Healing Ancestral Wounds or Dysfunction

One day a few years ago, I was at the barn when one of my barn helpers was also there, doing chores. I found myself muttering irritatedly to myself about everything this barn helper was doing wrong, how inefficient they were, they were slow, a bit thick, a “lafra” (Gujarati slang word for ‘useless/time-waster’). All of a sudden I stopped near a slow feeder in the paddock, looked around, and thought, ‘What the heck is going on here?? These are not my words, this doesn’t sound like me…’ My lead horse (and herd guardian) Montaro came over to stand beside me and I felt a ringing in my left ear. As I dropped into meditative state, Montaro began licking my left palm.

I realized, these are my father’s words… and his father… and his father… and so on. This was a negative energy or dysfunction that came down my paternal line. Obviously, this was an ideal time to go into all the threads of this energy strand, this ancestral echo, and offer them up for healing.

I did a combination of energy work, breath work, and Lazer Tapping, while Montaro worked on/with me. At the end of my impromptu healing session, Montaro moved to rhythmically lick the palm of my right hand. It felt like he was doing the final energy cleansing and then closure-release of that paternal dysfunction and negativity.

The Impact of Healing Ancestral Wounds or Dysfunction

Montaro and I

When we do this deep work for our ancestral lines, we not only free ourselves from these negative patterns, but we free our entire family line. I used to invoke, ‘at least 7 generations back and 7 generations forward.’ But after working with Ginny Jablonski, she queried, “Why only 7 generations? Do them all!” YES. Good point! So now I say, ‘for all generations back and all generations forward, throughout all space and time.’

Ancestral trauma & the physical body

Another time, I was training a new barn helper, and he had arrived a few minutes before me and had gone in with the herd. As I walked into the paddock, he showed me a big red mark on his right calf, and said, “Montaro bit me.”

I looked aghast at Montaro — “What?? You’ve never bitten anyone!”

Montaro said to me, “He has an entity attached to that leg. Remove it. Or he can’t be here.”

Oh lord. I pondered for a moment or two – I have no idea what this poor guy’s belief systems are, or his religion, he’s either going to think I’m bonkers or frightening… As Montaro looked at me sideways through half-cast eyelids, I said to the new barn helper, “Ummm, so… Montaro says you have an entity attached to your leg and we have to remove it if you want to work here.”

He looked at Montaro, looked at me, and said, “What’s an entity?”

Well I just plunged right in, and the poor guy barely said a word until I told him, “This negative energy is coming from your paternal line. Does your Dad or grandfather have any issues with their legs?”

“Well my Dad has had something wrong with his leg for ages, he can’t walk normally, but no one knows what it is.”

“Which leg is it?” I asked.

“The right leg!”

After dealing with and releasing the entity from his leg, and his generational line, we resumed barn chore training. When he showed up the following day, he couldn’t wait to tell me that he’d talked to his parents and found out that his grandfather had also had issues with his right leg for most of his life!

We may be completely unaware of these ancestral issues, traumas, or dysfunctions – but animals can see them plain as day in our energy field. As we deepen our trust and intimacy with our animals, and we get better at listening to them and our own intuition, so much more can be brought forward into the light for healing. Of course, you can also work with a human healing intuitive, shaman, or psychic – they’re pretty good at seeing/sensing these things too.

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