Is the Law of Attraction Accurate?

This is a fabulous outline from Matías de Stefano about where the current understanding of the Law of Attraction falls short. If you’ve struggled to make visioning, goal-setting, vision boards etc work for you, this may just give you the missing pieces to your puzzle.

One of the things I really respect about Matías is his assertion that no single human in 3D has the whole, complete truth. That we are each here sharing our perspective. So he advises people to listen to many different teachers, read widely, and examine numerous perspectives; because we each have a piece, or unique perspective, of the whole. He simply hopes that his perspective is useful to people.

*NOTE: Much of this is a direct transcript from this video below (starting at 21:44), but as Matías is a non-native English speaker (and I am an author and English major) I have edited a wee bit in certain places to increase comprehension. I also used my own spidey-sense to check in with my guides, to stay true to his meaning.

Feel free to read this  s l o w l y  or even multiple times to be able to grasp the full meaning!

Over to Matías…

The universe and the spirit are not capitalists. If you say to the universe, “I want to have this, I deserve to have that” it’s not like that. Because there are other laws at play.

Attraction involves two poles; negative and positive. So both must be present for attraction to take place and this creates energy that can create life, motion, etc. So the law of attraction means to attract two polarities. So hidden behind the law of attraction is the law of polarity. But the law of polarity also means that negative and positive need to switch constantly in order to create movement (of DNA, rotation of the planet, etc).

Let’s say I am negative, so I have a void, so I am in need of something. So I attract to me the positive, to fill the void of the negative and I attach it to me. But the law of polarity says that in order to keep moving through evolution, nothing can be attached. You have to be non-attached to the things that you have. When you can do that, you transform yourself into positive. What happens with positive and positive? They repel.

All the strength of the universe pushes you towards evolution.

e.g. “I want, or I need a house.” Words like “want, need” are related to biology, and related to survival. So that means that when you have the house, it won’t be for you, it will be for you to survive. So you are creating a reality where you have to work harder to survive. Next, you have to pay for everything in and connected to the house. And maybe you are not in the position to be able to hold the weight of money, to pay for everything. So now it’s heavy. The positive has become negative.

In order for this process to work, you have to become your own goals – but then they are no longer goals; because they are something within, not something ahead.

The primary law is Mentalism (crown chakra); you are what you think you are, you will attract what you think you need to attract. The mind is a magnetic field around us and also within every cell of the body. Our mind is encoded with the unconscious and we are bound in every particle of our body by the subconscious.

In order to attract realities, emotions, etc, our entire system of thinking must shift the way it acts in the laws of the universe. Realize that the conscious mind is just a tiny part of the 3-mind system (conscious, unconscious, subconscious). So it is not just about what your brain thinks, or decides it wants to attract to your life, it is not only about yourself, it includes, for example, your ancestors, your culture, friends, family, your other lives, your expectations from other dimensions, your higher self, the beings you have been in other lives, all the timelines, all the space, all the gravities, the constellations, gravitational pressure of the planet, the sun, the weather, the moon… so many things that will condition what you are trying to attract. So that is why we need to heal our ancestral lines. We need to heal all of the elements from our past lives and any other traumas etc.

How can I become my own goals, in order to attract the accurate reality that I need to embody? Instead of saying, “I want…” BECOME what you desire. Don’t think of what you want in the future, BE it now = coherence. Mentalism is what you are, not what you think you want to be.

First, you need to be aware of all of the above. Imagine if you wrote a play; all the lines, settings, scenes, story, characters etc. And your play is now being performed on stage, everyone is watching, and in the middle of a scene you suddenly say, “Oh wait, I want to change something.” No. It’s not about an actor deciding to change the whole play. It’s about an actor using all the tools to improve the scene.

In 3D we are the experiential aspect of this play we have designed in other dimensions. Remember we are not just living/existing in 3D, we are in all dimensions.

Everything that’s happened in your history, your biology, your family, your astrological chart, your culture, in every life, your language, abilities, hobbies – everything comprises your tools, which tell you what realities you should attract to provide the best path for you. So it’s not about what you WANT. It’s about what you NEED. So attraction is not capitalistic. It’s about the energy that you have, to handle the stuff that is coming to you. So that’s why you have to become your own goals. When you recognize everything you have within, and how you’ve been created, you also recognize these laws of the universe.

The second law is Correspondence. Everything that I have been thinking, feeling, or have within, corresponds to what is outside of me. Prepare yourself, in order to create a reality on the outside. Whatever you have/are inside, is what you manifest outside.

The third law is Vibration. If you are in a low vibration, you cannot achieve the high vibration – that reality cannot see or perceive you.

The fourth law is Rhythm. Everything has a time. Everything that you attract is not for eternity, only for when you need it. Maybe some of the stuff that you are expecting to come to you, is just reflections of stuff your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents needed. Maybe you are just living the echoes from your family tree, from your ancestors.

The fifth law is Cause & Effect. If you want to create a consequence, then you have to take action. You have to be/action the cause, in order to create an effect. When you take action, you create movement, so the effect can come to you. It’s like moving in the water, so the waves can go out and then return to you.

You need to figure out the motivation behind what you want. What is really moving you to get that thing you want to attract? What is the main energy, the zero point, that is motivating you to look towards that? Go deep into that question… and maybe it is not even you who needs that. Maybe it is great-great-grandmother. So discern where the need, where the idea, or motivation comes from.

Whenever you start to become the energy vibration that you need, when you start to flow in the rhythm of life, not trying to control it, when you are willing to stand up to create action, in order to create an effect, you won’t be able to use the law of attraction (polarity). It’s much more than that – it’s about the balance of the universe.


Don’t worry, not only did I transcribe this, but I’ve read it 4 times and am still getting something new from it!

Matías’ comments about ancestral echoes really sticks out for me. Probably because I’ve been doing a lot of healing these past few years on the ancestral roots in my family. If you want to explore ancestral healing further, here’s a post I wrote with a few examples of how this works and what it looks/feels like.

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