How To Make Your Own Quinine

This gem is from Australian naturopathic doctor Simone Matthews:

If you have the flu, or chest cold, this is a great recipe to make your own Quinine. Dose the following tea at 1 tablespoon every couple of hours to bring up phlegm from your lungs. Discontinue as you feel better. If you also dose with a zinc supplement, the zinc propels the Quinine into your cells for a much faster healing. You can dose at 50 mg zinc per day for intensive treatment, or 15-20 mg per day for immune support.

1. Take the rind (peel) of 2-3 Organic Lemons and 2-3 Organic Grapefruits.

2. Put the peels into a saucepan* and cover with water to about 3 inches above peels.

3. Preferably put a glass lid** on the saucepan & let simmer for 2 hours

DO NOT take the lid off the pot till it cools completely (otherwise quinine will escape in the steam).

*Make sure your saucepan is stainless steel, not coated with teflon or non-stick, and not aluminum!

**Glass is the purest material, but a stainless steel lid is your next best choice.

This natural medicine is going to be extremely bitter! But then so is natural quinine from the bark of a cinchona tree or artemisinin from Artemisia annua, commonly known as sweet wormwood. Dilute with lots of water and add honey to increase palatability.

Note: This is a remedy and should not be used ongoing. As Dr. Matthews directed, discontinue as soon as you feel better. Excess quinine is toxic to the kidneys and should not be used by pregnant women.

A much easier and more pleasant remedy to bring up phlegm from the lungs is a eucalyptus steam, so personally, I would try that first!

Homemade Tonic Water

Of course, you can also make your own tonic/quinine water, which is a delicious way to drink your medicine:

  • 3 cups spring or filtered water
  • 1/4 cup organic lemon juice
  • peel from 3 organic limes – diced
  • peel from 3 organic lemons – diced
  • peel from 2 organic oranges – diced
  • 1/2 tsp cinchona extract

Combine ingredients together in a large glass jar, seal it and shake well. Refrigerate for the next 72 hours, but shake the mixture daily. After 3 days your tonic water is ready – sweeten with honey, or coconut syrup (combine with stevia to use less sweetener). And enjoy!

During both the building of the Panama Canal and the colonization of Africa, white men drank tonic water prophylactically – as a prevention against contracting malaria. Thus they were able to succeed, where many had died/failed.

Hydroxychloroquine vs Quinine

Hydroxychloroquine is a synthetic drug that was modified from an earlier drug called chloroquine. They are synthetic versions of a natural substance derived from the bark of the cinchona tree, called Quinine. Quinine has typically been used to treat malaria worldwide. It is also added to tonic water giving it its distinctive taste. Quinine is a plant alkaloid. Alkaloids are known for their bitterness and can be toxic.

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