How to Not be Afraid of Getting Sick

Do you find yourself terrified at the thought of contracting a viral or bacterial infection? Do you have zero faith in your body’s own self-healing abilities? Do you feel helpless and powerless to be able to heal yourself if you became ill?

The first premise we have to comprehend, when looking at microbes that cause infection and sickness, is that microorganisms exist within an ecosystem.

And humans are not not separate from the animal or natural world. We ARE animals (mammals), we live intimately intertwined with all the elements of nature – nature provides all our food and water. Without either we are dead.

What have we seen occur throughout the natural world, when a species exceeds the carrying capacity of its ecosystem? There are multiple forces in nature that bring that species back into balance. These mechanisms range from volcanoes, earthquakes and other weather events, to famine, infectious and parasitic disease, drought, infertility, and predator increase.

Most scientists have the arrogance to presume that human animals are exempt from the laws of nature. At the very least, they argue that we are exempt from predator increase, because we are the apex predator. YES. In that we kill ourselves, and each other – throughout history.

So, we have classified pathogenic microorganisms as ‘disease’. But could they also be classed as ‘predator’? Predators are one of the balancing forces of nature that culls a species that would destroy the ecosystem if left unchecked.

We are mammals. We are part of the cycle of life, the cycles of nature. Unless you leave the planet permanently, you are not exempt from this interlinked, interdependent ecosystem – that has sustained life and diversity for thousands of years.

Resilience vs fear

We have placed all our attention – both medically and politically – on seeking to destroy pathogenic microorganisms. Except that bacteria and viruses were here looooong before we arrived and they will be here looooong after we leave. They can survive any weather event, atmospheric shift (no oxygen, no problem), temperature shift, comet striking the earth, fire, flood, drought, reversal in earth polarity, etc. etc. They are highly intelligent, capable of group communication and strategy, and can mutate extremely quickly to survive any drug, poison, toxin, explosive we throw at them.

Do antibiotic drugs work? Yes, for a time, and then the bacteria mutate and they don’t work anymore. Modern medicine has no anti-viral drugs of notable efficacy. Although a number of potent natural anti-virals exist. And viruses are also capable of continual mutation.

But if we examine the reasons severe pandemics like the Bubonic Plague and the Spanish Flu arose, and were able to cull so many humans, things start to make sense. Preceding and during both the Spanish Flu and the Bubonic Plague there were:

Attacks, repression and murder of many people who were trained in natural medicine, combined with malnutrition (famine), very poor hygiene (decaying flesh and feces in streets and water supply), and overcrowding (poor air quality). Along with traumatizing weather and war events.

Sound familiar? If you look around our world today, how many humans are currently in this situation? 7,000 people per day are dying of starvation (malnutrition, famine). A large percentage of people in the affluent West are actually clinically malnourished – although they appear obese. Anyone living in a city, relying on refrigeration and trucking/transport has only a 3-day supply of food in grocery stores, in the event of power outage, a weather event that takes out transport routes, political sanctions, or war.

We currently have millions of animals caged/tortured in factory farms (for our drug and hormone-tainted food supply) that are spewing feces and decaying flesh into our water supply and polluting the air so badly people in the area cannot open their windows. The overcrowding and poor air quality in most major cities is so extreme that citizens are routinely advised not to go outside. And we now have an increasing number of weather events, with unusual warming or cold periods.

And yet, when we have even a mini-flu pandemic like SARS, Covid, Swine Flu, what do we focus on? Experimental drug treatments! The political and mainstream media education (propaganda) all focus on the pathogen – those wily lifeforms that preceded us and will survive us.

We do not examine history and glean any lessons from past pandemics (other than quarantine – which is almost impossible in overcrowded cities). We do not look at our actions, nor our role within this ecosystem, we do not examine our own bioterrain; what exactly is making me susceptible to infection (culling) and what would render me an unattractive place for this pathogen to hang out?

The element I have noticed most strongly, and the cause of so much fear, is the lack of healing knowledge of the average person. This is the crucial factor that everyone can address, starting today!

Your healing toolkit

1. Change your mindset. Stop looking for a doctor/drugs to heal or help you with common or chronic illness. TAKE this responsibility back. Release this helplessness and choose empowerment.

2. Start TODAY by building your knowledge and medicine bag. Many doctors and natural healers have resource libraries and protocols, with clear, simple instructions that you can use to treat almost every ailment that arises in yourself or family.

I have a free online library of Home Remedies (tried-and-tested by tens of thousands of my readers) with easy-to-follow treatment protocols.

Dr. Mercola also used to have a free resource library but due to censorship (there’s that attack and silencing of local herbalists/doctors again) he’s had to remove it from the public domain. You can access it now on a hidden site, via a subscription fee. But his newsletter is still free and articles are available to read and download for 48 hours before he must remove them – by Presidential order. No, I’m not kidding.

CureZone is another great resource site – you’ll need to spend time sifting and reading, but there’s good stuff in there.

Of course, you can purchase books with herbal and homeopathic remedies, but personally, I find them too generalized. Rather than give you the best remedy, they give you 5-10 remedies. Unless you’re trained in the subtleties of various plants or remedies, it may just end up being confusing.

I have also compiled the Home Remedies section of my site into a 350-pg book in case I get censored, but thankfully there is no need for that yet.

My three kids and I haven’t been to see a medical doctor in over a decade. Why? Because we have the knowledge and the medicine bag to treat almost anything that arises. I’m 53, my husband is 60 and neither of us takes a single drug. Neither does my mother who is 78. This is not due to good genetics! I was diagnosed with a debilitating intestinal disease (Crohn’s) at age 17 and told I would never be able to hold a job, have kids and would be in and out of the hospital the rest of my life. I healed myself using natural methods, and have been 100% drug and surgery free for over 23 years. My 84 year old father, who is a medical doctor and smoker, has had multiple surgeries and takes a few drugs, but he also uses natural methods and eats unprocessed organic food (i.e. he is well nourished). My husband’s 85 year old father, who has no training in natural methods and lives overseas, ingests 14 different drugs per day. His mother has had multiple surgeries and medications. Our health is not a result of our genetics – it is the result of our daily choices and priorities.

If your only treatment options are drugs and hospital care, you will always be terrified of infectious disease. My son and husband got Covid, I had Omicron, my parents (78 & 84 yrs old) contracted Omicron and all of us used only natural medicines to heal ourselves, and very quickly.

Political and economic agendas tell you that you are helpless and at grave risk. And as long as you remain within their paradigm… you are. Like the doctor who told me I would be very ill for the rest of my life. But. You get to choose.

Stay in the helpless, fear-driven paradigm, or move to the empowered, resourceful, resilient paradigm.

Begin working with nature, understand your place in the natural ecosystem and connect to your interlinked matrix of earth, fungi, bird, mammal, reptile, plant, sun, tree elders and insects (among others!).

Jini’s Basic Medicine Bag

Here’s what’s in my Basic Medicine Bag – this has allowed me to treat every wound, bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic occurrence. I have these 15 products on hand, in my medicine bag, at all times:

  • Wild oregano oil
  • Comfrey salve
  • Potassium iodide (or Lugol’s iodine)
  • DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide – from tree bark)
  • Zinc oxide powder
  • Atom-sized zinc, magnesium, Bone Matrix
  • Colloidal silver
  • Hydrogen peroxide (food grade)
  • Aloe vera
  • Cocoa butter
  • Castor oil
  • MultiAbsorb Immune Booster
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin C (ascorbate, buffered, or liposomal form)
  • Natren probiotics
  • Medical-grade Nebulizer

That’s not overwhelming is it? All instructions for using these natural substances are given in my Home Remedies section. Just look up your ailment or symptom and follow the instructions. It’s that simple to begin shifting your paradigm and taking your power back.

p.s. I use these same substances to treat almost everything that happens with my herd of 11 horses, 2 cats and 2 dogs. My combined vet bill over the last 7 years was less than $500 – if you own horses, you’ll know how remarkable that is.

For acute, emergency, or surgical treatment, modern medicine is great! Car accident, broken leg, heart attack – for sure, get to a hospital. And imagine if all of us were fluent in natural medicine and only had to use the medical system/hospitals for acute events… there would also be no fear of pandemic overwhelm.

And maybe, just maybe, there’s space in our paradigm to assume responsibility for our role and our consequences for exceeding/exhausting our ecosystem?

3. Eat natural healthy food. If everyone stopped buying factory farmed meat and GMO foods – both would disappear from the planet in 3 months. ALL the power is in our wallets. If there’s no money coming in, any business will go bankrupt, including businesses that poison our water, soil and air.

If we grew our own veggies (no excuses – if you have an apartment balcony, you have enough room to grow food), or at least bought from local farms, or organic/no-spray/permaculture veggies – that alone would greatly increase our health and resistance to disease.

Buy meat, eggs, dairy only from pasture-raised animals. Push to have calves left with their mothers for at least 6 months, rather than ripped away at birth so that humans can have all the milk. A cow that would normally live over 20 years is often dead in 5 – from heartbreak. This is not healthy milk to consume – everything in a mammal’s body goes through to the breastmilk. Have a few chickens in your backyard – but make sure you give them a good, varied life, with lots of room to explore.

Start now. Start here (home remedies). Or here (mercola). Or here (curezone).

I’m rooting for you.


  1. Heather August 10, 2022 at 3:07 pm - Reply

    Such a fantastic article Jini. So completely true. I always knew the medical system was broken, at best, and became my own advocate after acquiring Crohn’s (I believe, from a vaccine back in 1988) but I had no idea how corrupt the news media/government/many doctors, big tech…. were (Canadian media is paid for by our tax dollars, it seems) before this worldwide sham. So many deceived because they listen to their TVs rather than using their own minds to figure things out and to research. Fear is a powerful motivator, sadly. These days truth is called a lie (or a conspiracy theory) and lies (the real misinformation) are called truth. Such a mess.

    From the start of this, we have written to untold government personnel who clearly don’t give a rat’s hind quarters about any of their constituents. No replies, most especially from the health officials in charge of each province. The corruption runs deep. How any of these complicit in this sham sleep at night is the question. They sure seem to have no trouble accepting their big bonuses. Just beyond words.

    Thanks for this post – you are so correct in that we all need to have our own toolkits and learn how to use them. My husband and I, like you (though a tad older) do not take any meds, use herbal preparations, oregano oil, etc. I have everything in your tool kit. Thanks so much for what you do. I found your site years back and successfully treated my nasty fistula with your oregano oil protocol. I used it for other things, but not like that. Who knew I could use it down there. 😉. Keep fighting the good fight. Blessing to you and your family.

    • JINI August 10, 2022 at 9:46 pm - Reply

      Thank you Heather and so great that you and your hubby are so aware. And yes, wild oregano is an amazing medicine. When I first discovered it, I thought for sure Big Pharma would have it banned with 5 years or so – like they did with comfrey. But somehow it has escaped the net!! DMSO is another powerhouse. All from plants/trees :)

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