84-yr-old High Risk, Heart Disease, Diabetic, Smoker Heals Covid Naturally

Is this a story about the power of natural/holistic treatments? Or is it a story about the power of the mind and will? What does this story tell us about death, fear of death, or the role we play in whether/when it is our time to die? And the decisions we make as a result of our beliefs…

I would like to share a story: My 78 yr old mother and 84 yr old father got double-jabbed so they could fly from Canada to their house in Arizona for the winter. A few weeks after arrival, they both got covid (confirmed by testing). My Dad is about as high-risk as you can get: long-standing heart disease (triple bypass, multiple stents, etc), 60 year smoker (still smokes), and diabetic. However, he also has a positive outlook on life, a very strong mind, not obese, gets outside to garden, and mum feeds him organic homecooked food.

After his 2nd jab, he developed pancreatitis and a blood clot that sits above his heart (he was honestly 1 foot from the grave then). But he used Absorb Plus shakes to heal his pancreatitis and then announced he would fly to Arizona for the winter. He had to get a certain score on one of his heart function tests to get clearance from his cardiologist, and he’d failed the test the last time he took it. So this time, he did acupressure tapping (LazerTapping.com) before and during the test – and passed.

We have never been shy to talk about death in our family, and we all agreed that it would be better to die in the sunshine, going for what you love, than in rain and cold, locked in by fear.

So now they’re in Arizona and they have covid. My Dad can’t sleep because he’s coughing all night, he gets up to go to the bathroom and he passes out. My Mum lifts him from the bathroom floor and carries him back to bed! And puts her back out – hearing it pop.

As a doctor, my Dad happily uses drugs and surgery, but he also regularly asks my advice on natural treatments and he uses those too (hence the Tapping). As there are no effective drugs (approved) for covid, he used the following natural treatment protocols:

Room-size Vaporizer – oils go in the receptacle on top

  • Lots of fresh lemon juice and honey (with stevia – not too much sugar) in hot water (drink)
  • Zinc – 50 mg per day
  • Eucalyptus oil and Olbas Oil in the vaporizer every night (all night long)
  • Vitamin D3 – 15,000 IU per day
  • Vitamin C – 1,000 mg whenever he felt like it
  • Wild oregano oil – 50 drops, 5x/day
  • Manual percussive thumping on the back to loosen mucus

He tried doing a concentrated Eucalyptus Steam – but as a long-term smoker he has so much tar in his lungs (which eucalyptus will loosen), it didn’t feel like a net positive.

I asked him to do 0.25% food-grade hydrogen peroxide in a medical grade nebulizer (which my Mum ordered from Amazon) as it would just kill the pathogen, but not loosen the tar/mucus. But he did not like that idea. He tried 1 application at 0.1% at my Mum’s insistence, but didn’t want to do it again.

NOTE: Your belief is the strongest healing tool you have! If you don’t believe in something OR you believe it’s not safe… guess what? Your experience will likely confirm your belief. Especially if you have a strong mind like my father. Of course, he may also have been listening to his body wisdom. Only he can make that call.

I had recommended 10 drops of wild oregano, every 2 hours. But he decided to copy my son’s “dosage mistake” from when my son had covid last year (my son healed in 3 days btw). Dad said he could literally feel the difference after each dropperful of wild oregano.

My Dad & my son Hugo messing around

Dad tested his oxygen levels regularly and had oxygen lined up to be delivered in case he dropped below 94 – it was not needed.

My mum had severe back pain and limited mobility after carrying Dad from the bathroom floor to his bed. She took daily hot baths with 1 cup of Epsom salts (magnesium is nature’s muscle relaxant) per bath. And then applied hot castor oil packs to her back. She also took Serrapeptase and mixed enzymes. She communicated with her body and went into her back to discern which positions she should lie in, and how/when to get up or lie down. 10 days later, she heard some clicks in her back and since then she hardly has any pain and no reduction in mobility. In fact, the only time she experiences pain is when she slouches or doesn’t keep her posture aligned! So her body continues to message her (pain is a message) for their mutual benefit.

16 days later my mum and dad tested negative for Covid. They continued to use eucalyptus and Olbas Oil in their humidifier at night. Keeping the lung mucus membrane (i.e. barrier function) lubricated is crucial for any respiratory condition, including allergies.

They continued to take vitamin D3, zinc, vitamin C (including fresh lemon juice and grapefruit from their own trees), and wild oregano at a reduced dose, once or twice per day. My Dad required the manual percussive technique ongoing for a couple of months – again, his condition is complicated by 60 years of smoking.

But they are back to being active, shopping, cleaning the patio etc. My Dad’s heart condition has not allowed him to walk/do much for a few years now – but occasionally he feels good enough for 9 holes of golf. And he still tends to his vegetables, yard, flowers – just an hour or so each day – someone else comes in to do lawn mowing and hedge trimming. Life is good.

I hope my Dad shares his story with all his family and friends.

The more home health knowledge we have, the less afraid and the more empowered we are, and the internet makes it so easy to grow your healing toolkit! At the very least, bookmark the HOME REMEDIES section on my health site – tried & tested remedies used by my family and over 200K readers.

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