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Elephants, Horses, Inter-racial Love & No Regrets
By Published On: October 15, 2022

A conversation with Oriane Lee Johnston, author of The Geography of Belonging – a book about her cross-continental love affair with Zimbabwe and a local horseman. Full of African wilderness and wildlife stories, spiritual awakenings and cross-cultural/inter-racial navigation.

As a third-generation African (born in Kenya), Oriane’s story was particularly interesting to me and we get into some of the subtleties of cross-cultural mores or decorum. With plenty of side forays into things like manifesting, the influence of ancestral lines, multiple wives, microlending, and why a local pregnant woman with young kids can safely walk 3 hours into the bush, but a strong, young white male would be in extreme danger.

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The JINI Podcast
The JINI Podcast
Elephants, Horses, Inter-racial Love & No Regrets

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Show Notes

Oriane’s site for tarot readings and her book, The Geography of Belonging

Spotify soundtrack for the book

Soft Foot Alliance (managing elephants and other wildlife co-existing with humans in Zimbabwe)

Horseback Safari in Zimbabwe

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