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Guides, Angels & Spiritual Boundaries
By Published On: March 13, 2023

A riveting discussion with human and animal soul whisperer, Ginny Jablonski, where we discuss topics like the difference between Guides and Angels? And why it’s a good idea to ask your Guides about why they chose you and what their interest is?

Some guides come through to be of service to the human, but others are in service to their own path/journey and we are then their vehicle. Which may be okay, or may not. It depends what you want to do with this incarnation? What are you here to experience? What do you want/need to learn?

“After years on my journey, I finally figured out that information wasn’t evolution. And that all the information wasn’t just entertainment; it was for me to internalize and then begin to inquire and work with that part of myself that was offering the wisdom to me.” – Ginny Jablonski

We also talk about boundaries and permissions from an earth-based 3D perspective where we live in a world of light and darkness, good and evil, where we want to protect ourselves from negative entities or energies.

Versus a multi-dimensional perspective where negative energies or experiences are drawn to you, or will manifest for you, for the purpose of your healing and evolution – so in that way they are actually part of your Highest Good.

So then where do we need to set the space, or create boundaries around our work and interactions here on planet earth? And if you are an energy worker, how and why do you decide not to let certain elements influence or affect your healing space with clients and your own energy field?

This is a juicy one! If you are already working as an energy healer, psychic, spiritual teacher, or animal communicator, this discussion is guaranteed to be interesting, and perhaps even triggering… I welcome all dissent and alternate perspectives in the Comments section below.

Likewise, I welcome your own stories that reflect the elements we discussed here and perhaps you’d like to expand on them… it’s all good :)

You can reach Ginny at her website.

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The JINI Podcast
The JINI Podcast
Guides, Angels & Spiritual Boundaries

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