you and guides you into it. And they can ask you really great questions once you’re deeply relaxed, and your conscious mind is turned off. So you don’t have to use your conscious mind to direct the process; you don’t need to use your conscious mind to ask yourself questions.

My other great healing tool, and the reason I love this one is because I can do it myself, I don’t have to pay a therapist – is EFT or Lazer Tapping. So this is a mind, body integrated healing technique, where you tap on the acupuncture points while you’re verbally talking about the emotions you’re feeling, and you’re putting them into flow in your body, and you’re releasing them.

Remember: the emotions of negative states that affect us negatively in both our body, and our life, and our relationships – having these emotions is not bad. They are part of the light and dark we come here to experience, they are part of the yin and yang, which is why we are here. So we don’t want or need to banish them.

What we need to do is feel them. We need to fully experience them. We need to release them and let them go and retain the purpose of them. Some of them contain a lot of energy. For example, anger contains a lot of energy that we can then access and put to good use. But if we don’t allow ourselves to feel the anger, if we don’t flow it through our body, and express it in a healthy way, then all that anger remains locked up and may start to self-destruct into chronic illness, cancer, heart disease, and things like that.

Honoring our ego

So use your preferred tool and move those emotions into flow, whichever emotions they are. Same thing with joy and compassion. And pleasure. So many people shut down their experience of joy because right on the heels of joy can come the fear that, ‘Oh my God, how long is this gonna last? It’s gonna go away. Oh, if I let myself feel this it will feel so amazing. And then I’ll have to go back to being normal me, and then it’ll hurt so much more. I better not experience this joy and this incredible love too much, because to come down from that, is gonna hurt too much.’ You see what us humans do with our ego mind? Because the job of the ego is to maintain homeostasis.

It’s like the job of the homeostatic mechanism in the body – it’s purpose is to maintain homeostasis; that balance that keeps you alive. So if the body has to pull minerals from your bones, because your blood levels are low, it will do that, because your blood is your number one force or element in your body that has to be in balance, or you will die.

So you have to think of the ego the same way. The ego is not evil. A lot of people are vilifying the ego and saying that it’s a small, fearful, kind of hateful thing that is keeping you separated from your true spiritual self, your expanded universal mind. I totally disagree with that view. Totally, absolutely disagree with it.

The ego is simply your homeostatic mechanism, because your ego’s job is to keep your physical body alive. Think about it. If we had no regard for our physical body – look what is the purpose of pain? It’s not there to torture us. It’s not like a terrible aspect that needs to be gotten rid of. Pain is simply a signal. It’s a, “Hey, there is a problem here. Hey, fix this. Hey, pay attention. Hey, this is my signalling to you, that there is a much bigger problem underneath the hood. Stop, lift up the hood, take a look, get this sorted, get this fixed.” Pain is simply a very efficient messaging system; we just need to listen, and then do what our body/soul is asking us to do.

And the ego does the same job for us. The ego’s job is to stop the physical body from risking its life and possibly getting damaged, or dying. So perhaps we can honor the ego for its role and understand that any change for the ego is frightening because a change is a move out of homeostasis. It’s a move into imbalance, whether you’re changing for the good or you’re changing for the bad, doesn’t matter. The state of imbalance and precariousness feels the same. So the ego reacts the same, the ego cannot and does not judge whether, ‘Oh, we’re balancing on the edge of a cliff about to topple over because this is good for us.’ No, whether it’s an emotional/spiritual cliff, or a bungee-jumping cliff, the ego just perceives: we’re balancing on one leg, about to topple over the edge of a cliff – abort mission! Pull back. We must keep this physical body alive!

So the way that I deal with the ego, is I honor the ego for doing its job. And I thank it for playing this really vital role for my incarnation as a physical three-dimensional being. And then I have a talk with my ego and I let it know what’s going on. And I say, here’s what I’m doing… and it’s gonna feel like we don’t know what we’re doing! We don’t know where we’re going, and we’re gonna feel a lot of fear and it could all go wrong. Because, you know, I’m not perfect. I might misjudge my abilities, or I might misjudge the market, or I might misjudge other people’s reactions, but here’s what I’m doing and here’s why. So if you could give me a little space to have this experience, and if you could work together with me — that if we do realize that, oh shoot, we overshot the mark, or we took on more than we could handle, or there’s a big factor here that we just didn’t see. And now we’ve got abort mission, let’s work together to get us out of there fast. Let’s work together to turn it around and transform it to something beneficial.

Do you see what I’m saying? I’m engaging the ego in its job. In its purpose as my ally, as my helper, as my trusted Lieutenant, but I’m in charge, right? The Lieutenant is not in charge.

The Lieutenant is a very powerful high ranking, skilled helper, but they’re not in charge. I am, and it’s my incarnation, it’s my life. And I get to choose what that looks like, whether that looks like me making some mistakes or, getting into a bit of a dicey situation because I’ve taken on too much, or I haven’t foreseen all the factors, and that’s okay. Because we are skilled powerful beings, my ego and I, and we will get us out, and we will turn this to good, no matter what, because our orientation is towards the highest good. You may be familiar with a verse in the Bible, “All things work together for good for those that love the Lord.” It’s the same principle.

If every morning you wake up and you are, in your intention, oriented towards the highest good, then for everything that happens, you can have faith. Because whatever happens, even if it feels like a disaster, even if it feels like a loss, it is actually part of the pathway to your highest good. And you believe in that and you trust in that.

So getting back to, what is your relevance, what is your purpose at this time? And we’re taking into account the role of the ego, we’re taking into account the role of vibrational energy and its effect, not just on those around us, but on this interlinked matrix that we call planet earth, that we call our universe… Our universe is far more electromagnetic and vibrational than most of us realize. And it is all linked. Just like a cell phone in Texas can link you to London, UK in less than a millisecond. That’s how vibrational reality functions as well, because it’s an electrical magnetic force and it is that fast. It is that instantaneous. It is that interlinked.

How to create a positive expansive vibration

Let’s look at ourselves as vibrational beings: Hatred, fear, negativity, and overwhelm are low vibration emotions – because emotions create vibrational frequencies. Emotions like love joy, compassion, lovingkindness, acceptance, patience, tolerance – these are high vibration emotions. And so their vibrational frequency is at a positive, expansive level and therefore benefits the whole planet – not just our immediate enclave of family and friends – because think of it like a cell phone signal, it transmits instantaneously around the world.

This article from Neurons outlines how to measure the frequency of various emotions using electroencephalography (which measures electrical discharges as they happen on a millisecond scale):

And click here to view a more complete list of the measured frequencies of various emotions.

p.s. What’s the difference between ‘frequency’ and ‘vibration’? Vibration is a back-and-forth movement. Frequency is the number of times per second that vibration (back-and-forth movement) recurs.

So when you are pondering the question of why am I here? – because if you are here at this critical point in time and you chose not to leave the planet through one method or another, you are here because you chose to be here for a purpose. And again, that purpose does not have to look like anything significant or big, no one even has to know about it.

You could be grandma or grandpa cooking for your family, and your vibration could be as high as a monk in the Himalayas spending all day meditating, sending the vibration out to benefit the planet. Look at it in terms of, what is the thing that fills you with joy? What is the thing you feel like doing, that allows you to be in your heart space, the open heart space of joy and love – and that could be anything.

It could be knitting sweaters for refugees. It could be doing a podcast. It could be making YouTube videos that make people laugh and raise their vibration through joy. It could be helping animals and every day that you feed and tend to these animals, your heart is open. And you’re not vibrating with pity! Okay? You’re not vibrating with, “Oh, it’s so terrible. Look what was done to you.” Now you’re back in low vibration! So again, it’s not what you do. It’s why you do it and how you do it. I have a whole bunch of horses that I rescued from slaughter. But I barely talk about that, because slaughter rescue is a low vibration.

The horses are like, ‘Whatever, that’s just the way we came to you, that doesn’t define us.’ And I don’t need to call back that old story every time I talk about my horses. So the information is there, in some of my videos and blog posts, but I don’t repeat it continually. I try to speak about it as little as possible, only when it’s relevant to the story, because of the vibration that it pulls into the story. I’m conscious about that.

What is relevant, is the work that these horses are doing, the reason they came to this planet at this time, the messages they have for people, the healing space that they create through their vibrational frequency; and the people watching the videos feel it and are transformed by it. That is their relevance, that is their purpose. So when I work with these horses, that’s the vibration that I’m in. I’m in the vibration of magic and wonder and joy and infinite possibility. That’s a high vibration. That’s a good place to be.

So when you look at your own life, your own interests… What are you curious about? What draws you? What do you want to learn more about?

Whatever age you are, look at where your interests are calling you, because something that seems super small and insignificant could be your sweet spot, could be your jam. If it puts you in that high vibrational state of love and joy resonance, that’s your thing. That is why you’re here. So find that, and if it takes you a while to find it, cause you’re curious about a bunch of things and you explore a bunch of things, go for it! Start on that path. Just being on the path, raises your vibration, increases your resonance. Stop thinking about it, stop pondering and waiting for, the big sign.

Just start moving in the direction of your curiosity, of what draws you, of your interests. Any little thing that makes you go, ‘Ooh,’ any little thing that makes your heart flutter or open or feel glad, move in those directions, and see what happens. And like I said, you may have several things that you do. Like me. I don’t do just one thing. I’m a Gemini and Geminis don’t do well with just one thing. We get bored. We need to have a number of things. We need to have a basketful of relevance. However, there’s a lot of people who do need to have just one thing, because they need to focus. We’re all different personalities.

So what I invite you to do at this time is simply give yourself permission to move in the direction of your interest, your delight, your joy, your curiosity, your passion, your interest. What calls your heart to open? What tweaks or perks your interest and attention? Move in those directions. Explore them. Take a course. Join a group. Just start doing it in your living room, in your garage.

It doesn’t matter, but move into action today. I don’t care if it’s midnight when you’re reading this, do something that moves you into action right now. Even if it’s just making a list of the things that tweak your attention, that peak your curiosity, things you’ve always wondered about, things you’ve thought that would be cool. Make your cool list. Doesn’t have to be a bucket list. That’s too much pressure. That’s too big. We don’t need to go big. We just going to start really small, okay? Really tiny; one little thing. That’s all you’re looking for. And if you have more great, it’s all good.

When you find the things that open your heart, increase your joy, make you laugh more… you have found your purpose, you have found your relevance for this time on the planet. Do those things. And do more of those things. And keep doing those things that result in positive, high vibration emotions. It’s that simple, and that profound.


Why are you Here From a Vibrational Perspective


  1. Madeline Taylor January 10, 2023 at 8:32 pm - Reply

    I think for me I guess I live life on a lower vibration..one of compassion for others and myself but one of heart break..what I have learned to do as much as possible is to be aware of present moment..there is a small sense of peace there..not joy or passion or a delight in life but a surrender to heart break..not as a victim but as an acceptance for what is for me..and in that I find some peace..whether this will shift I don’t know but I have come to a place where it doesn’t have to anymore. Just wanted to share this in case it’s helpful.

    • JINI January 10, 2023 at 8:40 pm - Reply

      Sometimes emotions just have to be felt, acknowledged, seen, heard, embraced. I love that you’re surrounding yourself with compassion during this process and are able to feel peace.

      When you’re ready to move on, or shift to a different emotion/vibration, you’ll know. You will start to feel tired, bored, or “done” with the heartbreak. Like a shirt that doesn’t fit anymore – “this is not who I am”. That’s when you can use mind/body/spirit tools like Lazer Tapping, hypnotherapy, craniosacral, shadow work, equine therapy, somatic experiencing therapy etc to delve into the roots; shift and release.

    • Dee January 10, 2023 at 9:44 pm - Reply

      Hi Madeline,

      I love your honesty here. Not everyone is this honest about where we’re at or accepting what is. At least one spiritual teacher, possibly more, have maintained that there is little to be happy about with all the suffering in this existence. And, these days were acutely aware of it due to how interlinked we all are. Maybe this is where you need to be right now, Holding space for people (and animals) to be where they’re at without compulsively changing everything at any given moment. There are even biologists that have commented on how there needs to be a small part of any population that’s out of step with the greater number to provide genetic alternatives. There are buzzwords being bandied around, but it’s the meaning, not the ‘argument’ that is significant.

      So, I’m happy you’re accepting what is in your life at this moment. That attitude has benefited me gravely in a life where grief has been a predominant aspect. Feeling those feelings and giving myself time, without wallowing (or only on occasion😉 ), has added tremendously. In ways I couldn’t have imagined!

      One thing you may want to consider is a lesson that I learned a long time ago that I’ve aspired to apply. That’s that compassion and wisdom are like two wings of a bird and meant to be used together. Compassion without wisdom can be maudlin, idealistic, or short-sighted. Wisdom without compassion can often manifest actions that are ruthlessly pragmatic, or outright callous.

      Grateful for this article, your comments and the opportunity for this kind of discussion. It might not have been likely or possible even a few years ago.

  2. Dee January 10, 2023 at 10:13 pm - Reply

    Hi Jini,

    Thanks so much for this post. Working my way through it.

    I’m with you on the role of the ego. Maybe that’s why I tend to be more philosopher than religious. Personally see it as an important part of the journey. I may not want it driving the whole show, or even navigating, at times – but it gets an important say in this journey. And rightfully so. Without it, we likely wouldn’t have survived all these millenia to even have this conversation. So, I’m not keen to give it up either.

    I wish it hadn’t taken as long to not only find the tools, but have access to them. It’s been around forty. If I hadn’t been looking after my health, it might’ve taken less time!
    It would have gotten more immediate attention both from others and myself.
    Sometimes beings and the land are victims and it’s up to us to decide if we’re going to do something about it. One of my personal daily motivations.

    Love your proposed “cool list”. It’s something I’ve been doing for as long as I can remember, but didn’t have such a great name for! It’s allowed me to collect an impressive list of tools, which has made a huge difference. Unfortunately, for every avenue I find, there an equally major obstacle. Despite continued and persistent efforts to overcome them. What’s come to mind recently, through unexpected channels, is that I’m needing to do something counterintuitive. One useful word is collaboration. One form is presenting itself over and over. Call it confluence of karma, spiritual intention, or simply an obvious opportunity. I’ve been listening to it for awhile and continue to heed its call. And it’s working. Had recent affirmation of it working, based on some significant and surprising results.

    Also love:

    “When you find the things that open your heart, increase your joy, make you laugh more… you have found your purpose, you have found your relevance for this time on the planet. Do those things. And do more of those things. And keep doing those things that result in positive, high vibration emotions. It’s that simple, and that profound.”

    Thank you so much for channeling this info into words that you share with us!
    The opportunity for this kind of dialogue seems much-needed and welcome.

    Deeply Grateful.

    • JINI January 11, 2023 at 3:10 am - Reply

      Thanks for your perspective and sharing Dee. Collaboration is a good one! That’s where I’m at with the ranch too. Looking for and staying open to whoever is in the right energy/path to collaborate here. It hasn’t gone too well thus far… but I’m keeping the faith and also looking for what’s blocking the possibility of collaboration. Just today I did an important process with ancestors on this land/region – I’ll write about it at some point – but they would definitely have been one of the energies blocking people from coming here and getting involved/active on the land. Let’s see what comes up next…!

      • Dee February 17, 2023 at 6:42 am - Reply

        Grateful that you’re still keeping faith.

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