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Epiphany: Don’t Return Home
By Published On: December 26, 2022

Five days of messaging from my body and soul resulted in an epiphany: When I fly to Mexico to meet my husband and kids for Christmas, I need to NOT come back home. I need to get on another plane and just keep going…

In this podcast I’m going to share the story of my grand realization, but also what I’ve learned about working together with my masculine and feminine aspects – for maximum co-creation.

Of course, you can listen to this one, but you may prefer to watch the video as I recorded it live on my camera – at least for the first bit, to see what I’m talking about.

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The JINI Podcast
The JINI Podcast
Epiphany: Don't Return Home

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Show Notes

Click here to read more about my land journey and the Circle of elephant-horse-dolphin-whale

Poem from All Along You Were Blooming

There will be days when you do not feel fearless
and you choose to get up
and go out to sea anyway

And my friend,
let me tell you,
that is what it means to be brave.
It is that gentle shove toward the water
that says “I will go,
and I will go afraid.”

It is not a feeling.
It is not a thought.
It is that inward wind that pulls you out of sleep
and says “I will go forth,
with all I have now:
a breath, a dozen steps,
and a pocket full of fears,
but no matter what tries to pull me back,
I will find the strength to be here.”
~ Morgan Harper Nichols


  1. Anita+Eleanor+Patel December 27, 2022 at 11:43 pm - Reply

    Thank you for this tonic Jini. It is fascinating to witness the unfolding of your path, and to glimpse your vision. It strengthens me to keep pressing on in my own challenges. That is a wonderful poem by Morgan Harper Nichols and I have a feeling I might need those words of courage when I meet my greatest challenge. Wishing you all God’s blessings as you explore Costa Rica. May He give you serenity and calm as you explore what He has prepared for you and Ian, wherever that may be.

    • JINI December 29, 2022 at 12:18 am - Reply

      Yes it’s a powerful poem – a reader sent that to me. 😊
      All I can say is that I’ll be here for you. As will this healing ranch and herd ❤️

  2. Dee December 28, 2022 at 12:00 am - Reply

    Just wow! So inspired.

  3. Dheepak Kumar December 28, 2022 at 6:53 pm - Reply

    Just as I start your audio podcast on my phone, you say this is a video episode where you show your Ranch!! haha 😂

    And, my jaw was on the floor when I listened to you speaking about your sleep and gut experiences! during an active dissonance experience… vow!

    It felt like watching an explorer-who mapped a terrain, getting lost in that very place one day!

    It is quite humbling to think that if Jini herself can suffer at times, then who am I that’s just trying to figure-out an escape-route out of my IBDism!? 😆

    Also, just as I float in vain, pondering about my divine flow realisations, you point me back to effort and action to do what’s really necessary to get out of such comfort traps and to create the beautiful reality that we want for ourselves to be in!
    Thank you Jini!
    Come to India one day! :D
    Take care!

    • JINI December 29, 2022 at 12:13 am - Reply

      These cycles never stop Dheepak – they are the circling pathways of life. But yet, they spiral upwards overall, even though at times the spiral greatly deepens… I have a drawing in my journal titled, My Body is My Oracle. That pretty much sums it up 🙏🏽

  4. Leanne Day January 5, 2023 at 9:36 pm - Reply

    Thank you so much Jini, this is EXACTLY what I needed to hear RIGHT NOW. I currently have my property on the market, because I have believed for a while now that it is time for me to move on. Yet even though I believe this and have taken action to do this, the sale has stalled because the contract I had fell through, for reasons I won’t go into because they don’t matter. I believe this happened because my initial bravery has been wavering. Even though I have kept my property on the market with the full intention of leaving, I can’t help feeling vulnerable and afraid, because I have lived on my acreage property for most of my adult life and, like you, have spent much blood, sweat and tears making it comfortable and safe. I haven’t known how else to convince myself that I am going to be alright in my move forward. Now I do, thanks to you Jini!!
    I spend time every morning checking in with my Higher Self and always receive some revelation, then I go and type that into my journal. I have never thought of journaling my thoughts (fears and aspirations) regarding selling my property and moving elsewhere into a new adventure!!!! (That’s pretty amazing considering it has been something I can’t help thinking about every day.)

    It was just last night that I was feeling particularly sad and confused about why the universe doesn’t seem to be supporting me in this, when I KNOW it is what I am being guided to do. (I had issues with my knees and right groin joint, which is my body telling me I need to move on. They disappeared after I decided to put my property on the market.) When I don’t understand something I always ask my Higher Self to guide me in a way that I can understand. Then BAM, this morning I received your podcast link, which has provided me with the guidance I asked for!!! THANK YOU Jini for being there for me/us!!!

  5. Leanne Day January 6, 2023 at 2:02 am - Reply

    This is part 2 of my above feedback:
    Jini, I just clicked on the link and watched your story around why you needed to move. (‘How to Manifest the Land of Your Dreams)’. My reasons are very similar in regard to the workload and expense of maintaining this property, but the most important reason for my belief that this is the right decision for me (apart from my body telling me it was) is that my property is in a development corridor. Despite all the environmental overlays and the Core Koala Habitat determination on it, Local government is not honouring its obligation to those mapping determinations because of the development plans it has in place to make my neighbourhood into a priority high density precinct and the intersection roads my property is on, THE highest trafficked arterials in this precinct.

    I have been racked with guilt about betraying the koalas and trees by leaving them. (Even though I know I have lobbied as hard as I could to save them and even though my Higher Self explained that we are all One, and that I need to move to another place where I can once again connect with Mother Earth and continue my Spiritual growth; and that there is something bigger waiting for me there where I will be of greater service for the Higher Good.)

    With all the land clearing that has been going on in my neighbourhood the koalas have stopped coming here, but there are still the big trees on my property.

    During your story you mentioned that you needed to give your property more time to heal itself and that you noticed that the ‘trees have been moving their energy back into the Earth’. I feel very emotional to find out that this is what they do, Jini. I needed to know that to be able to release my guilt. THANK YOU – with all my heart!!

    • JINI January 10, 2023 at 8:45 pm - Reply

      Leanne – thanks for sharing this process with us and your journey, it’s so interesting! Have you tried tapping for the land, for the trees? You are so fluent in Lazer Tapping that I feel it may be a good tool for you to use to give Voice to the land and all creatures impacted (Venting) and then just follow it wherever it leads. Maybe there are also some beings, or ancestors that need to be released? When you are the only one who will listen or work with land, it cannot let you go until you lean in and do the needful! That’s my experience anyway. You must because you can. And because it’s reciprocity for all the gifts the land/beings have shared and held for you over the years. Let me know what happens! xox

  6. Leanne Day January 16, 2023 at 8:17 pm - Reply

    Aaaaaah! Of course!!!! Thank you Jini, that makes so much sense! I will certainly keep you posted on how I get on.
    Again, THANK YOU!!!😊🙏

    • JINI January 16, 2023 at 10:13 pm - Reply

      Brilliant! Looking forward to your stories… xox

  7. Leanne Day January 17, 2023 at 3:53 am - Reply

    Hello Jini,
    This morning I did a Lazer Tapping session for the land and trees and what emerged was that all the nature beings acknowledged their reality as being energetic souls living in physical bodies and all being ONE in a Divine Universe; and that change (or non-stasis) was an inevitable part of living in an energetic Universe.
    However, the trees in particular were having trouble releasing their energy back to Mother Earth because they felt that their contribution to the nature collective had been taken for granted by humans, even though humans had benefitted greatly from the energy they had unstintingly been giving over the years.
    They went through their contributions, which included:
    • Prana
    • Homes for other beings
    • Food for other beings
    • Energy exchange
    • Air and water purification
    • Anchorage of soils by their root systems, etc. etc.

    The venting shone light on their feelings of abandonment and betrayal by humans, who had taken much and shown little or no gratitude or giving back. (The trees knew the other beings had always appreciated their contributions and their existence with them had always been very much two-way.)

    When I asked, if these feelings of abandonment, betrayal and ingratitude lived somewhere in the collective body of the land and trees, I saw a single tree with toroidal energy entering down from the sky through the leaves and energy entering up from the earth into the roots. So I did a round of tapping on, ‘These green leaves and black roots’.
    During the healing process they looked at the possibility of adopting alternative perspectives, which included:
    • That their tree energy would never be destroyed, only their physical tree bodies.
    • That their energy was being called elsewhere and that it would move into areas where beings had opened to gratitude and love of nature.
    • That honouring nature and gratitude for all the things that nature gives is something many humans still needed to learn.
    • That they (the trees) and other nature beings had learned to become very patient and that they were now being called upon by Divine Universe to trust in the Divine process, which leads to the greater good of all beings.
    • That the goal was to allow humans to learn to appreciate nature and work in harmony with it.
    • That human destruction of whole natural landscapes was how they would learn because the best way of learning was by having to live in an environment that didn’t have tree energy and all that came with it.
    • That those humans, who were open to the beauties and benefits of living in harmony with nature, would find their way to remaining native landscapes and would work closely with nature and be instrumental in guiding and educating other humans on how to live in harmony with it and what they need to do to protect it.
    • That once humans and nature connect, the result will be POWERFUL and this will contribute to Mother Earth’s ascension.
    • … and, that this is a very exciting project to be involved in and worth being patient for and continuing to contribute to!

    After journaling this, I went and sat out on my veranda, tapped on my thymus thump and directed my gratitude and love to all the trees and nature beings, who have made my life so wonderful here. I acknowledged that we all have to move from here and are being called elsewhere. I let them know that I can’t live without nature and no matter where I move, it will be amongst nature and working for nature. That we are all one, and won’t it be wonderful to stay connected and continue feeling each other’s love and gratitude even after we leave here.

    • JINI January 17, 2023 at 4:32 am - Reply

      Wow – how fabulous is this Leanne?! I wonder if you will paint this in some way…

      Also very interesting how the ingratitude (or even just not noticing) of humans came up. Last time I was in London, I was shocked by how hard the trees were working/struggling to convert the MASSES of CO2 to oxygen for humans. There were not nearly enough trees on streets, in parks, anywhere, to handle this massive job and yet they soldiered on, struggling and doing their best. I spent my days acknowledging them and thanking them (along with some outrage and frustration at idiot humans). But you know, even in the middle of the largest parks there was no “fresh” air to be had. I’m pretty sure Londoners don’t even notice this as many (most?) of them don’t even know what fresh air feels/smells/tastes like.

      I also love your ‘reframes’ or expanded possibilities for the trees. What a truly AWESOME session!!

  8. Leanne Day January 18, 2023 at 8:45 pm - Reply

    Jini, thank you for your beautiful supportive comments, they mean so much to me. I am eternally grateful that you discovered the Lazer Tapping method of connecting to Self and the Greater Universe, and I am grateful that you shared this with me/us. It has been life changing. Thank YOU!

    This morning I spent some more time with the Trees working through some of the hardships of letting go and stepping into the next phase of our Soul’s journey. (We are all ONE so there is only one Soul.)

    The insight you gave us regarding your experience with the enormous job the Trees in London were faced with, drew my attention to the purpose of the Trees here in their current incarnation: It has been part of a powerful learning experience for humans to KNOW and EXPERIENCE the benefits and beauty of nature, then to LOSE it in one cataclysmic ‘land development’ event! Unlike London, this is not happening over lengthy periods in which the people of London reach the stage of not even knowing what fresh air ‘feels/smells/tastes like’.

    I’m sure that in this instance the unconscious memory of love and loss will endure, particularly during this period of Mother Earth’s ascension. No matter whether the local population stay or move elsewhere, they will live to see what they lost and no doubt mourn it.

    It really helped this morning to flag this with the Trees and tap through their higher purpose of their current incarnation, which I hope will make it a little easier for them/me. THANK YOU!

    • JINI January 20, 2023 at 3:13 am - Reply

      You’re so welcome Leanne! And we’re back to the healing circle; is it your healing, the trees, my healing…? Does it matter? xox

  9. Leanne Day January 22, 2023 at 10:22 am - Reply

    Oh yes! Thank you Jini, it matters a lot!!!

    I realise that before I can be of any service to Mother Earth and other Beings, I first need to heal myself! (I am still holding on to a lot of pain, hurt and anger and know I need an extra power boost of energy to get through this.)

    I have always been drawn to beach-side locations and for this reason I decided to take a drive to a beach-side location where I could just BE with Mother Earth in her full undisturbed glory and ask for her energy to help me through this: to sit under trees in their cool shade; appreciate the invigorating breezes on my skin; to walk and feel the earth under my bare feet and between my toes; the ocean water around my ankles; to breathe in the energising fresh air and to enjoy the site of local wildlife.

    For months now, I have been desperately searching real estate websites for appropriate properties to move to once my current property is sold. Unfortunately, natural environments are becoming few and far between because of surging development across the whole of Australia. (The beach-side locations, which I love so much, are especially expensive, over-developed and for me, over-populated.)

    … but since deciding only last week to drive out with the INTENTION of finding a natural place of healing and rejuvenation, I FOUND THE PLACE I NEED TO BE!!!!!!

    I had known about this small Queensland township called, Toorbul, when I had previously taken my Mother for short cursory drives there on occasions several years ago. But on this particular day I felt such a strong vibration of hope and healing!!!

    Each time I have been there in the past, I was awed by the tranquillity of the place; the abounding native wildlife; the intact native wetlands and surrounding forestry; as well as the energising ocean breezes! There are always dozens of kangaroos munching and lounging along the cropped green space between the road and the waters of the Pumicestone Passage.

    At the end of the esplanade there is a migratory bird roost, which is specially acknowledged on a nearby sign as being of interest to university research because it hosts many rare and endangered species of birds that travel many thousands of kilometres to this stopover!!!

    On this last visit, which was only a week ago, I turned from the esplanade into a long, straight, narrow, dirt backroad, which was surrounded by native habitat and HEAPS of koala fodder trees. Ahead of me two women had parked their bikes in the middle of the dirt track. Although they saw me sitting in my car waiting to get past, they were focused on what they were doing and made no effort to move their bikes off the road. I felt a surge of happiness and thought, ‘How wonderful is this?!’ I got out of my car and went over to talk to them. One of them asked if I was a local. I said, ‘No, but I’d like to be!’ We introduced ourselves (but no need to divulge their names as I haven’t asked their permission to do this). They showed me why they had stopped. THEY WERE PHOTOGRAPHING A MOTHER KOALA AND HER BABY IN A EUCALYPTUS TREE BESIDE THE DIRT ROAD!!!!!

    As it turned out we all shared a common, deeply embedded love of nature. Throughout our conversation the two women kept telling me that Toorbul needs more people like me there!! We swapped contact details and since then have been keeping in touch via texting. Although this has all happened within the last week, I’ve been back twice for special healing sessions with Mother Earth and a catch up with the growing number of my new friends there.

    My last visit was yesterday, and that’s when I found out the reason the local council has not encouraged or supported development in the Toorbul area. (Both Toorbul and my property are in the same region and we share the same local council.) The reason for its lack of interest in developing there is due to the rising sea level, which has claimed 2m of Toorbul’s foreshore land over the last 25 years!!!

    I have since inspected a double story house currently on the market just over the road from the bird roost at the end of the esplanade. I am yet to make an offer or sign a contract on it because I want to see the sale of my own property through before going ahead with anything else. In the meantime, I am extremely grateful to my local friends, who made me privy to the effects climate change has had (and is continuing to have) on the Toorbul area. It seems that this information is common knowledge among the locals, yet the Real Estate Agent did not disclose this information to me – and she is a local resident!! Now that I know this is NOT an investment property, my offer can reflect this.

    This is a great example of how the light energy that is currently being sent to Planet Earth to help her ascend and to help us raise our vibrations is particularly directed at social justice and reform as well as disclosure. This is having the effect of exposing dishonesty, corruption and the lack of transparency in governments as well as business dealings.

    This information about the rising levels of tidal water doesn’t change the fact that the most spectacular views are from houses along the esplanade. People who live on this strip have both a ‘sea change’ AND a ‘tree change’ view. The houses have an easterly aspect, so early morning sunrises over the ocean can be enjoyed from the front balcony and the dramatic evening sunsets over pasture and native forestland are available from the back balcony… and of course, native wildlife and birds abound in all directions.

    In the space of less than one week, I have embraced and engaged with the people and the place. Yesterday I took my 2 x motion-activated, night-vision cameras over to my friends so they could set them up to monitor the local feral fox population and their proximity to the bird roost; as well as to identify local bird species in other forested areas. So far, I have found out that the people I have connected with have been the driving force behind weed eradication and protection of the foreshore grasses; they are part of a very active group interested in looking after the welfare of frogs and in addition to their love of nature, they also share other humanitarian interests! THIS IS MY PARADISE!

    The most important reasons for my keen interest in relocating to Toorbul is that once I announced my intention to the Universe that I wanted to find a place of healing and rejuvenation, I was guided to Toorbul. Once there, I felt the strong healing energy and then was actually TOLD by my two new friends that I was needed there to join with them and others of like-mind to support Mother Earth’s call!! So for goodness sake, this place is EXACTLY what I have been searching and yearning for. No point stressing about the rising sea levels. Everywhere on Planet Earth now has issues to deal with that are largely due to human negligence, disregard or ignorance and greed.

    I can honestly say that my own healing has spiked since finding this place and my soul is cheered by the thought that Toorbul has zero attraction to greedy investors!!

    Like every other place on Planet Earth, Toorbul has been affected by climate change and is literally ‘going under’. However, this event will be at the healing hand of Mother Earth not at the greedy hand of destructive, high-density development.

    So Jini, 🙂 in answer to the last question you posed to me, here is my response:

    · I acknowledge that we are all ONE and that we all share the same energetic soul and that we live in an energetic universe. Therefore change is inevitable and DESIRABLE.

    · I also acknowledge that while I am following my Divine Path I am also healing myself and reigniting my creative passion, which is enabling myself to make a stronger collective contribution of service to all Beings for the highest good.

    · That through this process I am facilitating my own spiritual awakening and connection with others and therefore am contributing to Mother Earth’s healing and ascension.

    I completely surrender myself to Divine Universe and am ready and willing to go wherever this takes me!!! So I say, ‘Buckle-up Leanne and enjoy the adventure, ha!!!!’


    • JINI January 23, 2023 at 11:22 pm - Reply

      OMG Leanne!!! Total CMSU experience!! (can’t make this shit up).

      Thank you for sharing all this – googling Toorbul now – what about the inland piece, on Pumicestone and then onto Otto Road? Is there anything in that area? Looks like great land and perhaps a bit more protected than the point.

      This is SO fabulous and I am beyond thrilled for you. Your experience with the locals sounds like what I experienced with the community where I bought the ranch. It was definitely one of the signs that said, “YES this is your place.”

      I’m so excited for you! But also I wonder if your work with your land/trees allowed this experience to come to you. That’s what happened for me – until I completed what the current piece of land needed/wanted from me, the ranch could not come to me. And yes, it can be this fast! You could do the tapping needed, or ceremonies, or whatever you felt led to do on Friday, and you could then find Toorbul on Saturday (for example). Just saying :)

      Well keep us posted as I certainly look forward to hearing how this all works out…! xo

  10. Leanne Day January 23, 2023 at 9:42 pm - Reply

    This is a clarification of my above conclusion:
    . We are all ONE (Mother Earth, Nature Beings, Human Beings, etc)
    . We each need to take responsibility for our own healing and to do this we need to lean in to access the collective White Light.
    . By helping ourselves we are helping the greater ONE.

    That’s my personal perspective. Love and Hugs.🥰

  11. Leanne Day January 29, 2023 at 11:11 pm - Reply

    During the past week I have been experiencing a lot of interactions with nature and various people, which I believe to be TESTS to show me/my Higher Self/Divine Universe whether I am ready to receive the manifested sale of my property for a very lucrative price. (I have manifested this sale to set me up with financial abundance to support and enable the next phase of my spiritual growth):
    – Interaction with Snake: When a large taipan dropped down in front of me after being dislodged from its location on the lip of my garage door after I rolled it up to drive my car in:
    This gave me/us the opportunity to feel each other’s energy. I felt both Snake and I experienced the same emotion, which was initial fear; that despite us both being aware of our power to kill the other, neither of us had any intention of doing so. After I spent more time with her, I felt our fear morph into respect, honour and love for the other. I left her in peace and parked my car over near the steps of my house.
    – Interaction with various people of different age groups, cultures and locations: I have been in self-imposed hermitic existence for the past several years and now have been recently been putting myself ‘out there’. The people I have embraced into my ‘new life’ are people I needed to show myself to in my full power. This was a TEST to show my Self/Higher Self and Divine Universe that I am not the same person I used to be: that I am capable of deeply loving myself and protecting my own energy; that I am able to maintain my boundaries in order to be able to love others unconditionally by not over-giving.

    In each of these friendships I didn’t go rushing in to prove my worthiness to them by over-giving my energy (including financial energy), without allowing time for them to respond in some way by giving something back to me. Strangely enough, each of these relationships has ‘receded’.

    I had the revelation yesterday that all of these relationships were a TEST for me to show my truest Self. This made me soooo happy and grateful!!! To finally be able to make sense of seemingly random disappointments and challenges! Then after that when I went online to look for other appropriate properties to move to, I immediately found an ideal property at Beerburrum (Queensland),! It is 5 acres of bush land with a ‘Core Koala Habitat’ overlay on it that IS being honoured and supported by that area’s local council. It also has a lovely 4 bedroom home on it!! The price is very affordable because of the Koala overlay that excludes development, but that is EXACTLY what I want!!! It does already have a ‘Subject to Finance’ contract on it, though. So I just have to wait and see. If it’s meant to be, it will be …

    Then last night I awoke at 2:30am (my ‘light-bulb’ time) with an image of the Matrix that I am living in! I’ve heard about this, but I’ve never SEEN it before. LAST NIGHT I SAW IT!!!!! And it’s AMAZING!!!! Life is all becoming so ‘see-through’!! It is FINALLY MAKING SENSE!!!!!

    • JINI January 30, 2023 at 4:38 am - Reply

      Oh Leanne, this bit:

      “In each of these friendships I didn’t go rushing in to prove my worthiness to them by over-giving my energy (including financial energy), without allowing time for them to respond in some way by giving something back to me. Strangely enough, each of these relationships has ‘receded’.”

      This is exactly the same process I have been through! In my case, the root motivation was different – I was running the Jesus Saviour/Service Archetype – but the process and outcome were identical to yours.

      I’m so grateful you are sharing your process here with all of us – thank you.

      And yes, for this new property: “This or better”. Sometimes we get a click with a property not because it’s THE ONE, but it’s more of a signpost: LOOK what’s possible, keep going!

      I so look forward to hearing what happens next!! xox

  12. Leanne Day January 30, 2023 at 10:36 pm - Reply

    Thank you Jini, I absolutely HEAR you!

    The past 3 years of my life has been the time I devoted to myself AFTER my ‘crash-and-burn’, which was the result of my determined and stubborn decision to be the ‘dutiful daughter’ NO MATTER WHAT, to my very controlling Mother.

    I now understand that this was a karmic relationship that my Soul was screaming out to me to resolve and the way I began this journey was through Lazer Tapping! Eternal gratitude to you, Jini!

    Over the past 3 years I did a lot of Shadow Work through this process and as you see, have continued to use it.

    I went deep into myself and asked why I chose my Mother and Father and was shown something that has enabled me to accept, be grateful for, and love both my parents for the job they have done to enable me to find my True Self. They are/were polar opposites.

    Dad died 21 years ago, and he was so incredibly positive. He was an adventurer and believed that he could achieve ANYTHING! He was limitless and a wonderful example of a person, who stepped into his power and followed his passion. He showed me it IS possible! That doesn’t mean we didn’t have major challenges along the way, ha!

    He worked as a surveyor, so I grew up in remote and incredibly beautiful outback Australian landscapes.

    His love of companion animals always meant we had a succession of these too.

    So I saw that the reason I chose this man to be my Father was because he showed me the path I now choose to tread, which is one of positivity, joy, change and limitlessness. He also introduced me to the things that I now have a deep and abiding love for and have chosen to bring forward with me into my present. These include wildlife and their pristine native habitats and companion animals.

    Mum is the Yin to Dad’s Yang. She is a wounded child, who has determinedly chosen to bury traumatic events from her teenage years, never to shine the light on them.

    I had chosen her to be my Mother in this incarnation to provide me with the challenges I needed to overcome. These included: negativity; feelings of weakness and forever being under the control of others; restriction; worthlessness; never being good enough; incapable of being loved and bound by selfless duty to others.

    These are the things I have chosen to overcome and NOT to bring forward with me.
    SO, this is where I’m at now. For the first time in my life I am experiencing what it is like to FEEL the love through connection to Divine Universe.

    I am so grateful to you, Jini, and not least, just for being interested in my story! Your supportive and guiding comments help me to feel that I’m doin’ okay – and that means a lot!! I am more than happy to share my story.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • JINI January 31, 2023 at 1:04 am - Reply

      Great insights Leanne. This is a very common pairing for parents actually. Or we will have the person who is our challenge and then another meaningful figure who is our encouragement, or our visionary. In my case, my encourager/helper was my horse. She literally kept me alive and supported me as I stayed present for a very difficult karmic contract.

      And you’re so very welcome Leanne – it brings me joy to see you break free and FLY!!

  13. Leanne Day February 8, 2023 at 3:19 am - Reply

    Thank you for sharing your story of your relationship with your horse, Jini. What a blessing!!

    Here is where I am at so far:
    I have always known that I made all my plans and decisions regarding my Divine Path and how it would play out, before I incarnated onto Planet Earth. (As yet, I just don’t know what they are.)

    Now, over the past week I have been guided to relax and just BE in the present: to detach from the movements of the mind and reside in love because everything that is arising, is ME (including the bulldozer activity, the local council’s delay in responding to my request to disclose its true development plans for my property, etc. etc.). I have been ‘told’ that this state of just BEING is the necessary state of awareness I need to achieve, as it is the state of non-duality. I am to stop seeking because I don’t even know what I am seeking yet, and just BE.

    This is the reason I have not been able to find the property I would like to move to.

    The situation I am currently dealing with regarding my dealings with local council and the sale of my property, etc, is the opportunity that Divine Universe is providing me with to choose to leave behind my past experiences of lack, self-loathing and negative thought patterns, which no longer serve me, and embrace the opportunity to step into my NEW LIFE by embracing my NEW LIFE’S PATH and its opportunities, which are all about learning to not only step into my power and speak my truth, BUT TO ALSO TRUST IN DIVINE UNIVERSE; to LIVE IN A STATE OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for myself and others; and to recalibrate my thought patterns into POSITIVITY, which will attract ABUNDANCE and HARMONY.

    The question now is: Will I show that I am capable of embracing my new path? Or will I default back into my old patterns, which I learned during my youth and that have been replaying throughout my life up to this point?…

    Early this morning at about 2.30am I went outside and stood on my front lawn, looked up at the moon and said a prayer to Divine Universe. I’m unable to repeat it verbatim but it went like this:


    After that I went back to bed and went back to sleep and had the prettiest dream I have ever had. When I awoke I couldn’t remember having that dream, but I felt really good and at peace. The memory of the dream was triggered when I went out with my early morning (sunrise) cup of coffee with my cat and sat on the veranda for my daily connection to Higher Self. It was seeing a Swamp Hen walked past on the lawn that triggered the memory of my dream. I believe this dream is a definite sign that I have moved into my new Life’s Path and out of my old repetitive (karmic) past. My Dream:

    I am in Nature and seem to be alone, but don’t feel alone. (Very similar to how I feel during the day now: I AM NEVER ALONE!) Nature Beings, birds in particular, are drawn to me and want to be with me. Of course I feel enormous LOVE for their company! The clearest memory in this dream is me speaking out loud to ‘someone’ about the Pink and Grey galahs that have just flown onto a branch of a tree overhead. Several of them fly down to me and one in particular comes very close and greets me with Love that is shown through eye-contact and soft, friendly galah sounds. It shows no fear at all, just happy recognition of me. This fills my Soul with Love, Gratitude and such Joy! Other Nature Beings including really weird, scary looking ones do the same before and after this particular Pink and Grey galah. I can’t remember feeling so happy and at peace in my whole life!!!!



    • JINI February 8, 2023 at 6:27 am - Reply

      Of course I then had to look up Galah bird – oh my, what a beautiful being! If I were a fashion designer, I would take all my color combinations from birds and fish. Honestly, they cannot be improved upon!

      And yes, I hear you about breaking those old patterns – there’s a book series by a UK author that illustrates this process brilliantly – in story form. It’s called The Horses Know by Lynn Mann. I think you’ll love it (and the whole series). I have a podcast with her coming out soon :)

      In a number of her books, the horse coaches the human through the process of being faced with the opportunity to live/be their old pattern, or make a different choice. You get to see how HARD it is to break these defaults and the crazy hold they have on us. I think her books are a gift to those of us in these processes (and who isn’t??) of shifting, transforming, replacing old patterns with new more functional ones. xox

  14. Leanne Day February 11, 2023 at 9:50 pm - Reply

    Thank you, Jini, for your reading suggestion, The Horses Know by Lynn Mann. I will certainly follow up on this and look forward to your upcoming podcast with Lynn!!

    This synchronicity is pretty darn amazing!! Regarding your earlier suggestion (January 10 reply), you suggested that I use Lazer Tapping to give voice to the land and all creatures being impacted and then to just follow it wherever it leads:

    This led me to also consider writing a novel about my protagonist’s awakening journey and to tell this story through the ‘voice of nature’, a ‘spiritually aware narrator’ and the protagonist’s interaction with nature. As I have packed away all of my painting gear in readiness for my impending relocation, I realised that at least I still have access to my computer. So why not get started on this project?! I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to share with you how I have woven my Lazer Tapping session with my trees into this novel and have used it as the Prologue to set the stage for the story to follow.


    Throughout Australia native Eucalyptus trees interact with the warmth of the early morning sunshine and cool air. They release tiny droplets of fresh smelling oil from their leaves, which combine with the suspended moisture and dust particles in the atmosphere. When viewed from a distance, this phenomena shows up as a rich, blue haze that shrouds the natural landscape.

    The energetic communication network provided by the enfolding toroidal energy of all Beings is in overdrive. On the outskirts of ‘civilization’ in the hinterlands of coastal Queensland, the local Eucalyptus trees are contributing their voices to the dominating global conversation:

    ‘Why don’t humans appreciate the contribution we make to the nature collective? We’ve given our energy unstintingly for so long. Can’t they see that? All other Nature Beings understand. Our relationship with them has always been a reciprocated energy exchange of give and take.

    ‘Yes, they know we clean the air and purify the water for them.

    ‘… and provide cool shade, shelter and habitat.

    ‘We protect against soil erosion.’

    ‘Yes, yes. We know you are having difficulty releasing your energy back to Mother Earth. But understand, our energy will never be destroyed. We are only giving back our physical bodies. Our energy is being called elsewhere. When we relocate, it will be into areas where Beings have opened to gratitude and love of nature.

    ‘That’s right. Not all humans are ungrateful and ignorant of the services we provide to them as well as to all other Beings.

    ‘We have been around for a long time and have learned patience. We are now being called upon, once again, to trust in the divine process, which will lead to the greater good of all Beings.

    ‘During this time of hardship and challenge, Saplings, you must continue to trust the wisdom of us Oldies.

    ‘We do! You’ve always shared your knowledge, nutrients and water to help us survive when we have been under threat. But we are under threat now! Why should we allow this?’

    ‘We must allow all humans to learn to appreciate nature and work in harmony with it.’

    ‘But that means allowing them to go ahead and destroy whole natural landscapes!’

    ‘Yes. They will only appreciate what they had after they lose it.

    ‘Those humans, who are open to the beauties and practicalities of nature, will find their way to remaining native landscapes, however small they may become. They will work closely with us and be instrumental in guiding and educating other humans on how to live in harmony with us and what they need to do to protect our gift.

    ‘Once humans and nature connect, the result will be powerful. This will contribute to Mother Earth’s ascension. That is a very exciting project to be involved in and worth being patient for and continuing to contribute to.’

    As the morning sunshine continues to heat the trees, a cool, calming breeze soothes their collective pain and the leaves bow in grace as they prepare and release their energy back to earth.

    Birds settle and quieten. Cicadas emit their low, undulating dirge. All around the planet, fires burn and the screech of metal on tree continues as bulldozers rip and crush.

    • JINI February 14, 2023 at 3:48 am - Reply

      That’s so cool about the eucalyptus haze – I never knew that! And yes, follow your muse! With your artistic ability, you could even do a series of vignettes illustrated with your artwork :)

  15. Leanne Day February 14, 2023 at 4:09 am - Reply

    Oooooh! That’s a really lovely idea, thank you!! I’m almost finished writing my first chapter now and with everything that is going on with me at the moment, this project enables me to separate myself from all the other stressful stuff and get totally immersed! Since I’ve had to pack away my paints I’ve been really missing this feeling! Once I unpack my painting gear I will have ideas for a whole run of new paintings.🤗

    Thank you again Jini!

    • JINI February 14, 2023 at 4:47 am - Reply

      Awesome! My mum just wrote her first book – a family memoir – and it has been all-consuming, yet so stimulating and creative for her:

  16. Leanne Day February 20, 2023 at 2:26 am - Reply

    I am manifesting my ideal future through the protagonist I have created in my novel!!!

    In ‘real life’ council is overdue with supplying its response to my letter to the minister by three weeks. Yesterday I received an epiphany from my Higher Self during my early waking hours advising that the reason for the delay was because my letter had opened a big can of worms for council and that the outcome would be that council would request a compulsory land acquisition from me through the usual process of them paying for my choice of lawyer to represent my interests and negotiate my sale price with council’s lawyer.

    In the meantime I have been writing my novel. My protagonist’s name is Lily Greentree and she is based on my own experiences, circumstances, feelings and spiritual insights. Except when she connects with Higher Self, I refer to it in the novel as her ‘intuition’.

    I have captured her personality and passions and how she is coping with her current situation, which is mine, in the first two chapters. I didn’t want to stall with writing my novel because of council’s delay in responding, so yesterday I continued writing her story after she received the compulsory land acquisition request, which had resulted in her receiving a very lucrative payout. I described Lily’s feelings of overwhelming happiness and gratitude (as I would feel in those circumstances) and as I was writing I was experiencing those feelings and had to stop multiple times to express my gratitude to the Universe!!!

    This morning, during my usual check-in time with my Higher Self, I was informed that the real reason for council’s hold-up in responding was to give me a chance to manifest my own ideal future through Lily!

    So this morning I went to town in the next chapter! How easy it is to manifest my ideal future for a fictitious character! I’m having a whale of a time. The narrator is relating Lily’s story according to what has already happened, so it is written in past tense and this is perfect for manifesting MY future (ie, as if it has already happened)!

    I don’t give Lily/me any limitations because anything is possible in MY novel. She is living MY ideal life. I am the author of my protagonist’s life in my novel, but more importantly: I AM ALSO THE AUTHOR AND CREATOR OF MY OWN REALITY!

    The crazy, magical thing is that because I imbue Lily with my thoughts and feelings, when Lily reached a particular stage in her unfolding story and needed to sit quietly and connect with her intuition for guidance, My Higher Self responded and I RECEIVED HER MESSAGE!!!

    • JINI February 22, 2023 at 6:02 am - Reply

      You know, I have often thought of doing this Leanne! Because it’s a wonderful way to FEEL the reality you want, thus creating the reality vibrationally. Creating the frequency layer of that reality, which can then manifest into physical form. This is the core of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s teaching, Abraham Hicks, and many others, as you have pointed out.

      I SO look forward to hearing what happens with this… exciting!!

  17. Leanne Day March 10, 2023 at 2:27 am - Reply

    Moving out of Negative into the Positive and finding my Divine Purpose:

    I am still waiting on local government’s full disclosure of its planning intentions regarding resumption of land within my property boundaries for the widening of two major arterial roads. This has affected my energy levels, leaving me feeling very low, miserable and trapped. Then I realised that it is actually me holding myself back! Although I really want to move forward because I know it is the right thing for me to do, I have been harbouring a deep-seated fear of what lies ahead: Where am I going to move to? What is my purpose? My passion is ‘conservation’, but what sort of income could I possibly generate from that?

    SO, I decided to take a short driving holiday and stay at Queensland’s Bargara Beach, which is close to the Mon Repos turtle rookery where night-time, ranger-guided tours offer the public up-close turtle encounters. This is perfect timing for my holiday because it happens to be the season when turtle hatchlings surface from their sandy nests on the beach and race down to the evening tidal waters to swim off into their brand new lives.

    Apart from enjoying a turtle encounter, I wanted to go out on day trips to coastal areas north, south and west of Bargara and look for potential properties to either purchase or rent. My search criterion was properties covered in natural habitat where native wildlife abounded. What I found, though, was quite disillusioning as most of the environmentally picturesque places were being cleared for housing development.

    While I was driving back from the beachside town of Woodgate, where I had spent some years during my youth, I realised that I wasn’t even sure what I was really looking for anymore! So I started to visualise my ideal property, putting aside all limitations, including price-range. This is what I visualised: The front view from this property was of a pristine walking beach, with long stretches of white sand and clear water; the rear view was over some sort of wetland or national park area that would be protected from development. This is when I realised that, once again, I was drawn to places similar to the one I had found at Toorbul. Only this time I wanted a sandy beach to walk along, rather than the sticky mud-flats of Toorbul. Although rising sea-levels was always going to be an issue with any property on an esplanade, I thought that an option worth considering might be to rent until I got over this ingrained desire to live so close to the beach.

    As I was driving back from Woodgate I passed signage for a national park and further on the, ‘Vera-Scarth Johnson Wild Flower Reserve’. Wow!! That was when I had an amazing idea that this would be the perfect location for a start-up business for honey production! I would need to learn all about it, but this idea perfectly aligned with my mind, body, soul AND MOTHER EARTH! I immediately remembered your story, Jini, about your beekeeping experiences and the frequency of the bee’s buzzing! This prospect was divine and one that I had never considered for myself!

    Although I was driving back to my apartment at Bargara, nothing seemed familiar. I didn’t remember having passed the national park and wildflower signage on the way to Woodgate and realised I was lost! This was strange because every other day I had driven out, Google Maps always brought me back to the address of my apartment at Bargara, without any issue. I kept driving and ended up on a very short esplanade road that only had five houses on it. As I drove by I caught a glimpse when I looked down a cleared sandy walking track of a stunningly beautiful beach. However, by this stage I was panicking about being lost, so I turned my car around and back-tracked the way I had just come. Then I stopped the car! This was exactly the sort of place I had just visualised!!! So I turned my car around again and drove back to the esplanade to have a better look at the beach.

    The staggeringly beautiful, long sandy beach with crystal clear water and waves gently rolling in was completely deserted except for a young man and woman, who were setting up a picnic shade. I approached them and said, ‘You’re going to think I’m really weird, but can you tell me where I am, please? I’m lost. I’ve been scouting around for several days for a location to buy a property and this place is EXACTLY what I have been searching for!’

    The man replied, ‘Well you’re going to think we’re really weird too, because we are both real estate agents and there is a house on the esplanade that is for sale!’ (I later did a search on a real-estate website and found there was also a rental house available on this esplanade!) The man explained that they were just setting up to film a commercial for land sales in the area and were about to send up a drone. He told me the name of the place was ‘Coonarr’, which I had never heard of.

    I had booked my turtle encounter for that evening and as the couple also needed to make use of the remaining light to do their video, we exchanged contact details and they kindly gave me instructions on how to get back onto the road that would take me back to Bargara. The REALLY bizarre thing was that when I drove into Bargara and wanted Google Maps to guide me to the last few streets to get to my apartment, it kept trying to send me back to Coonarr Esplanade!!!!

    I was on such a high!! What an AMAZING compilation of otherwise unexplainable synchronicities!

    I had deliberately booked my turtle encounter for that particular evening because it was the eve of my birthday. I had to be at the Turtle Centre by 7:00pm to check-in and I intended enjoying the evening expedition along the beach to the location of one of the turtle nests, where I would have the supreme honour of being there to wish the hundreds of baby turtles a happy birthday as they hatched and ran down to the beach! Then I had planned to scarper back to my apartment in time for the first minute of my own birthday at midnight.

    Everything went like clockwork and I had the best time! When I got back to my apartment, my vibrations were at an all-time high! I had a cupcake and birthday candle ready and after I set it up and blew out the candle at midnight I knew exactly what to wish for and release to Divine Universe!

    Later on in the daylight hours of that morning, I received a phone call from one of the real estate agents, who was able to accommodate my request to inspect the property on Coonarr Beach Esplanade that day. (This was the last opportunity to view the property because I was driving back to Morayfield the following morning. What a lovely birthday present!!)

    After I returned home to Morayfield, I phoned my brother and told him this amazing story, including my thoughts on starting up a beekeeping enterprise. That’s when he told me he had a friend over the road, who was a mentor for beekeepers, north of Brisbane!!

    Not all was wonderful, though, because I remembered reading a plaque posted on one of the Pandanus trees while walking along the Bargara esplanade. The plaque explained that the Pandanus tree die-back along the Bargara Beach esplanade was caused by a leaf-hopper. It stated that the only option now was to introduce a predatory wasp to eradicate the leaf-hopper. At the time of reading this I felt sick in my stomach about the stupidity of introducing foreign species into a new environment where they didn’t have any natural predators to keep THEM under control!

    I knew that because I was a tourist visiting the region, the local council for that area would disregard my concerns. But now that I was planning to be a resident seeking to introduce a new start-up honey production business in the area and hopefully network with other locals to form a honey production co-op, I would be listened to! I contacted the council and expressed my dire concerns about the threat of predatory wasps wiping out the local bee population, not to mention the fact that the region’s current staple primary production was small crops, which depended on bee pollination for their crops, as well as sugar cane. I also made the point that the release of predatory wasps at Bargara was a stone’s throw away from the Vera-Scarth Johnson Wild Flower Reserve! What about the bees?!!! Not to mention the whole cycle of the native biodiversity of insects in the region, which other wildlife such as birds depend on! I asked if there had been any consultation with local residents and farmers about this decision to release predatory wasps into the area. But their avoidance of answering this question provided me with my answer.

    The good thing was that the predatory wasps had not yet been released into the area. So after I phoned council, I also contacted a journalist, who covered the Bundaberg region, and expressed my concern about the lack of consultation about this decision with the wider community and explained that the reason I contacted him was because he could shine light on what council was planning. I also made the point that I was seeking to introduce a new primary production into their region of high unemployment, which may have wide appeal for unemployed people, the retired as well as hobbyists.

    As further follow-up, I have also scheduled an appointment with the bee-keeping mentor my brother put me onto and have contacted the various state government entities regarding guidelines and registrations. I also intend becoming a member of the Beekeepers Association of Queensland after I speak to the Beekeeper mentor.

    After the bizarre way I found Coonarr, I really feel I have a Soul link to this place and the opportunities there through beekeeping are aligned with my passion for conservation and protection of Mother Earth in all her glory! I think I have finally found my purpose!! Also, the region around Coonarr has an abundance of koala fodder trees, so no doubt koalas also live there too!!! For me this is ‘Christmas on a stick’ and if there is something I can do to contribute to its protection, then that is my purpose!!

  18. Leanne Day March 10, 2023 at 8:00 pm - Reply

    I have since conducted some intense research on the wasp and have not found anything of concern – yay!!
    In a nutshell, the Aphanomerus wasp is native to Australia and extremely host specific to the leaf-hopper (Jamella australiae), although it is unknown at this stage whether or not it may affect one other native planthopper.

    So I feel I can ‘call off the dogs’ and embrace this wonderful opportunity!!!
    As always, I would be grateful for any of your insights on this, Jini! 🙏😊

    • JINI March 11, 2023 at 5:06 am - Reply

      Hey Leanne, just arrived back at the ranch after a visit down to the coast here. And here is the next installment in your journey – love it!

      But you did not say whether you liked the house for sale, is it in your price range, etc? Also what about the rental property?

      I love how excited you are about beekeeping. Have you checked out the Flow Hive? Invented by 2 Aussie beekeepers, it’s revolutionary and you don’t need to disturb the bees. Turn a spout and the honey will flow out directly into your jar or container. I bought one for the ranch here and will be setting it up next week. Definitely check it out!

      The only thing I would point out – just based on what you’ve written, and I know the full story is much bigger – is to check how grounded you are. I understand it’s easy to get swept up in the emotion when things are exciting, but as you’re following Source guidance, remember you gotta slow down and root down to be able to hear that.

      I hope you shared your deeper research with the journalist and the local council – otherwise your initial protest could backfire and not end up being beneficial to the ecosystem (nor to yourself) ;)

      Also, read back over your posts here – you felt very similar excitement and ‘rightness’ about Toorbul… so while emotions are great and help us create the frequency of manifestation, what is your deeper Guidance indicator? xo

  19. Leanne Day March 11, 2023 at 10:18 am - Reply

    Thank you Jini!! I hope you enjoyed your time away and are happy to be back at the ranch!!

    Yes, I have seen the Flow Hive advertised on the internet, but with your endorsement and description of how it works, it sounds like just what I need. My main concern was about the honey removal process, so thank you!

    It was only during the wee early hours of this morning (Saturday) that I got the ‘light bulb’ message to do my own research on these wasps, so that’s what I did. It’s Saturday today and a lot of journalists are always contactable, so yes, I was able to get back in touch with him at 7:30am to let him know what I had since found out and I also sent him a link to a press release posted in 2015 (!!!) about council beginning this wasp releasing program way back then! Apparently the plaque I saw on the Pandanus tree was very old. The joke is on me and I feel very foolish for not doing this research earlier. This also explains why the council officer I spoke to and her boss didn’t know anything about this plaque being on the tree, but they were well aware of the wasp releasing program. Yet the dieback is still apparent on the foreshore Pandanus trees after all these years (???)
    (I also offered to send the journalist more links to other information I had found. )

    I’ll be back in touch with Council on Monday morning when they are back at work. I’m fully expecting them to laugh their heads off at me☹️

    Regarding the grounding: I had been doing very long, barefoot walks and stomping along the sand and shallows of all the beaches I visited as a way of intentionally trying to ground myself, as I am aware of this issue I have. I’m not sure if I need to do more. (???) If you have any suggestions, I would be grateful. 🙏

    … and yes, the properties in that area are within my price range once I sell, mostly because they are so remote. There’s only a few houses there and Coonarr doesn’t even have a corner store, but I have lived in a lot more remote places in my life, and on my own. Coonarr does, however, have rubbish collection services! And it’s only about 30 minutes drive in all directions to other small townships that do have shopping centres, etc.

    I wasn’t overly fussed with the house that was for sale, but it wasn’t too bad. I hadn’t started thinking about renting there until afterwards, but I had a look at a rental property on the real estate website and was less impressed with it.

    Yesterday I received a phone call from the real estate agent I first met on the Coonar Beach and I gave him my feedback. He said he would investigate other properties in that area for me. I told him they didn’t necessarily have to be on the esplanade, but I’d like them to be close to the wildflower reserve (for my bees).

    I also told him I was aware of the issue of foreshore erosion and that was why I was also considering renting, even though I would prefer to buy.

    Jini, I just seem to be hard-wired in to wanting to be as close as possible to the beach and I don’t completely understand this when my head is telling me better. I’ve been this way since I was a toddler. I just feel so much happier there regardless of the weather.

    I am so grateful to you and greatly appreciate any/all your thoughts, suggestions and insights. They really help!
    Take care and thank you Jini!!!🫶🫶🫶

  20. Leanne Day March 12, 2023 at 1:40 am - Reply

    This morning I was feeling particularly miserable and feeling like I was just spinning my wheels. I felt/feel lost and adrift. So I got up to do my usual ‘check-in’ with Higher-Self. I usually restrict this time to between 5:00am – 6:00am to ensure I don’t miss out on too much sleep time. Unless, of course, I have a ‘light-bulb’ moment at the usual 2:00am time-slot that requires me to take some immediate action, even if that is just to jot down what that action is. But this morning I knew I wouldn’t go back to sleep and I wanted some guidance.

    I poured my heart out the way I usually do, which is how I observed one of the ways you do in your YouTube posts, ie: talking out loud and tapping on the thymus thump. I asked for guidance on what my purpose was and where I am meant to move. (I understand this purpose and place may not be a ‘forever’ purpose or place, but simply the next step on my Divine Path.)

    My Higher-Self directed me back to my PAINTING! (I thought you might be interested in this, Jini, because you have enquired a couple of times about how I was getting on with my painting. It had previously been my main focus.)

    I explained to my Higher-Self that I had become disillusioned with it.

    As a fellow artist, I remember you had previously advised me not to put too much pressure on it. But that was what I had done.

    I told Higher-Self that the painting world was very competitive and I didn’t want to buy into that anymore. That I enjoyed entering painting competitions, not to compete, but to see what my paintings looked like in amongst all the others; and seeing what the ‘bigger picture’ was and what was motivating other artists to create. I also railed against not even getting shortlisted anymore because I didn’t have a website and an impressive resume. So Higher-Self told me to just write that story on my application. That cheered me up somewhat! After all, aren’t artists meant to speak their Truth and not submit to everyone else’s expectations?

    I haven’t been able to paint since I put my house on the market, because I have to keep everything neat and tidy in case a buyer wants to come through. I do, however, have the finished paintings that I sent you images of. I checked the internet to see when and if my regional art competition was going to be held this year, and viola! Perfect timing! Entries close mid-April. So I decided to enter ‘Second Sitting’ and sent off my application this morning with accompanying image… AND I did what my Higher-Self advised, so this is what I wrote in my application:

    Artist’s Statement:
    My painting is my soul expression. I don’t paint to compete with other soul expressions, but seek a space amongst others to produce a snapshot of unity; of what other souls are feeling in this fleeting moment in time.

    Artwork statement:
    This work is a metaphor for new beginnings. It represents the ashes for the Phoenix to rise from. There is no certainty of what lies ahead, but there is a knowing that life can be better.

    What fun!!


  21. Leanne Day March 12, 2023 at 10:09 pm - Reply

    This morning’s epiphany arose when I was considering how to incorporate my holiday experiences into my novel in a meaningful way. That’s when I realised my spiritual search for a place and my purpose was like ‘my quest for the Holy Grail’. It was those words that opened to my Knowing that it is not what’s out there, but what is right here inside me!

    So this time of delay in finding out the result of the state government’s findings on my property is a really good time for me to continue focusing on working on myself. I need to be patient and continue working on the things I want to take forward with me: writing, painting, learning about bee-keeping and connecting with Higher Self. The other side of that is to continue releasing all that does not serve me.

    As well as being patient, this also requires trust and embracing the understanding that everything that is happening to me now has been created by me for me to learn and grow.

  22. Leanne Day March 13, 2023 at 2:47 am - Reply

    Addition to 2nd last paragraph, which outlines what I would like to take forward with me:
    … and of course my spiritual family, which of course and most importantly, includes you, Jini!!

    • JINI March 13, 2023 at 10:31 pm - Reply

      Yes love it! Why follow what others do, or has ‘always’ been done. Do it differently :)

      And yes, we think a property search is just about finding a home, but (especially when we are actively seeking to evolve) it’s really an opportunity for great expansion and personal growth. Which means it might not be all smooth and sparkly! Growth often involves going into our shadow and gnarly bits, shining the light of truth and opening to healing in those areas. If all goes smooth like magic, there’s no signposting for those hidden pieces that need to be healed/evolved.

      Once we realize this is a holistic journey, we can get a better perspective on the winding nature, or ups and downs of the process. It will be interesting to see all the twists and turns and how long this takes – and at the end, you’ll have one helluva story! xo

  23. Leanne Day March 14, 2023 at 1:06 am - Reply

    Brilliant – LOVE IT!!!!!! Thank you!!! 😄

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